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10 creative ways to recycle old newspapers

Recycling old newspapers

The human population’s ever growing demands are burning a hole in the earth’s supply of natural resources. But we’re now awakening to the strain we’re placing on our planet and are coming up with ways and means to reverse the trend. While it may not be possible to get things back to the way they used to be, these methods are designed to considerably halt our carbon footprints and adverse impact. From designing gadgets, homes and automobiles to planting more trees, creative individuals are also taking recycling to a whole new level. Check out these 10 ways to recycle old newspapers to create works of art, furniture and even a home!

1. Schoolhouse built with over 1,000kg of newspapers

Newspaper schoolhouse

John Lamorie and Shelly Wu have achieved the ultimate in terms of recycling, by building a house made entirely out of old newspapers. The papers were fed into a blender and were used to construct this very livable schoolhouse. Using 1,000 kg of newspaper donated by children of a school, the resulting material is called Papercrete which was patented way back in 1928. And while it isn’t the construction material of choice, this hasn’t deterred the couple who are now building a paper-based restaurant.

2. Newspaper ballet flats

Newspaper ballet flats

Fashion gets a makeover with these trendy ballet flats made out of discarded newspaper. Designed by Colin Lin, the shoes are woven in the lattice pattern and later dipped in plastic to make it durable and weather resistant. Upon inspection, the shoes look nothing like newspapers and can be worn like any other footwear.

3. Coiled newspaper clock

Newspaper clock

Timepieces have been much favored for recycling projects. This coiled newspaper clock made entirely by hand has been created by workers of the Women’s Multipurpose Cooperative in Baguio City, Philippines. The pieces of the clock are coiled, joined together and starched and runs on AA batteries.

4. The ‘334’ Bench

Newspaper bench

Designed by Oscar Lhermitte, the ‘334’ Bench has been made out of 334 old newspapers. Three metal bars form the frame, over which newspapers are folded and stacked alongside each other. Construction is dirt cheap – just 5 pounds – but the sturdiness of the bench is laudable, being able to seat 5 adults comfortably. Lhermitte is a product design student at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design and the ‘334’ Bench is part of his X days project series.

5. ‘Green Thing’

Green Thing

The Green Thing won the Best Digital Green Award for its portrayal of environmental consciousness. Made out of recycled newspapers and converse sneakers, the piece sends a sound message of conservation, anti-waste and more vegetarianism. Created by Jaina Kuntawala, Green Thing is the perfect public service message for the masses of today.

6. Yarn from newspaper

Newspaper yarn

If you thought yarn was only made out of cloth, you’re in for a surprise. Greetje van Tiem claims to be able to spin 20 yards of ‘yarn’ from a sheet of discarded newspaper. This yarn can be woven to create all sorts of products, from curtain and rugs to netting throws and upholstery. A good time to while away the time while designing useful items for your home, Van Tiem says that anyone can make newspaper yarn. All it requires is patience and know-how.

7. Newspaper sculpture

Newspaper sculpture

Why throw away your old newspapers when you can create a work of art out of them? Nick Giorgio has crafted this very adorable creature by rolling up used newspapers and attaching them together. A good way to get in touch with your creative side while doing your bit for the environment.

8. Newspaper dress

Newspaper dress

You may not wear it out for a cocktail party, but this newspaper dress is one innovative piece. Complete with a fitted, pleated bodice, removable waistband and petticoat, the outfit has been pieced together only with thread. According to the maker, all you need is a belt, scissors, white thread, sewing machine, straight pins, Velcro and, of course, newspaper.

9. Evening clutch

Newspaper clutch

Maybe you could pair this next item with the newspaper dress or team it up with something entirely different. This evening clutch made out of old newspapers is trendy and can be made to suit any outfit. Crafted by rolling the paper and fitting the pieces together, the clutch can be patched in different colors.

10. Newspaper house

Newspaper house

Designed by Sumer Erek, the recycled newspaper house is a successful installation showcased in London. Rolled newspapers make up the life-size structure which hasn’t been completed yet, according to Erek. He says that the installation will never be complete as long as there are people who continue to participate in making the house grow.