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10 Eco friendly pet care products for the conscious owner

People have become increasingly environment-friendly. They are not only looking for products and goods for themselves that are ‘green’, they are searching for similar products for their pets too. In fact, according to an estimate, the green pet products industry crossed $1 billion in 2009 itself. Here are 10 ‘green’ products that will keep your pet happy and ‘green’:

Eco friendly Pet care product

1. Recycled Pet Bed

Recycled Pet Bed

Here is a great way to recycle old suitcases – just make them into lovely homes for your pets. All you have to do is to screw in legs to the base of the suitcase and you are ready to go. Add a pillow and a sheet and a cat or a small dog can easily get cozy. This pet home is mobile and can be shifted as and when you please.

2. Green roof Animal Homes

Green roof Animal Homes

Untreated, red cedar planks have been used to fabricate this chemical-free home for little pets. There are no paints used and so its a perfectly non-toxic environment for the animal. Adding to the ‘green’ factor is the roof where one can grow herbs and other plants. The roof has been water-proofed to keep your little pet dry. And the plants will always have a ‘cooling’ effect on it.

3. RecycleBone

Recycle Bone

So many rubber-chew products are manufactured. Using the remains and residues, these chewable bones have been designed for you pet dog. They have a hole through the entire length so that you could hide treats inside for your pet dog to fetch. The ‘bones’ come in a range of colors to choose from and they are all recyclable too!

4. Samu pet poop decomposer


Pet poops are a rich source of nutrients and fertilizers that are discarded with disgust every day. This decomposer is going to change all that. You just have to empty the poop into the bin and press a button. The decomposer will start working and break down the poop into smaller molecules. This will not stink and also be a rich fertilizer for future use.

5. Beba Squeaker Treat Dispenser Dog Toy

Beba Squeaker Treat Dispenser Dog Toy

This treat dispenser has been made from PDA approved materials which are non-toxic and pleasant smelling. You can fill up this with treats and watch your pet dog enjoy chewing on it for hours. It is buoyant and so can be utilized in water too. Since 20 percent of the profits from the sales of this toy are donated to charity, you can be sure that your dog is chewing for a cause!

6. Lounge bed

Lounge bed

You would have noticed your pet dogs, especially the larger ones, lounging away on a siesta. Pamper them with these specially made lounge pillows. They have been made from filling that is constituted by recycled plastic bottles. A sure ‘green’ way for your dog to stretch out and go to sleep.

7. Organic Dog Shampoo

Organic Dog Shampoo

This shampoo is made of organic ingredients viz. neem oil, tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil. These ensure that the pet’s coat remains shiny and clean, soothing the itchy skin and warding away the parasitic ticks and fleas in the process. The shampoo is to be used in dilutions lesser than 5 percent and so will definitely be long-lasting.

8. Bamboo Dog Bowl

Bamboo Dog Bowl

Bamboo os a very ‘green’ wood because it grows very fast and regenerates the fallen shoots. These feeding bowls have been made from bamboo and rice husk. Thus, they are free of Cadmium and other chemicals often associated with plastics. It is available in two sizes – large and small fitting either 24 ounces or 12 ounces – and also comes in a variety of colors.

9. Hot Spot Treatment-Pet Skin Balm

Hot Spot Treatment-Pet Skin Balm

This is the balm for your pets if they suffer from hot spots or a host of other skin conditions. The balm is completely organic with tea tree oil as the major ingredient. It is easy for application too. It has to be applied directly to the skin of the animal. Since the balm is water soluble, any excess can easily be washed away.

10. Oslo Collar

Oslo Collar

It will come as a pleasant surprise that plastics have found a new, recycled life as these multi-hued collars for pets. They have been contoured and ergonomically designed to stay on the pet’s neck. No petro-chemicals have been used in the manufacture of these collars that arrive in two sizes – large and medium. They come in four different color combinations.