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10 affordable eco friendly sneakers

eco-friendly shoes

Many shoe manufacturers are going green by making shoes that are eco-friendly – so that you reduce your carbon ‘footprint’ as you walk! Shoes are a basic commodity and people all over the world buy them – however, we fail to understand the enormous negative environmental effect these non-biodegradable shoes have. Shoe manufacturing indirectly leads to the depletion of the rainforest and huge manufacturing of plastics which is detrimental to the environment. These days footwear manufacturers are producing ‘eco-friendly shoes’ – and these simple-looking yet comfortable shoes are a great way to go green.

1. Eco friendly sneakers for men

These funky looking sneakers are made out of recycled polyehtyleneterephthalate which is the scientific term for plastic – which form the base of the shoes – and the upper part is made out of organically-derived cotton canvas. The lining of the shoe is made out of organic cotton whereas the outsole was actually made out of an old car tire. These amazing sneakers come in two base colors – black and white – with multicolored patterns. Pried at $65 – these shoes are very stylish apart from being eco-friendly.

2. Vans Eco-friendly sneakers

Vans is a manufacturer of eco-friendly shoes and the company’s latest footwear called the Vault Chukka Boot comes in a double-toned fabric top in earthy shades. This simple-looking pair of shoes comes with an eco-friendly box as well as a shoe lace case.

3. Adidas SLVR 101 Sneaker

The Adidas SLVR 101 sneaker is a part of the company’s ‘green’ campaign as this pair of sneakers is designed in an eco-friendly yet stylish way. The upper part of the shoes is made out of 6 pieces that are joined by using minimal glue. The sneakers are comfortable with their lightweight plastic insole and outsole.

4. Forum Mid

The latest addition to the Grun Collection is the new Forum Mid sneaker from Adidas which is made in an eco-friendly fashion. This sneaker is made by using canvas and recycled rubber and is probably one of the most fashionable from the Grun sneakers. The mixture of black, white and denim makes it look very modern and trendy.

5. Babushka’s Sneakers

Babushka’s Sneakers are made out of vintage scarves and each pair of shoes is made by second hand Italian scarves. The manufacturers will be making only six hundred pairs and no two pairs are similar – this makes them limited edition vintage shoes!

6. Oat Shoes – Sneakers You Can Compost

These sustainable sneakers called the Oats Shoes are entirely made from biodegradable products and hence, you can turn them into compost by burying them in your backyard. These amazing shoes look very stylish and have also received the second prize at the Green Fashion Awards during the Amsterdam International Fashion Week.

7. Lacoste x Mita Sneakers M-85 Mid

Japanese shoe manufacturer – Mita Sneakers – in collaboration with Lacoste has made the M-85 Mid, which is their version of the famous Missouri 85. The shoe looks very stylish with the design apart from being eco-friendly as well.

8. Converse sneaker

The Converse sneakers are unparalleled and are classic shoes that have been in the market for more than sixty years. Now Converse has decided to make its sneakers in an eco-friendly way by using biodegradable materials – which actually maintain the original look of the shoes but reduce the carbon footprint of the wearer.

9. Simple shoes Eco Sneaks

The Eco Sneaks by Simple Shoes are sustainable eco-friendly shoes that come in a bright red color called the ‘Bloody Mary’ with tartan-patterned insoles. The sole of the sneakers are made out of old car tires.

10. New Balance 70

The New Balance 70 is the latest addition to the New Balance collection of shoes. The New Balance 70 is a sustainable yet fashionable shoe. The upper components are made our of eco-friendly materials and recycled polyester. The outsole is composed of rice husk filler and therefore lesser use of rubber. Water-based adhesives are used to join the parts of the shoes. The shoe packaging also does not have extra paper stuffing.

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