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10 Best eco friendly handbags

Eco Friendly Bags

We all are well aware of the present condition of the environment. It is plainly the result of human activities. It is high time we stop neglecting the grave environmental issues and start working on our share of responsibilities and duties towards Mother Nature. A little change in our daily lifestyle can also result in a huge contribution towards saving the nature. Just by bringing a change in the day to day products we use and switching to recreated and recycled materials we can fulfill some of our responsibilities. There is a wide range of eco friendly products which we hardly pay attention to. Switching on to environment friendly clothes, bags, and a number of products which we use on a daily basis can contribute in saving the nature. Here are some eco friendly handbags which are very much stylish, trendy and fashionable at the same time. Read on.

1. Mad Imports Gigi Flower Clutch

Mad Imports Gigi Flower Clutch

This is an extremely adorable clutch which is created from hand woven raffia. Raffia is a light weight renewable fabric which is why this clutch is more for the summer season. These cute trendy clutches come in a wide range of colors and are manufactured through a process which has no damaging effects on the nature.

2. Nordstrom Slouchy Eco Tote

Nordstrom Slouchy Eco Tote

This bag has an extremely elegant look with a designer bag-like appearance. Since it is made from recycled water bottles one great and rare benefit of this bag is that it can be tucked and folded. This bag is most appropriately used for shopping and travel purpose.

3. Lauren Moshi Lips Canvas Tote

Lauren Moshi

Lauren moshi has expanded her line to eco friendly and 100 percent cotton bags. With its hot graphic designs, it gives a very trendy look and has huge celeb following as well.

4. Matt and Nat Axel Nappa Handbag

Mat and Nat Axel Nappa Handbag

The eco chick bags manufactured by matt and nat go through a completely environment friendly process. It uses 100 percent recycled material. Those of you who are looking for a fashionable bag and are eco conscious as well, this is just the right stop for you.

5. Nahui Ollin

nahui ollin

The products of Nahui Ollin are made of waste bottle labels and defective gum and candy wrappers. The extremely stylish bags are friendly to the environment and are made by men and women in Mexico. Each creation under Nahui Ollin is unique and no two bags are alike. These super chic fun style bags give a sassy look and are surely a good purchase.

6. The Sak Artist Circle Weekend

The Sak Artist Circle Weekender

The eco friendly collection of the sak artist circle weekender has the hottest variety of summer bags and beyond. These are made of nylon which is recycled up to 50 % and cotton lining which is 100% recycled. With stylish blissed out prints, it appears to be very trendy and easy to carry.

7. Boat Bag

Boat Bag

Made of quality material, these boat bags are available in various designs, patterns, colors and shades. It gives a very elegant look and is highly preferred in all age groups. These tough yet stylish bags are made of scrap seat belts and printed with inks that are water based.

8. Ecoist Masha Cross Body Bag

Ecoist Masha Cross Body Bag

Made out of soda cans, these unbelievably stylish bags are designed especially for those ladies who like to keep their hands free. This manufacturing of Brazil is hand crocheted with almost 1600 recycled aluminum pop tops.

9. Teich Plaza Overnighter

Teich Plaza Overnighter

Here is another option for those who want to go green. Available in beautiful colors, these reusable bags are made of organic cotton twill. You can find a large variety of bags such as sleek clutch and shopping bags manufactured through environment friendly processes.

10. Gecko traders plastic baggie cosmetics bag

Gecko Traders Plastic Baggie Cosmetics Bag

Made out of 100% recycled rice and feed bags, these are most suitable for carrying your makeup. Though, you can find a vast variety of designs and colors it is hard to find two bags of the same design. These are well designed and stylish.