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10 crazy products made using recycled cigarette butts

cigarette butt carpetGreen is the word everywhere and people around the world are trying to make out something out of everything. And this time it is from the cigarette butts which are recycled to form various products of day-to-day use. These products being derived from cigarette butts are becoming very popular among youth and students. We must have heard the phrase “Cigarettes are injurious to health” and now as the time changed we are here with Eco-friendly products made out of these cigarette butts. So here is a series of recycled products from cigarette listed down which have actually become a source of green nature.

1. Filter Rabbit by Tom Deininger

The first product made out of those dumped butts is the Filter Rabbit. Artist Tom Deininger made this cool rabbit out of cigarette butts. That shows the creativity of the artist. The artist collected the discarded butts from various spots and created this lovely specie.

2. Cigarette Butts Clothing

Some people out there are so creative that they made clothing out of cigarette butts. One such person is the designer Alexandra Guerrero who used this butts and mixed them with natural wool resulting in the formation of a rustic-looking thread that can be used in knitting. The butts are first purified and then are mixed with wool so as to reduce the butt’s effects on skin.

3. Portrait of Gainsbourg

Another crazy creation is the portrait of Gainsbourg by the artist named Jinks Kunst. The street artist collected the cigarette butts and used them as a source for portraying most influential popular music artist in the world. The artist collected butts for almost three years to finish this masterpiece.

4. Venus

This work of art is made by an artist named Al Hansen who titled it “Venus”. The artist used different types of objects like the cigarette paper, Hershley bar wrappers and a match to create this art. He also created various other forms of art which are highly appreciated by people.

5. Rug

The cigarettes which are injurious to health can be creatively used to make beautiful rugs too. One such rug created by artist Puerto Rican is beautiful and a masterpiece of recycling. The paper used in making cigarette butts is unrolled and layered and is made into rugs.

6. Cigarette Butt Billboards

The people running the Cancer society of Finland are ultra-creative. They make posters for anti-smoking for creating awareness among people about the effects of cigarette. And the best part of the society is that they make these posters out of cigarette butts itself which shows their interest towards recycled products. This society of Finland is a role model for other countries who are effectively trying to aware people about smoking.

7. Pillow made from cigarette butts

Next up the list is a pillow and the specialty is that it is made out of recycled butts. The main reason said by the artist behind the pieces of butts being used for this is the symbol of cigarette that represents to him. He considered cigarette to be a false comfort and believes that it is just a waste of bucks. So inspired by these false comforts, he made a pillow out of butts.

8. Coughin by Debra Miller

The use of recycled cigarette butts is not just limited to portraits or clothing. This time the butts of cigarette are used to make a Coughin. Designed by Debra Miller this coughin is seven-foot long with six fashioned sides and is made out of ten thousand butts of cigarettes. The handles of the coughin are crafted using various sized cigars which looks really attractive.

9. Cigarette butt pacifier

The cigarette butts are also used to construct pacifiers. In this pacifier the butts reside beneath the greenway along the Edgewood Drive. This design was highly appreciated and later was used as a part of a public art project.

10. Super Anti-Smoking Messages

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Smoking kills smoking is the idea of photographer cum artist Sharad Haskar. He used thousands of cigarette butts and arranged them in various orders and photographed them to convey a strong message of anti-smoking. Some of design he made out of butts are a skull, cross bone and a drug kind of injection that says the addiction of cigarettes kills 400 times more people than other drugs.