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10 creative things made using recycled bottles

Recycling or reusing the things has been a hot issue nowadays for the prevention of environment, hence it is much needed to use our waste thing in various manner. This not only save environment but the expense also because these things are made up of your waste things. Because plastic is not biodegradable, like cardboard and paper, it is much needed to be reuse. At this time, here are some methods by which we can get rid of the garbage of used plastic and glass bottles.

1. Vase from waste recycled plastic bottle


To make a vase from plastic bottle, following steps should be carried out.

a. First mark the mid-portion of the bottle carefully and cut the smooth middle portion of the bottle, as shown in Image.

A Cut Bottle

b. Now measure and make straight, evenly spaced cuts all the way around the bottle up to the half portion of the cut bottle. The cutting should be done very neatly and should be equal.

cutting of stripsall stripes has cut

c. At this step, folding of the strips are to be done like shown in picture.

d. Press the bottle upside down on a flat surface to ensure an even edge.

flattening the surface

e. This may be used as a vase, but for more nice look of vase weaving of the tip of a strip over the next one and under the next two, should be done, understandable by picture.


f. Fold the third strip and weave the same as the first one.

folding of strips

Continue around in this pattern until the last three and tuck each one under the next until woven in completely.

knitting of vaseVASE

2. Small herb garden

herb garden

For a herb garden what you needed is only plastic bottle of any shape but should have a stomach of wide radius, a sharp scissor, a green-colored tape, agriculture soil and herbs you want to grow in. For making a herb garden perform following steps:

a. Take 3-4 bottles and cut them in the mid or having 2/3 part of the bottle, according to the length of the bottles. At the time of cutting make sure that the scissor is sharp so that it might be neatly cut.

b. Then wash the bottles and make them clean.

c. Measure and cut the tape, glue them and cover the edges of the cut bottles. Glue for the purpose should be waterproof so that watering to the plant might not remove the tape. The tape may be of any colored but here green color is recommended as it gives a match to the green garden.

d. The pots are ready, now fill the soil into them and plant your herbs. You may have green coriander, basil, mint or any other suitable to the space available.

3. Recycled bottle screen

bottle screen

The glass bottles can be arranged in a decorative and colorful manner, this will give a royal look and glittering screen with lights at night

4. Toy shakers or juggling bottles

toy shaker

Just remove the cap of the bottle and wash the transparent plastic bottles put some beads in it. Insert a decorative cute toddler in place of cap and the shaker is ready. In spite of toddler, you may also wrap it with a decorative paper.

5. Cloth-covered vase

cloth covered vase

Any kind of plastic bottle can be used for this handy craft. Follow just four easy steps, given below:

a. Cut the bottle in the mid

b. Cut the cloth with measurement of surface area of bottle with some exceeding margins

c. Apply glue to the cloth

d. Stick on the surface of cut bottle

Now flower may be put in this.

6. Plastic bottle funnel


The neck of the remained from the above item no. 5, i.e. cloth-covered vase can be used as a funnel made from plastic bottle. Just apply a pointed lid at the place of cap.

7. Purse or little monster

monster catcherpurse

Here is the use of two bottles bottom. Cut the bottom of two bottles. Attach half of the circumference of the two portions with needle and wool or anchor thread and give the other half portion a zip like shown in picture. This may be used as a purse or if festooned by eyes and a nose looks like a little monster.

8. Pan holder

Cut the plastic bottle and paint the half portion of it or wrap it with decorative paper.

9. Baby rattle

baby rattle

Take a transparent bottle, fill it with small rattles and decorate these with ribbons and glitters like in picture. As the small babies are very much sensitive so be careful about the ribbons and decorative materials to be used. This toy will really appeal your child.

10. A terrarium


For making a terrarium, following steps to be taken:

a. Take a transparent bottle and cut the bottle, just below its upper bulge.

b. Then get a finger under it and push inside to get a bulb-shaped structure.

c. Finally, make a two-inch slit down one side of the resulting dome, overlap the cut’s edges, and fit the rounded piece into the flat-bottomed base.