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10 most beautiful eco friendly jewelry items

As people have started paying more and more attention toward our environment, we get to hear the word ‘recycling’ a lot more often. Recycling truly has the potential to improve the deteriorating condition of our planet. We can transform most of the menacing waste into something useful. Recycling has no more remained a boring duty, rather it is now something trendy and fashionable. It doesn’t matter whether it is eco-friendly jewelry items or recycled art, recycling is in right now.


Why recycle?

The most common argument that people give against recycling is that a few people can’t change the world. Well, right now recycling seems to be a duty and not a necessity. Therefore, we are free to choose not to recycle. However, if we continue exploiting nature at the same pace, it would soon become a necessity. Furthermore, although tackling the problem of waste requires efforts from the government, nevertheless, it isn’t possible without the cooperation of people. You can take the case of South Korea to prove this point.

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Recycled jewelry

Earlier, we came across a lot of recycled lamps and now will get to know more about recycled jewellery. Each of the 10 eco-friendly jewellery is beautiful and stylish. You can flaunt them without the fear of polluting the environment.

10 amazing eco-friendly jewelry items you must try once!

1. MANA Recycled Jewelry

MANA Recycled Jewelry

This collection of eco-friendly jewelry items has been designed by Mana Bernardes, an eco-designer based in Brazil. Mana works in Rio De Janeiro and loves to transform waste items like circuit boards, plastic bottles, phone cards, and hairpins into stunning pieces of Jewellery. The collection hit NYC in May 2008.

2. Chic Recycled Jewelry

Chic Recycled Jewelry

These are beautiful pieces of jewellery made of waste materials like coupons, crossword, Sudoku, stock lists and comic strips. Basically, the whole collection is made of recycled paper. The American designer who creates such masterpieces is Holly Anne Mitchell. The designs are amazing and you can find every type of jewellery such as earrings, cufflinks, necklaces, and bracelets.
The designer sells them at a high price. The cost of the earrings start from around $89 and neck pieces come for approximately $899. The special feature of the jewellery is that it is totally resistant to moisture.

3. Recycled Glass Bead Jewelry

Recycled Glass Bead Jewelry

This is an extraordinary collection of eco-friendly jewellery made of recycled glass beads. They are of different colours and designs. You can also get various sizes of beads. Each and every item is unique and will be a great addition to your collection.
The handmade jewellery collection has all types necklaces and earrings. You can match them with any dress and wear them with elegance. They come with a price that ranges from $108 to $279.

4. Found and Fossicked Jewellery

Found and Fossicked Jewellery

Australian jewellery designer Rebecca Ward loves to create jewellery out of unusual materials that she comes across here and there. She transforms almost everything into a jewellery piece that can be proudly exhibited. The collection of this eco-friendly jewellery is mostly made of pebbles, glass pieces, materials from second-hand shops, and things that people throw on the roadsides. These cute recycled jewellery are trendy and fun to wear.

5. Recycled electronics jewelry

Recycled electronics jewelry

Here comes the funkiest piece of eco-friendly jewellery that you would have ever come across. These jewellery pieces are made up of electronic parts. Circuit boards, capacitors, and resistors – all have been converted into interesting pieces of Jewellery. This can prove to be the most innovative and trendy way of reducing plastic waste. It is a good news for all the girls – who can now keep the environment greener in a fashionable way.

6. Recycled plastic jewelry

Recycled plastic jewelry

This new idea of converting plastic bottles to delicate jewellery can help to reduce lots of unnecessary plastic waste and make the environment better. Kumvana Gomani is an intelligent jewellery designer who artistically cuts the useless plastic bottles into designs that resemble snowflakes and crystalline leaves. She joins these designs and makes beautiful jewellery that looks modern and goes well with trendy dresses.

7. Jewelry made from losing lottery tickets

Jewelry made from losing lottery tickets

Paper waste is really annoying. It is a very serious cause of pollution. Numerous ways have been devised to recycle paper, but the crazy idea of making jewellery out of waste paper is perhaps the most interesting thing you would have come across.

The range of jewellery has been made of losing lottery tickets, newspapers, wrappers of sweeteners, etc. You will find different chic designs of earrings, necklaces, brooches and cufflinks. Buy it, wear it, and enjoy.

8. Eco-friendly jewelry

Eco-friendly jewelry

Although diamonds and other precious gemstones look stunning, their mining from nature causes a lot of environmental harm. So, it is a better idea to switch over to cultured gemstones. Designers make them in laboratories under high heat and pressure and these are very similar to the natural stones in every respect. The most important advantage of this type of man-made gemstones is that they are safe for the environment and cheaper compared to natural stones. The collection also has jewellery that has been made of recycled platinum and gold. So, try to switch over to such innovative jewellery and save our earth.

9. Recycled eco-jewelry

Recycled eco jewelry

This is the charming Bijoux collection from the brand called Carpe Diem. The collection has jewelry that consists of  plastic, glass, and all other materials that usually pass as trash. Each item is pretty and it adds charm to your personality. Collect one of these unique pieces and proudly go green.

10. Eco artist turns plastic trash into functional jewelry

Eco artist turns plastic trash into functional jewelry

Kathy DellaValle is an artist who loves creating funky eco-friendly jewellery out of trash. She uses waste plastic bottles and cans, cuts them into interesting designs and transforms them into fashionable jewellery. The best thing is that the designer charges a very reasonable price for her beautiful collection, so try these exceptional creations and save our planet in a stylish way.

The hard work that the designers are putting in to convert waste into something so beautiful is truly impressive and needs to be appreciated as well as encouraged. By using such items, people can not only make a different fashion statement but also help to keep the surrounding cleaner and greener.