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10 Concept electric motorcycles for speed lovers

Electric Motorcycle concept

Motorcycles are the ultimate choice for speed lovers. In fact, motorcycle and speed are like synonyms for people who love to race with the wind. Motorcycles not only give a high speed but also give you the flexibility for better control of the vehicle while moving through narrow lanes or through congested roads.

What if you can get all these utilities and benefits of a motorcycle while contributing toward the environment of the planet? Some concepts of electric motorcycles have been created which will help you achieve just that. 10 such concept electric motorcycles have been listed here for real speed lovers. So get ready to go “green”.

1. Tryton MM2 electric motorcycle concept

Tryton MM2

A concept of auto designer Vil Tsimenzin, Tryton MM2 will prove to be a delight for motorcycle lovers who do not want to compromise on the performance. This motorcycle gets its power from electric batteries and thus there is zero emission. Tryton MM2 has a top speed of 160 mph and can reach a speed of 100 mph within a span of 4.4 seconds. A single charge of the motorcycle will deliver you around 132 miles of mileage while it only takes around two and a half hours to recharge the motorcycle.

2. AER concept racing motorcycle


AER, designed by auto designer Andre Federico Look, is a concept motorcycle that runs on electricity and as per the designer has the capability to give tough competition to conventional racing motorcycles. The frame of the motorcycle is asymmetrical. The motorcycle is powered by 4 electric engines that together generate a power of 143.5 KW. Those components of the motorcycle that are highly stressed and affect the bikes performance such as rims, tires and wheel flashing are self-sufficient. The designer has come up with two different concepts of energy generation (zinc-air technology and lithium -air technology) both of which would convert oxygen in air into energy and would produce ten times more energy than the conventional lithium-ion batteries.

3. Carrera Raptor RS concept

Carrera Raptor RS

Designed by auto designer Adrian Carrera, Carrera Raptor RS is a concept electric racing motorcycle with zero emissions. Each of the wheel of the motorcycle includes an electric motor inside it. A multi-touch display which adapts to the needs of the rider and can be moved across the upper body of the vehicle adorns the motorcycle. Some other unique and interesting features of the motorcycle include inverted wing-shaped handlebar for better stability at high speed, option of increasing or decreasing the height of the vehicle as per the speed, internal rims (which spin along with the brake disc and tire) inside the visible rims in both wheels, etc. Another distinguishing feature of the motorcycle is that the front tire can be controlled by the electronic controls resting on the handlebar of the motorcycle.

4. Zero Moto electric concept motorcycle

Zero Moto

Zero Moto created by designer Wes Rhoad takes inspiration from Art Deco Steam Locomotives and includes some fascinating features and concepts. The motorcycle has an all-wheel steering system. At high speed the wheels of the vehicle turn in the same direction simultaneously while in low speed they turn in opposite directions to make it easy to control the motorcycle in different speed. The two electric motors in both the wheels power the motorcycle. There’s an on-board computer display that helps in monitoring. There are LED headlight strips and turn signals along with a LED touch panel in the vehicle. The touch panel displays speed, battery life, etc. The motorcycle will have an approximate speed of 90mph and would be able to reach a 60mph speed in 3.9 seconds.

5. ZEVS all-electric motorcycle concept


Designers Bernhard Ranner and Anders August Kittilsen have designed ZEVS, an electric concept motorcycle that is designed to impress the bike lovers who love real speed and also are conscious about the environment of the world. Though, not much information has been released about the bike yet, but from the aggressive look and the large wheels a good performance is surely expected and predicted.

6. E-Carver electric racing motorcycle concept


Luca Bar, the designer of E-Carver electric racing motorcycle concept, has designed this motorcycle using the current technology in use as well as those technology that we will witness soon and has stayed away from making this concept motorcycle too futuristic. The magnesium battery powered motor rests in the rear wheel of the vehicle. The front wheel of the vehicle facilitates convenient and fast cornering while the rear wheel handles traction and remains prepared to receive torque.

7. Electric racing bicycle concept from Anthony Cioffi

Anthony Cioffi

A student of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena in California, Anthony Cioffi is the designer of this racing bicycle that runs on electricity. The look of the vehicle assures that the vehicle would be as aggressive in its performance as it is in its looks. So here’s a “green” bike that is ready to take over the race track.

8. Audi EB1 concept

Audi EB1 concept

Audi EB1 is a concept motorcycle from industrial designer Juan Sebastian Orozco Herrera. The vehicle includes great features like OLED lights in the front and rear of the vehicle, OLED information display, mono-shock suspension and a carbon-fiber light-weight structure. A 42 kW electric motor, that produces 56hp, powers the motorcycle. This zero-emission electric motorcycle concept has features that are really impressive.

9. Mc Type 2 concept

Mc Type 2 concept

After coming across cars, cellphones and so many other gadgets and products that run on solar power we have been introduced to a motorcycle concept that would run on solar power. The concept, dubbed as Mc Type 2, has been developed by industrial designer Keegan McClain. The motorcycle, powered by 148 3.3V lithium-ion cells located at the base of the structure of the vehicle, can maintain a steady highway speed. The batteries used in the vehicle can be recharged by dual methods, either through conventional 110V outlet or by solar power through special technique built in the vehicle.

10. HR26-NES


A design by motorcycle designer Helder Rodrigues, HR26-NES (New Electric Sport) is a racing category motorcycle with an all-electric concept that assures zero emission and zero noise. The batteries used in the vehicle produce a power of 80 kW. The motorcycle at a weight of 160 kg is a light-weight vehicle with the chassis, the fairings and the wheels made from carbon fiber.