10 creative working gadgets made using recycled materials


As a technological revolution is taking over the world, technology is becoming more advanced and common. Having a smartphone is no more a symbol of economic affluence as it was about a decade ago. Now almost everybody has a smartphone. However, because of this, we are facing a brand new problem. People are changing their old-fashioned gadgets and buying new home appliances, cell phones, and laptops periodically. This is leading to a gigantic amount of e-waste. In fact, about two-thirds of our toxic waste is electronic waste. Moreover, every day the amount of global electronic waste is rising. Creating gadgets from recycled materials is one way that curbs both the cause and effect of this problem.

Why we should create gadgets using recycled materials?

Go Green is the in thing today with eco enthusiasts across the world promoting the importance of using green methods of livelihood. The need of the hour is to save the trees and we can do that by recycling different plant products such as papers, cardboard, etc. We know that cardboards and papers come from trees. We cut thousands of trees every year for this purpose alone. e should send these things for recycling where many artists are using their creative skills to come up with working gadgets. Here is a list of 10 working gadgets made using recycled materials.

10 – Creative working gadgets made using recycled materials

1. The Timeless Watch with USB port

Watch With USB Port

Watch is an important gadget and a watch with a USB port is without doubt a very useful product. Design Brothers deserves credit for designing a manufacturing a watch with USB port. Dubbed Timeless Watch, this unique watch consists of recycled material and it uses the USB port to store power in its rechargeable battery. The clasp of the watch acts as a USB port and the design of the hinge latch is also unique.

2. Magnetic recycled magnetic tape reel clock

Magnetic Tape Reel Clock

This unique and innovative clock with a stylish design utilizes 10-inch aluminum Scotch magnetic tape reel along with a waste hard drive of a computer. Measuring 10 inches in diameter, this clock is perfect for geeks. A 1 C battery runs this clock, which features a quartz clock movement. As of now, this clock is available for sale at Etsy. The designer of this clock has used his creative skills superbly to come up with something desirable from trash.

3. HP mouse


In 2009, computer HP surprised everyone by unveiling eco friendly mouse during the Consumer Electronics Show. This mouse is fully functional and can work like any normal mice. Available in stylish color, this mouse has got a sleek and stylish look. This wireless eco mouse does not cost much. HP claims that it has used recycled materials to build this mouse.

4. Eco-speakers made from recycled materials


The Fashionation Company has used recycled materials to design and build cube and pyramid-shaped speakers. These 3.25-inch eco speakers are eco-friendly and they work without batteries. These speakers deliver excellent sound and can be stored conveniently because they are foldable. These universally compatible portable speakers are available in different colors including pink, blue, red, purple, aqua, and green.

5. Bamboo speaker for iPhone 4

Bamboo Speake

The iBamboo is a classic example of the combination of modern technology with natural beauty to come up with an eco friendly product. Made using bamboo, this speaker amplifies the sound produced by the inbuilt speaker of the iPhone. The stereo effect is also intensified because the sound waves move in two directions. The iBamboo features a simple design and the finishing is done manually. This speaker can be used to listen to Instrumental, Classical and Jazz music because the acoustics for this music is provided by the iBamboo.

6. Circuit board lamp


This funky table lamp which is available for sale at is eco friendly because it is made using recycled circuit boards. This unique and innovative circuit board lamp is manufactured by UK-based firm Electrickery. Measuring 190mm high, the price of this one-of-a-kind lamp is around £19.95.

7. Recycle old CDs into an iPhone or iPod dock

Recycle Old CDs Into An iPhone dock

What do we do with our unusable CDs or DVDs? We normally throw them in trash bin considering them useless, but this is not the case always because some creative minds have come up with ways to use the unusable CDs or DVDs to build a stylish looking dock for iPod or iPhone.

8. Recycles Vinyl records into low-tech music amplifiers

Low-tech Music Amplifiers

Paul Cocksedge, a London-based designer, has used his creativity to build low-tech amplifiers using rejected vinyl records. These wireless amplifiers can be used to boost the volume of your smartphone. Paul has heated and molded 12” records to give them a conic-shape, which helps in enhancement of the sound. This stylish gadget was unveiled in 2011 during the London Design Festival.

9. Circuit board clocks


Teco Art has used discarded computer materials to come up with attractive and stylish circuit board clocks. These unique clocks have been built using rejected CPU fans, hard drives of laptops and circuit boards of computers. In some cases, the hard drives of Apple iPods are also used.

10. Sakku solar bags

Sakku Solar

The solar bags designed by Switzerland-based firm Sakku are eco-friendly and made using sails. A 2.5W solar panel is fitted in the bag to harness the solar energy. This bag is spacious enough to carry a 17-inch notebook.

How recycling your gadgets controls electronic waste

electronic waste

If the right measures are not taken to recycle electronic waste, pollution will get out of control and affect the environment adversely. The electronic waste is more harmful to the environment than other types of waste. Recycling is one of the ways every responsible individual can take to keep this type of pollution in check.

When you look at a new and glossy smartphone or an elite looking laptop you do not give a single thought to the environment. The truth is that for producing every single new electronic product valuable, non-renewable materials are being used. You may upgrade from one smartphone to another and throw the old phone away but this can deeply affect your surrounding environment.

Recycling and optimal use of electronic products are the only solutions to reduce electronic waste. Many cell phone and electronic companies are offering exchange offer programs. You can upgrade your handset or laptop by exchanging the new one with your existing one. Try to use your electronic gadgets for as long as you can. Change the parts if necessary but do not run after gadget trends. Put your money to better use and keep your environment clean.

There are many facts about recycling that we usually tend to ignore. According to research data regarding electronic goods, by recycling 1 million cell phones we can get back 75 pounds of gold, 35 thousand pounds of copper and 772 pounds of silver.

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