10 Documentaries about the environment that you must watch

The rapidly depleting natural resources and the dangerous effects that over-exploitation has produced on the environment are some of the causes of concern at the present moment. Calling attention to this peril that the human race is gradually calling upon itself, numerous documentaries have been made. After the immensely appreciated documentary by Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth, documentaries capturing the various environmental issues of the present moment have been produced. Here are ten such documentaries that are a must watch.

  1. An Inconvenient Truth


Al Gore is dedicated and passionate in explaining climate change, and he displays his intense knowledge and research in this brilliant and eye-opening documentary. The documentary tries to explain the intricate details of the recent shift in climate, hurricanes, floods, and extreme weather in a simple and comprehensive manner. Al Gore displays the scientific facts, graphs, statistics, charts and more and explains various environmental problems in an intelligent way.

  1. Chasing Ice


This documentary by Jeff Orlowskifollows the journey that National Geographic photographer James Balog and his team set on in 2007. Through stop-motion photography, the team attempts to capture the extent of the melting ice caps in Greenland, Iceland, and Alaska.

A major issue raised by global warming is the retreating ice cover, which is monitored by the team in various areas by installed cameras over a long period of time. The results reveal the speed at which the glaciers are disappearing, bringing global warming to the forefront of environmental concerns.

  1. Tapped


The dubious practices adopted in the packaged water bottle industry are documented by this movie. It shows the effects that this industry in producing on the environment and the potential hazard that it is for health. Proving that bottled water being safer than tap water is no more than a marketing strategy and a blunt sham, the documentary is a must watch.

  1. The 11th Hour


Produced and lead by actor Leonardo Di Caprio, the documentary shows the negative climate and environmental changes that are occurring around us and rapidly becoming a spiraling tornado. Explaining the recent climate shifts, the movie has commentators like Stephen Hawking and James Woosley.

  1. Under the Dome


This documentary was pulled down in China because of its controversial nature. The documentary investigates the air quality and pollution in China and is a valuable tool for generating public awareness of the health hazards and environmental issues that pollution produces.

  1. The Gleaner’s Kitchen


Roughly a third of the food produced in the world for human consumption is wasted and dumped each year. Consumers in rich countries waste food in quantities equivalent to the total food production of Sub-Saharan Africa. The Gleaner’s Kitchen is an underground restaurant that raids dumpsters and turns the wasted food into fresh wholesome meals.

  1. Trashed


The documentary fluctuates between tones of humor and poignancy, the documentary investigates the aftermath of the waste that every westerner produces on a daily basis. The documentary is a thought-provoking film on the issue of waste disposal.

  1. The Cove


Louis Psihoyos follows Richard O’Barry, an animal rights activist to expose a secretly operating community of Greedy Japanese fishermen that slaughter thousands of dolphins each year. Commission by the complicit Japanese government, this secret slaughter of innocent dolphins is investigated in this shocking documentary.

  1. Who Killed the Electric Car?


A unique vehicle that was quiet, pollution-free, and efficient was solemnly put to its grave, less than a decade after its birth by General Motors. Chris Paine’s highly informative and lively documentary on the controversial murder of the electric car is investigated with commentaries from Martin Sheen, engineers, politicians, and celebrity drivers like Peter Horton.

  1. Genetic Roulette


Genetically engineered food is a chief cause of the rapidly rising disease rates in America. Gastrointestinal disorders, allergies, and infertilityare some of these diseases that are haunting the safety of humans, pets, and livestock. This eye-opening movie is based on the ill-effects of consuming the much publicized yet controversial genetically modified organisms (GMO).

The power of cinematography combined with a well-informed commentary and intelligent interviews can be used to depict the major issues that are tormenting the environment around us. Some of these highly-acclaimed documentaries can help you make informed decisions in your daily life.

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