10 amazing houses that generate renewable energy for all energy needs

Zero energy homes

Do you think that staying in a big city is more harmful in terms of expenses because of your electricity bill? If yes, then a house that’s energy efficient is the perfect way to get away from these troubles Its initial cost is nothing when compared to the hassle free and a “greener” house that you get with it. Here are some amazing renewable energy powered houses that take sustainable living to yet another, higher level:

1. Zero energy home from Dow Chemical Company

Constructed by the Dow Chemical Company in collaboration with Cobblestone Homes, this home is expected to save $3,507 in energy costs by making use of already available energy efficiency technologies from Dow. This house makes it possible for home makers to enjoy the luxury a modern house has to offer, yet it manages to achieve a net-zero utility bill. It makes use of the new Solar Shingles manufactured by Dow. This produces enough energy to meet the electric needs of the household as well as electricity that can be sold to the local utility company to gain energy credits. Along with being spacious, very beautiful and comfortable, this house also has a very less amount of impact on the environment.

2. Zero energy home from Michelle Kaufman Studio

The invention of the zero series homes has had a very positive impact on the environment because of its eco friendly nature. These homes have been constructed with smart designs, environmentally friendly techniques and eco materials. One such home is the Zero energy home created by Michelle Kaufman Studio that took nearly six years to complete. It has been integrated with several alternative energy systems including photovoltaic panels for solar energy, rain water and gray water collection systems, etc. The designs of the house has been so skillfully conceptualized that it allows enough natural light to enter the house, leaving very less need for the use of electricity.

3. Zero-Energy Home at Bird Island

Are you one of those people who try to find enjoyment in doing things that are friendly to the environment? Do you crave to live in a luxurious house but refrain from doing so because of the effect it may have on the environment? Well, an international design firm Graft Architects have put put an end to your hesitation with the newly constructed Zero Energy home at Bird Islands. The isolated island always offers a tranquil retreat. The house features a flexible exterior and a water drainage system. The exterior is also structured in a way that it reflect the direct heat of the sun to keep the house cool in the summers.

4. Oklahoma’s first ‘zero energy’ home

Oklahoma’s first zero energy home constructed by Ideal Homes is not only friendly to the environment but also friendly to the buyer’s pockets. Costing lesser than $200,00, this eco friendly house produces the energy it uses throughout the year.

5. Zero energy home for life

Financed by VKR Holdings, the “Home for Life” is an endeavor to bring to the masses the concept of carbon neutral houses. This house uses solar panel constructed roof top to produce the energy it uses on a daily bases. The zero energy home also sends the extra energy to the utility center. Other features include a climate control system, tight insulation and solar thermal collectors.

6. Zero energy house made by Solar insulation technique

Team Finland from Aalto University has achieved something close to impossible with their zero energy house made by solar insulation technique. For the cold weather of Finland, this zero energy house uses solar combined with insulation techniques to keep the house warm. It uses bio-degradable wood fiber to prevent heat loss.

7. Zero energy lighthouse

The main aim of this zero energy lighthouse is to enhance the quality of the life of its occupants by integrating the house with innovative environmental systems and nature friendly construction methods. Some of the features of this house include high level thermal insulation, rainwater harvesting facilities, solar panel roof tops, waste separation system and air source heat pumps.

8. Zero energy house created by University of Tennessee Knoxville

The university of Tennessee, Knoxville, has come up with an amazing zero energy house that is integrated with its own energy producing systems. This house is not just environment friendly, but also spacious and comfortable.

9. West Coast zero energy home for green

Michelle Kaufmann’s mkLotus, a zero energy home in the middle of West Coast Green city has been designed with everything that makes for it to be 100 percent eco friendly. It has features, like a living roof, rain and ground water harvesting systems, green roof plants and an interior solar water system.

10. Zero energy home that works in climate area

The Independence Energy Homes’ team of consultants designs homes for its customers that are cost effective, energy efficient These homes are constructed with suitable materials and have environment friendly systems fitted into them.

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