Wallets made from recycled materials for the eco conscious

Wallets made from recycled materials for the eco conscious

The environment is crying out and showing us signs that the pollution levels are affecting it very badly. We are facing one of the biggest challenges of reducing pollution levels. To make things worse, every day the pollution levels are increasing at a drastic pace. In the debate towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle, it isn’t just the countries that back away. Most of us too back away from this debate by saying something like, ‘I am not alone who is harming the environment’. Until we end this blame game, there’s no way that we are going to end the problems that are enveloping our plant. We need to change for good.

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10 coolest wallets made using recycled materials

When you look at most of the things that are thrown in the landfills, you will find that they are reusable. Just by making simple alterations, you can come up with a variety of consumer products. There is no limit to what we can come up with if we just give free rein to our creativity. In fact, environmentalist designers keep on coming up with brand new ideas of recycling things in a creative manner. Amongst the different DIY recycle ideas, one such idea is making wallets out of scrap materials like Robafoam. Let us look at 10 coolest wallets made using recycled materials.

1. Recycled Magic Wallets by Tanja Burgdorfer

Magic Wallets

Tanja Burgdorfer’s unique wallet collection clearly speaks out volumes about what was running in her mind.  The interesting collection of uniquely designed wallets is made from various types of recycled wastes. These coolest wallets made using recycled materials are made from beverage cartons, few staples and some elastic. You can even customize the design of your wallet by placing a customized order. For those who are not too choosy about things, there is a wide range of readymade wallets that will catch your eyes.

2. Holstee’s Recycled Wallet


The Holstee wallet is perfect example of creatively making use of those things which would normally be discarded, this wallet is made entirely out of recycled material from Delhi which primarily consists of recycled newspaper and plastic bags. You not only help the environment by using these wallets but also those people who actually sew these wallets together. These people are entitled for a fair wage and also get subsidized healthcare for their entire family. No doubt, this is a perfect example of one of the coolest wallets made using recycled materials.

3. Coolest wallets made using recycled materials – Recycled magazine wallet

Magazine wallet

You must have instantly got the idea that these wallets are made out of the magazines, however, don’t get under the impression that these wallets are equally vulnerable towards wear and tear as are the magazine pages. In fact, these wallets are one of the most robust entry in this list because of the lamination provided on them. The wallet has a place for credit cards, a change pocket and a spot for bills.

4. Retro Wallets Made From Recycled Cassette Tapes

Cassette Tapes

Although cassette tapes have turned into an obsolete technology, but still there are plenty of them out there in people drawers and soon will be heading towards junk shops and rubbish bins. However, this is not the only destiny for these “once so popular” stuff. Marcella Foschi, the designer of these wallets tore these cassettes apart and then joined them back together using fabrics and zippers. These wallets are yet another perfect example of coolest wallets made using recycled materials.

5. Minimalist Wallet by Holstee Made From Recycled Plastic Bags, Newspapers

Recycled Plastic Bags

This one is perfect for the minimalist who don’t like to carry a lot of stuff in their wallet because this one has just enough slots to stash a handful of essentials only. This is made from recycled plastic bags and newspapers from the streets of Delhi. These are some of the most coolest wallets made using recycled materials you can find today.  They come in handy and are light weight as well.

6. Rubber Rex wallet – coolest wallets made using recycled materials

Rex wallet

If you are not very much comfortable in carrying all those funky design wallets listed above and want something which is quite traditional and doesn’t attracts a lot of attention, then you must certainly have a look at these rubber rex wallets which are made from recycled rubber. These wallets come with rexine binding, machine embroidery and different compartments are there for notes, coins and cards.

7. NLGX RECYCLED – Recycled Milk Carton Wallet

Recycled Milk Carton Wallet

No one would have ever thought that the tetra pack can ever be used like this. These tetra packs are basically used for making milk cartons. Nevertheless, the designers have turned them to stylish wallets which are not only attractive and made from recycled materials.  These are sturdy, waterproof and have a plenty of space for all your cash and cards. These wallets are one of the DIY ideas you can use to create something creative with milk carton materials.

8. The Paris Wallet – Made from Recycled Plastic Bags

The Paris Wallet

Plastic bags have turned out to be one of the most dangerous threats to our environment. Neither they get decomposed in soil nor they can be burnt, the only way left behind is to recycle and reuse them. These stunning wallets are made entirely out of recycled plastic bags. Not only this projects helps the environment but also tackles the poverty in rural parts of India. This wallet consists of four non zipper inside pockets for receipts and cash, five credit card pockets as well as an outside pocket.

9. Recycled Bicycle Tube Wallet

Bicycle Tube Wallet

This super thin wallet made from recycled bicycle tubes is perfect for a training ride or a night out with friends when you don’t need to carry all the cards which you own. Like all the contemporary wallets, this wallet consists of pocket for folded cash, credit cards, widows for your ID and it fits well in your front pocket. These wallets were an instant hit when they were first introduced and that is why in no time the manufacturers ran out of stock. More such wallets are in the production line because of the heavy demand.

10. Thin recyclable wallet made from recycled materials

Recyclable wallet

Besides the fact that these wallets are 100% recyclable, they are some of the coolest wallets made using recycled materials. The wallets are made from the same materials that we use for the express mail envelopes. These eco wallets made of one single sheet of tear resistant Tyvek are very thin and durable.

