10 Concept zero emission vehicles that don’t run on electricity

Zero emission vehicles concept

With the development of newer and newer technology, this world is flooded with gadgets that are too difficult to be ignored. As we stack our houses with the newest gizmo that has hit the market, there is a proportional rise in our electricity bills too. For vehicle owners who use vehicles that run on electricity, the consumption could be humongous. It is time to think about vehicles that are cleaner, greener and do not use precious electricity. Here are the best 10 concept zero emission vehicles waiting to storm the world:

1. Rui Gou’s GlideX 2020

Rui Gou’s GlideX 2020

This futuristic vehicle, designed by Riu Gou, is powered by the help of electromagnets that are lodged on the road. The vehicle is designed for Glide X 2020 which is scheduled to take place in China and aims at the ordinary Chinese who want to learn the basics of driving. Powered by lithium-ion batteries and equipped with embedded electromagnet accelerators and portable auxiliary power unit for magnetic roads, it can accommodate 3 people.

2. Hydrogen-fueled 3 Wheeler

Hydrogen-fueled 3Wheeler

This elegantly styled 3 wheeler is designed by Daniel Julier, an industrial designer. The car has a rear seat which is collapsible and hence the space can be utilised as a trunk as well when the seat is not in use. An ‘in wheel motor’ inside the rear wheel of the car will drive the vehicle and the hydrogen tank and the fuel cell are located under the hood.

3. Peugeot Shoo Car Concept

Peugeot Shoo Car Concept

The Shoo car is an eco friendly and green car that has a solar panel on its roof. The solar panel conserves solar energy which gets transformed to electrical energy that helps in running the vehicle. The triangular shape, sleep design and floating parts all add to its overall charm.

4. RT20


Electric cars are slowly captivating the imagination of many car lovers and going by the no electricity and green policy that many concept designers have adopted, these cars are all set to rule the world, without compromising on the thrill of driving a noisy sports car. RT20 can function as a normal as well as a race car.

5. Urban concept vehicle for the youth of 2020

Urban concept vehicle for the youth of 2020

This curvaceous concept car is meant for the urban youth of 2020. Charged by lithium ion batteries which are mounted on the chassis, it is entirely environmental friendly. The car comes with 4 electromagnetic wheels, each one made of two sliding rings, the outer ring a permanent magnet and inner ring, an electromagnet. The battery activates the electromagnet and the two magnets create a repulsive force which moves the vehicle. Breaking system works by facing opposite poles of the wheels towards each other.

6. Nicholas’ futuristic concept vehicle

Nicholas’ futuristic Concept Vehicle

This two wheeled car by Nicholas Holland is a personal car that looks more like a bike. The gigantic loop that passes through the front wheel of the car produces magnetic field which is used for moving the car. The magnetic field also reduces friction which makes the car wonderfully energy efficient. The forward and backward movement spins the wheel and rotates the axis as you steer.

7. Opel Flow solar-powered concept

Opel Flow solar-powered concept

Opel Flow solar-powered concept is all set to represent the Opel in year 2049. The single seat vehicle has clear solar panels for charging the batteries and will be made of very light weight materials. The wheels lodge electric motors and the vehicle’s chassis saves energy from the movement of the body as well. The battery packs at the base of the vehicle gives it stability.

8. SAIC YeZ Concept car

SAIC YeZ Concept car

Developed by Shanghai Automotive Industry, the SAIC YeZ concept car works by the principle of photosynthesis where it absorbs carbon dioxide and emits oxygen in turn into the atmosphere. The car has solar panels on the roof and wind turbines on the wheels so that both solar as well as wind energy can be utilised for its use, making it work on sunny as well as windy days.

9. Origin


Origin is an eco friendly vehicle that uses transparent solar cells as the wind shield through which electricity is generated from almost all angles. It also comes with a linear pedalling charging system which helps in charging through kinetic energy as well and also to push the Michelin Active wheel at the back.

10. Hydrogen powered Audi concept car

hydrogen powered Audi concept car

Designed for Audi, this concept car, created by Victor Uribe will run on clean hydrogen. There are no doors but a sliding roof for entry into the car. With a great body and a sports car feel, it sure is a winner waiting to hit the road.

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