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10 eco friendly bamboo houses built for eco minded individuals

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Nowadays eco living is an interest followed with exaggerated zeal by most people living in this world. With sustainability starting at home, there would be no other better way to truly embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle. Bamboo is the best green alternative for building homes rather than the traditionally used timber. It is well known for its strength and houses constructed using bamboo can therefore withstand hurricanes and earthquakes. Given below are ten beautiful homes which are constructed using this sustainable material.

Woven house

This house is designed to specially boost the architects to use bamboo as sustainable building material. The designer of the woven house, Soren Korsgaard, has implied highly sophisticated weaving techniques and constructed the home casting it like a weaver’s nest. The interiors of the house are contemporary and uniquely natural.

Plantation design

This beautiful green house is designed and constructed by the Bamboo Living firm which deals in creating green homes. This house has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, with kitchen and dining. It also has a loft and extended porch roof that covers a wide wrap deck area. The cost of this house is $120,000 (€84,800).

Mason Lane Farm

De Leon and Primmer have designed the Manson Lane Farm out of bamboo, as a storage complex for farm equipment servicing, re-fueling and of course to serve as a depot for allowing seasonal storage for hay and grain. The complex covers a total area of 2,000 acres for agriculture, wildlife habitat, recreation and conservation purposes.

Bamboo Architecture by Vo Trong Nghia

This dome shaped Water and Wine Cafe located in the Binh Duong, Vietnam is crafted by Vietnamese designer Vo Trong Nghia. The structure is built entirely of bamboo and other natural objects and to our surprise it doesn’t make use of any nail. The architect has made use of 30-foot bamboo frame which is overlaid by a bush plant that is grown in the surrounding area.

Prefab bamboo homes completed in just two days

The architectural firm Bamboo Living is the first to produce prefabricated bamboo homes, and also the first to get an environmental certification for doing so. This Hawaiian company has again been added to the list of firsts, and this time it is with their prefab bamboo homes that could be completed within two days. This construction boasts of lowering the carbon emission by 20 tons for each 1000 sq. ft. floor. The houses look naturally elegant and unique.

Urban Bamboo Utopia

This self sufficient home called Urban Bamboo Utopia is made up of sustainable bamboo and other recycled and reused materials. Designed by Hungarian designer Dvorcsák Szabolcs, the house stores the precipitation and rainwater for being reused. 95%of the house is covered by solar cells to generate energy.

Bamboo tree house

Also called the tower of power the solar hooch is made up of bamboo. The solar tree house situated at the backyard has unobstructed windows to collect heat and light of the sun and thus generate energy which helps to cut down your electricity bills. The surrounding trees and other vegetation shelter it from cold winds in winter and scorching summer sun.

Son Builds Mom a Bamboo House in Costa Rica

This house has been made by a loving and of course skilful son, Benjamin Garcia Saxe, for his mother. The house made entirely by bamboo, scrap wood and plastic bags, is located in the jungle in Costa Rica. The house consist of two rooms- a bedroom and a Kitchen/Living room and completed magnificiently with an open courtyard.

Kerala Bamboo House

Located in Papanasam Cliff, Varkala, India, the Kerala Bamboo House makes use of the local bamboo in the forests made by the forest craftsmen. The beautiful rooms contain wooden and handmade furniture that adds to the charm of the Bamboo house.

Bamboo Forest House

Located in Eastern Taiwan, the bamboo forest house was created by UK based ROEWU Architects.the vacation house gets air and light through the flapping bamboo screen like a window dressing that provides secrecy to the residents living inside.