11. Billboard wallet

Billboard wallet

Have you ever noticed how much our streets and buildings are covered by billboards? More to that, have you ever wondered how the old billboard posters are disposed? This will definitely surprise you that some of the designers have come up of various good ideas to recycle the old billboard posters, and one of them is billboard wallet. These colorful wallets provide you with space for credit cards and driving license. TE handy magnetic clasp holds everything together in the wallet. The wallet is priced at $ 22.

12. Can made wallet

Can made wallet

Post consumer cans are hardly used as a refilling container, thus adding to the landfill. As you can see in the picture you can get yourself a funny wallet designed using a can. It is really innovative. The wallet has a whimsical yet functional design. It is available at dimensions of 4×3.5, and the handcrafted wallets are priced $ 9.95 each.

13. Cassette Tape Wallets

Cassette Tape Wallets

The old cassettes are hardly used these days. Thanks to the development in technology, and the increasing use of DVD’s, cassettes are now adding to the landfill. However, a creative designer has found an innovative way to recycle these cassettes into a fancy wallet. These wallets are handmade, and each designer wallet is made from individual cassette tape. The interesting cassette tape wallets are priced $ 43.

14. Recycled magazine wallet

Recycled magazine wallet

If you have a huge collection of old magazines and catalogs then put on your thinking caps and create yourself a useful wallet. You can use lots of colors and design in various shapes and sizes. The paper quality would add to the appeal of the wallet. Creating a wallet for you would hardly take 30 minutes. You can use velcro to keep everything in place. I am sure kids would simple love them.

15. The Holstee wallet

The Holstee wallet

A lot is written about going green. This Holstee wallet would help you to do your bit. This recycled wallet is made in Delhi, India. It is a pretty neat wallet and is primarily made using plastic bags and recycled newspaper. The artists working on these wallets are paid a “fair wage,” as well as subsidized healthcare for the entire family. Each wallet is priced $ 25 for the wallet.

16. Recycled Bike Tube Wallet

Recycled Bike Tube Wallet

Everyday many inner tubes of the bicycle are thrown into the landfill. However there are people who do their bit to reduce environment, by recycling these old bicycle inner tube into innovative and designer La Piccola wallets. These handmade wallets are all fun and practical and do their best to hold your credit cards and driving license. A few folded banknotes safely secured with velcro.

17. Recycled Necktie Wallet

Recycled Necktie Wallet

As you can see in the picture the exterior of this one-of-a-kind wallet sports vintage shiny crown patterned black and white necktie material. Also, the interiors are designed by vintage gray wool suit material. The wallet features a big pocket to store you hard earned cash as well as two smaller pockets to hold your credit cards. The dimensions of the closed wallet are 4″ x 3 1/2″.

18. NLGX Recycled Milk Carton Wallet

NLGX Recycled Milk Carton Wallet

The NLGX Recycled Milk Carton Wallet is designed from the tetraPack of the milk carton. The printed carton are collected from the factory, and used to designed stylish yet functional wallet. The designer wallets are waterproof and sturdy, and lots of space to hold your cash and cards. The wallets have outer zipper opening, while the cash and card pockets has nylon lining.

19. Juice box wallet

Juice box wallet

If you love to have colorful wallets then this is the best option for you. This vibrant glossy wallet is hand woven and made using recycled juice boxes and bordered with a nylon fabric and/or sturdy cotton. The wallet has plenty of room to hold six cards, and has a slot to your check book. The zipper pocket fits your cash, and receipts. The wallet is designed by renowned designer Marty Stevens-Heebner and is priced $ 45.

20. Tennis racket cover wallets

Tennis racket cover wallets

This creative wallet is made up of old tennis racquets cover. The wallet is very roomy and looks like business and credit card holders. These wallets are handmade, and are minimally-sized. It is lined with heavy-duty nylon thread, and the color is dark green vinyl with black stitching and white lettering. The inner pockets are brown.

21. Women’s wallet made from waste tire tubes

Women’s wallet made from waste tire tubesThese wallets are eco- friendly wallets as they are made from waste tire tubes. Tire tubes are made of natural rubber, which is soft, smooth and durable in nature. This incredible feminine allows you to keep your money in stylish way. Each wallet is unique in its own as the inner layer is made of fabric scrap.

This wallet is quite enough to hold your 16 cards, important receipts and a coin purse with zipper. You will be impressed to find an ID slot, a hidden cash pocket and a place for a pen. It is also available now in different colors as the red or green lining on the black wallet. It is a handmade green product made from recycling process. It has a great leather feel, stainless, and incredibly durable.

You need not take care of this wallet like other wallets; you can simple wipe it from damp cloth. Its design and unique fabric is quite enough to empress your friends and this is a special product especially for you.

Final Words

Everyone knows that stashing the important things in your wallet is very difficult because, we do need our debit, credit, star bucks, a hand full of change, and Walgreens cards and don’t forget those valuable receipts, business cards and dry- cleaning notices. However, the biggest problem that arises is the overstuffed wallet and you just cannot find anything. You only have to go through that annoying anxious, digging- in front of the subway turnstile once to know that it is not cool. That is where the above mentioned wallets are extremely useful.

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