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10 most creative recycled handbags

Handbags are a signature statement and speaks volumes about your taste and aura. The fashion houses are now coming out with handbags which have been made using recycled materials to catch the very fashion conscious. This is not just to suit your personalityl but as a mitt towards your contribution for a better environment.

1. Pop top chain bag

Chain bag 1

Escama, a collaborative design studio has created this trade purse with the talented artisans in Brazil, who operates through co-operatives to earn their livelihood. This bag is made using recycled pop tops and crocheted in an aluminum shell which is expandable and lightweight. It has a soft satin inner lining with a zip closure and measures 9″ x 4″ x 1″ with an 11″ strap drop. This handmade bag can be used also as a clutch bag as it has a chained drop strap and is priced at $102.95.

2. Rice sack sleek tote bag

Rice Sack

With so much emphasize on Eco-friendly products for a green world, this tote bag comes as no surprise in its creative form. It is made entirely of reclaimed juice pouches and nylon rice bags which are beautifully handmade throughout. They have been skillfully created by women NGOs in the Philippines for trade fair purposes. They come with attractive wordings and logos for the competitive rice market in Asia. They come in a choice of five colors and a variety of sizes and shapes and are excitingly beautiful, bold and attention grabbers.

3. License plate purse

Muse TLicense plate purseswo

This has been created by Little Earth Productions, in Pittsburgh USA. It is made of recycled hubcaps on the sides, recycled rubber for the strap, license plate for the top and a pop cap snap closure. It is roomy enough to accommodate many items and is priced at $160 and is very durable and adorable.

4. Muse two artisanal recycled handbags

Muse Two

This is an exclusive design made of recycled plastic based on the Muse Two design concept of Yves Saint Laurent. The hand woven arm candy are exclusively crafted in Burkina Faso by women artisans in West Africa. Using fair trade cotton and plastic, these bags have been given YSL’s timeless silhouette in the “New Vintage” range, which uses fabrics from past collections. YSL has created only 60 pieces and they are priced at $1,720 per piece.

5. Nahui Ollin candy wrapper handbags

Nahui Ollin

Nahui Ollin designer bags are now coming in candy wrappers, which is really taking Eco-friendly a step further. It has been crafted by designer Olga Abadi, using the ancient Mayan style of weaving techniques which she was inspired with at Mexico in a cultural festival. They come in a variety of totes, clutches, convertibles and wallets which are all trendy, Eco-friendly and the epitome of green revolution.

6. Passchal luxury handbags


These are specifically meant for the Eco-conscious consumers, made of leather, free of chrome and vegetable tanned and inner tire tubes of tractors. They come in designs for both men and women and are high-end Eco-luxurious accessories. These bags are now being sold at Waukegan Tire in Park City, Washington. The company has so far recycled 56 tons of inner tubes to create the sensational bags, where no two designs are identical. They have even given an interior LED lighting which automatically turns on and off and has a 6 to 10 months durability. The Paschall bags have zippered pockets, open pockets and its interior linings are of textured leather, fabric and fauz leathers. The Waukegan price for Hobo bag with uneven patterns for women is priced at $219, a travel bag for $385 and men’s briefcase for $229.

7. Matt & Nat handbags

Matt & Nat

This is a socially vegan Eco-friendly bags which explores on a whole new level with different Eco fabrics. Matt & Nat “Duality 21” range explores different Eco fabrics in two full collections along with the linings, made of recycled plastic water containers. On an average, 21 bottles are recycled for each bag lining and hence the name. The shell is made of 51 recycled bottles and are very stylish for the price range of $100 to $200, which goes for environmental consciousness.

8. Neide Ambrose conch handbag

Niede Ambrosio’s

Made of recycled soda pop tops which gives it an edgy metallic look, it is mesh crocheted around to give even spacing to the aluminum rings. The yellow pop-tops are threaded through with black cotton to create a curved shell-like pattern. It also comes in other shades of colors and is retailed at $124.95. The bag is fairly medium size with not many features except for a magnetic snap closure for secure safe keeping. The interior is given a polyester lining to keep all essentials scratch-free and safe.

9. Ecovertible handbag


It is the perfect size for essentials and can be converted from shoulder to messenger bag. Its lining are of organic hemp and its shell is made of reclaimed leather bits and suede. It is very light, purely handmade and designed in the USA by Beth Springer. Both the straps are removable although they can not be adjusted. the designer has a knack of turning the materials and designs to being more Eco-chic by use of vegetable dyed leather. Price is on request.

10. Vegan Queen handbag

Vegan queen

This is a new unisex duffel bag made of 100 per cent Eco leather of synthetic micro-fiber and cotton, vegetable leather made from Brazilian rubber-tree sap mounted on cotton and lining of organic terry cotton. The good news is that, it is equally recyclable.