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10 Amazing vegan tattoos to flaunt your green lifestyle

The Vegan tattoo

It is so wonderful to see people, realizing and working towards ‘The Green’ world. There are many developments towards green cars, green buildings, and green farming. Now people are even incorporating the green in their lifestyles. Nevertheless, have you ever given a thought whether your tattoo, the symbol of your personality, reflects your greener attitude? If not, then welcome yourself to the world of green tattoos, that not only will reflect you passion to save the world but also looks cool.

The tattoo art is very ancient art. Many civilizations depicted tattoos as the symbol of their identity. Green tattoo has two major significances. The first, being close to nature and the second using of non-chemical herbal inks. Here is the list of top ten green tattoos that will reflect your vegan attitude as well as make your fashion statement:

1. Windmill tattoo

The tattoo is a giant windmill with more windmills in the background. The tattoo symbolizes the need for renewable energy and your concern towards harnessing the nature power. It also symbolizes that you can harness and tame the wind for yourself. The windmill has a long history with human kind. Many of you might not know that windmill were the early machines that human used to clean the grains and draw water from well. The electricity production is the latest use and now windmill has grown up as a symbol for clean energy.

2. Animal rights tattoo

The green tattoo has cute little animal raising slogans inspiring the onlookers to go Vegetarian and save them. PETA is the organization fighting for animal rights and associating yourself with the cause is itself a noble thing that you can do. The tattoo reflects your love for animals and your attitude towards the vegan lifestyle. The tattoo will surely elevate your cuteness factor and promote your cause for being green.

3. The Illustrated Swamp

An ecologist who spent most of her life working in the swamp first flaunted the tattoo. The wetlands symbolize natural flora and fauna. Since wetlands are the habitat of numerous species, the tattoo also has numerous species with lots of colors and curves. The tattoo have moss, rat tailed maggots, skunk cabbage, dragonfly, flowers and weeds. The tattoo symbolizes the diversity in nature and your take on it.

4. Bicycle Tattoo for bicycling enthusiasts

According to the Philadelphian bicycle enthusiast Marion Gibfriend, “It symbolizes the self-reliance biking provides an independence from everything else”. Truly the first machine, that made the man self sufficient, which does not pollute or depletes the fossil fuel and a true symbol of the green attitude. It is a bicycle in your arms with all details. People have put it on necks and arms.

5. Save electricity tattoo

The tattoo is a bulb with a green tree inside, blooming instead of glowing, as its filament. The design is very beautiful and can be tattooed both in small and big forms. The Tattoo symbolizes the passion to save electricity and thus stop cutting of trees to heat the boilers. It is a cool design and yet it has a deep meaning of saving electricity.

6. Tree tattoos

This tattoo is very popular as it comes in lot of designs each symbolizing a different lifestyle. The trees have a great significance in our life. They provide shelter, food and above all Oxygen to us. It is the most beautiful and yet green tattoo that ever can be. Having a tree in your arms or back, not only looks cool but it also have a huge impact on onlookers.

7. Dog tattoos

The best friend of man, the dog, symbolizes the love for your pet and your humble attitude towards loyalty. There are numerous such tattoos and people do get their own pet tattooed on themselves. Dog tattoos are all joyful and fun. Dog tattoos unlike other animal tattoos creates a cute impact on onlookers. It does not symbolized fierceness but it symbolizes the bond between humans and animals.

8. Maple Leaf

The leaf symbolizes the beauty of nature. Maple is very popular among tattoo artists due to its curves and the beautiful message it reflects. People have gone for smaller maple leaf on their arms to a giant one with incredible designs on their whole back. There are flowers, leaves and lot of curves in this tattoo. The tattoo is truly a mesmerizing masterpiece.

9. Tattoo by Sjef

The Columbian titi monkey that is now on verge of extinction is the main theme of the tattoo. The tattoo has the cotton top tamarin in its natural habitat. The tattoo is of incredible design and reflects the concern to save our early ancestors. Saving a monkey means saving ourselves from extinction. The tattoo has a deep meaning and is slowly getting popular.

10. Green Butterfly Tattoo

The tattoo is a beautiful butterfly with green wings. The butterfly symbolizes the beauty of the natural fauna. With its little wings, butterfly tells a story about its metamorphosis from a caterpillar. The butterfly has several life cycles. It starts its life being a dependent caterpillar, which turns to rigid pupa, and then it blooms into the butterfly. Having a green butterfly on your arms will truly reflect your belief towards reincarnation of being a better human being, in the same life. It also symbolizes your bond with nature and your admiration for it.

These incredible tattoo designs are inspirational and having them on you will certainly lift up your lifestyle towards making a difference.