10 biggest rainforests in the world

biggest rainforests in the world

Countries like US have mammoth per capita footprint of 15.53. This means if every person on the earth would live like an American then it would need at least 15 earths to fulfill their demands. It is clear that we do not want to go into the direction. Apart from going eco-friendly, the best thing we can do for nature is conserve and if possible expand the biggest rainforests of the world. Forests are the powerhouses of nature.  We get many of our most valuable resources through them. Therefore, if we don’t give them back, soon we would be left with no resources to satisfy our needs.

10 biggest rainforests in the world

Nature has blessed Mother Earth with some of the most amazing landscape in the world. Different species of fauna and flora, animals with unique features and characteristics are just some of the many beauties we have. Amongst the midst of all these beautiful places, there are some unique areas that are spread across vast lands and water bodies. We call them Rainforests. Despite the risk and danger, we still love to explore such places. These tropical jungles provide shelter to millions of species of plants and creatures. The flowery plants and their sugary fragrance and abundance of wildlife are Mother Nature’s gifts to humankind. In such zones, you can find various types of Medical herbs and materials including sugar, rubber, cinnamon, chocolate, etc. Rainforests are the conventional holistic centers that offer exclusive peace and outstanding natural beauty. Let us check out the 10 biggest rainforests in the world

1. Amazon biggest rainforests in the world and  river basin 


AKA a Tropical rainforest and the first name to appear on the biggest rainforests in the world. The Amazon is spread in the amazingly wide territory and  has its presence in eight counties. They are Colombia, French Guyana, Suriname, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, and Venezuela. Directly or indirectly, it also plays a major role in the stabilization of the global climatic conditions.

The deforestation and river degradation in this area are some of the biggest challenges that these countries face. The governments are taking all the necessary precautionary measures against illegal logging  and other such unwanted activities under control. These measures also play a vital role in the lives of not just the thirty million people who live here; but even the for the forty thousand species of plants that you can find.

2. Bosawas biosphere reserve


Bosawas biosphere reserve is blessed with a rich biodiversity and is still an unexplored area. After the Amazon, the Bosawas biosphere reserve ranks in the second position of the biggest rainforests in the world. It is also the home to thousands of animals, fauns, and flora.

No one knows the exact count of the different lives that live here because this area is still unexplored.  Nevertheless, the government is taking some serious steps for facilitating the guides to the visitors. This will help and protect them from the unseen dangers of the area while they explore these mesmerizing places of the rainforest in the most beautiful way.

3. Daintree rain forest


Falling in the third position of the biggest rainforests in the world, the Daintree rainforest is equally filled with biological diversity and richness. The incredible valleys, rugged mountains, gorgeous coastal scenery and exceptional beauty of swiftly flowing rivers are superlatively wonderful.

This rainforest restrains an imperative and noteworthy habitat for maintaining equilibrium in the environment and conserving the biological diversity. The tropical forest possesses white sandy beaches and spectacular waterfalls and equally deserves to be on the list of the world’s biggest rainforest.

4. Southeast Asian rain forest

Southeast Asian

Southeast Asian Rainforests are not dense and simultaneously neither do the tropical forests cover them. The destruction of the tropical forest is a matter of deep concern for endemic animals such as birds, mammals, amphibians, and reptiles.  The 1,112,000 square miles size of the Southeast Asian Rainforests gives it a spot in the 10 biggest rainforests in the world.

5. Tongass national forest


The Tongass National Forest is the home to close to 75,000 people. A forest comprises of various mountain peaks and islands. It is located at United State’s Southeasten Region of Alaska. The U.S. forest service providers govern this is widely spread 17 million acres national forest. In the US, this the largest national park and houses various rare and endangered species of flora and fauna.

It also houses different kinds of animals and is one of the places in the world where you can find different kinds of migratory birds. You can find different types of recreational activities in the region.  You can also find various campsites in and around the region.  Make sure that you do your research well while planning your Alaskan vacation.

6. Kinabalu National Park


AKA as the earliest Malaysian National Park, the Kinabalu is located in an Asian Pacific region called Sabah. This is the sixth biggest rainforest in the world and is a UNESCO listed national park as well. it is home to the world’s youngest non-volcanic mountain – Mount Kinabalu. The features and live in the park adds a lot of value to the region. The Kinabalu National Park provides refuge to multiple types of endemic species including red leech and earthworms.Apart from serving visitors, this park  gratifies and accommodates numerous mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, and amphibians

7. Monteverde Costa Rica


AKA Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, the Monteverde Costa Rica not only one of the biggest rainforests in the world, it is also a beautiful place. There are many reason’s why this rainforest is so popular. The hospitality of the locals living here is warm, friendly also contribute to the popularity of the place. The tasty restaurants and biodiversity catch the attention of visitors and its essence provides its identity on an international platform.

A great understanding of ecology enriches this rainforest. The cultural forces drive the mass of livelihoods. The different colors and types of Orchids found here is another prominent and beautiful feature of the Cloud Forest Reserve.  This is a protected area as it has various endangered specifies living here.

.8. Sinharaja forest reserve


Sri Lanka’s Sinharaja forest reserve is nothing less than a blessing. Situated in the Sabaragamuwa and southern provinces, this natural place is filled with various types of life. This protected area is a World Heritage site, a Biosphere Reserve and one of the biggest rainforests in the world.  The dense forests in this area protect the wildlife so much, that you cannot spot them easily.

Elephants, leopards, endemic species are some of the different forms of life you will find in the Sinharaja forest. If you plan to take a trip down the Sinharaja forest reserve then you will defiantly have fun. You can book yourself a place in one of the many bungalows and accommodation facilities available near the border of the forest.

9. Pacific temperate rain forest

Pacific temperate

Standing in the ninth position of the world’s biggest rainforests, the Pacific temperate rainforest is nothing less than a beauty. The moderate temperature, high amount of rainfall are some characteristics that make it distinguished forest. It spans a large range of latitude and follows the retreat of the ice sheets.

The Pacific temperate rainforest is a territory that has ocean and forest species. This tropical rainforests and forests streams are full of life. This is why the officials that protect this area have to constantly be on their toes. One of the biggest concerns and most controversial subject of this region is Timber Sales.

10. Valdivian temperate rain forest


Mixed forests and broadleaves augment the Valdivian Temperate Rainforest. Spread across 248,100 sq kms, this rainforests lies in a region that is between Chile and Argentina. Evergreen angiosperm trees, dense bamboos, ferns, conifer trees, narrow coastal strips, ice sheets, glaciers and central valley magnifies the exquisiteness of this rainforest.

Heavy rainfalls, humid and foggy weather conditions, characterize this place. This rainforest has various protected areas across Chile and Argentina. The conservation groups that work here are very strict . They do their best to maintain the ecosystem of the area an implement the various laws applicable to the region. They also play a vital role in the protection of the different lives here and take all the necessary action if there is a need.

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