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10 Most creative ads for a green cause

Nowadays, few people have gone green in order to make good impact on out lovely planet, but that’s not enough. A wide action is necessary and some organizations certainly know that. Environmental organizations have to talk loudly. They try in every possible way to make other people think greener. There are some most creative Green Ads, which have resulted in raising awareness about the environmental issues. So here we are with a list of best ten most creative ads for a green cause which are creating a buzz around. Have a look!

1. World wildlife fund ad

Check out this brilliant world wildlife fund ad campaign in the form of bathroom towel dispenser. Demonstrating that Saatchi and Saatchi is the undisputed king of transforming advertising into an art form, this genius PSA integrates a crucial environmental message into the built environment. The latest example of clever marketing concept ingeniously integrated into the most banal space: a public restroom. These paper towel dispensers have a cut out the shape of South America through which a stack of green paper towels illustrate the green rain forest canopy of the continent. As the paper towel dispenser is slowly emptied of its green paper towels, we see the greenness slowly drained out of South America, symbolizing the nasty environmental impact of disposable paper towels.

2. Global warming ad

Prolam Y&R, Santiago produced this large-scale billboard showing refugees fleeing from a flood in Asia, with dozens of air conditioners peeping out from a refurbished building. It was produced to raise conscience regarding global warming. The line “El aire que enfría tu hogar, calienta el mundo” (The air that cools your home heats up the world) was used to help convey that climate change is also due to excess of carbon dioxide in the air.

3. Carbon monoxide ad

“Look how much carbon monoxide you’ll keep out of the air we breathe by not driving for just one day.” That’s the message that was displayed on the giant black cloud attached to a car’s tailpipe after being inflated with a day’s worth of exhaust. This guerrilla ad by WWF appeared in China in 2007.

4. Tsunami ad

According to some sources, the WWF did not commission this ad. It was a South American firm called DDB that was attempting to land an account with the animal non-profit NGO. According to the National Enquirer, after the ad was qouted by the site AdFreak.com, WWF immediately issued a quick denial of purpose. Calling the ad “offensive and tasteless”, the World wildlife fund claimed it didn’t authorize the ad. “Summarily rejected” was what WWF told the creative team behind the print terror concept.

5. Diesel ad

Diesel, the Italian clothing manufacturer, has been raising the heat with a provocative advertising campaign, “Global Warming Ready”, launched at the end of January. A series of newspaper, magazine and billboard advertisements shows models posing in Diesel clothing in a world affected by raised water levels and temperatures. A desert surrounding the great wall, tropical gardens in Paris, London and New York submerged under water, and macaws in Venice, how much worse could it get? While it is hard to take the Diesel campaign entirely seriously, it still packs quite a punch.

6. Safe ad

For over 70 years now Safe has been the voice for all animals, helping expose animal cruelty and abuse as well as fighting against animal testing across the world. The organization mainly uses public awareness campaigns (and advertisements) and political lobbying to expose and question the needless use of animals in cruel experiments and commercial exploitation. The ads above specifically target the latter, provoking questions about the use of animals as scarves, boots and other leather goods, and so on.

7. Greenfamily ad

The Greenfamily Youth Association of Environment Protection and their advertising agency came up with this idea of pollution awareness. The scheme was to erect a board on a drainage hole, meaning dirty water is like egesta. They wanted to arouse people’s caution about environment protection through strong visual impact of psychological or even physical aversion.

8. Water saving ad

Denver Water Authority’s excellent marketing has no plans of slowing down. The company’s new campaign from Denver’s Sukle Advertising & Design frames TV and outdoor placements around the tag line, “Grass is dumb. Water 2 minutes less. Your lawn won’t notice”.

9. Environmental ad

“Think about what it consumes before buying “. For the Belgian federal climate change section, in collaboration with the product policy section – DG Environment – Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment. Humoristic images of oversized appliances or radio spots draw attention to a website which allows to calculate the energy consumption of actual appliance.

10. WWF ad

WWF is creative about series of print and online advertising. The design is great and the idea is even better. The message is “You can’t afford to be slow in an emergency”. This ad created massive awareness among people and was considered to be one of the best ads ever made regarding the environment.