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10 coolest recycled circuit board creations

Recycled Circuit Board Necklace

There’s more to a circuit board than just circuitry. Designing a circuit board is one thing but modelling an old circuit board to create innovative items is something out-of-the-box. There may be many electronic items in your household that are no longer in use. You may be reluctant to dump them and selling them would yield very little money. Many artists have recycled circuit boards into creative artworks to give a touch of technology to their collections. Take a look at the top 10 coolest recycled circuit board designs.

1) Circuit Board Shoes

Recycled Circuit Board Shoes

Styled just in the right way to make the sculpture resemble stilettos, circuit board shoes are a way to go. Artist Steven Rodrig works with printed circuit boards to create sculptures. The shoes belong to his collection of circuit board creations that includes podiums, book covers, flowers and so on. The complex circuit design makes them interesting to look at.

2) Circuit Board Notebook

Recycled Circuit Board Notebook

A smart way to bind your pages is with recycled circuit boards. You can use a metal wire spring for spiral binding the pages of your book.

3) Circuit Board Necklace

Recycled Circuit Board Necklace

Tiny circuit board chips tied together along a common thread of plastic make up a beautiful necklace. The computer chips can also be used as pendants for your high-tech necklace. They make as perfect gifts not only for your geeky friends but for everyone for they are different from conventional accessory designs.

4) Circuit Board Guitar

Recycled Circuit Board Guitar

A tiny electric guitar made from the innards of an old MP3 player is an amazing sculpture that produces sound through its tiny strings. It requires technique to create it for it’s just not a toy. You can create one of your own with a few additional components such as copper wire, magnets along with a tiny strummer.

5) Circuit Board Sneakers

Recycled Circuit Board Sneakers

Just a mere look of these circuit board sneakers teleport you to the sci-fi future and you wish you could get more these. It’s really cool to see the laces running inside the holes and a plug hanging at the end of the laces.

6) Circuit Board Clipboard

Recycled Circuit Board Clipboard

Students would simply love this one. It’s a large clipboard made from a recycled circuit board with high density circuitry that appeals to its design. Carry this unusual clipboard with you during your examination and impress your classmates.

7) Circuit Board Clock

Recycled Circuit Board Clock

A cool device to place on your desk. The dial of the clock is actually a CD and the clock runs with a clock mechanism behind the board. There are no numbers on the face of the clock, just schematics of various electronic components. So, now you know what to do with your wasted mother board.

8) Circuit Board Car

Recycled Circuit Board Car

Never thought that circuit boards would be used to give a fancy look to your car?

Many recycled circuit boards have been used in order to decorate this car that ultimately looks eye-catching.

9) Circuit Board Fan

Recycled Circuit Board Fan

The circuit board fan holds the look of a circuit board while maintaining the usability of a fan. A hand held fan helps a great deal in recycling your unused and wasted printed circuit boards by using old circuit boards instead of wood. It also uses vinyl records.

10) Circuit Board Dress

Recycled Circuit Board Dress and Bag

The circuit board dress makes for the ‘geek designs’ in any fashion designer’s collection. This work of art by Fabio Renaldo is unique and impressive. The intricate work using chips on fabric of the dress and handbag, creating such defining designs, is worth admiration.