10 Eco friendly pieces of art made using old license plates

What do you do with your old and rejected license plates? Put them somewhere in the store room to rot! Do you know that you can create eco friendly art items using old license plates? Sounds unique, but it is absolutely true! There are some creative people who have used their skills to come up with beautiful art items using old license plates. Here is a list of ten eco friendly pieces of art made using old license plates.

Abe Lincoln license plate art

Jennifer Savo deserves credit for designing a three foot tall portrait of President Abraham Lincoln using old license plates. Savo made an 1863 photograph of Honest Abe as the starting point for her unique and attractive portrait. She used photo editing software to posterized the photo and then used the software to enlarge the photo to a size of 24×36 inches. After enlarging the photo, she printed it out on regular copy paper. Savo then cut the photo into paper puzzle pieces. Jennifer claims that she got inspiration to create artworks from old license plates from artist Michael Kalish.

Six string art

The credit for creating a unique and attractive guitar wall art using old license plates goes to Carol Braden. Carol has a passion for vintage items and she has used her passion and creative skills perfectly to come up with something which is definitely one of a kind. Some of Carol’s designs are contemporary, while some are old school. She has used some 1920s license plates to come up with some art works that have superb classic look.

License plate map

The idea to create map using old license plates is the brainchild of husband and wife who run a company named The Recycled Art Company. The pair design and create eco friendly art from rejected materials, which they have collected in the last one decade. They have used their creative skills brilliantly to craft a map of the United States. This map is very beautiful and it shows that we can use discarded items to create something extraordinary.

License plate handbag

Some creative minds at Littleearth have designed some beautiful handbags for girls using old license plate. These license plate handbags are available in regular as well as mini size. These cool and pretty handbags are available in different shapes and color and are a perfect gift item this Christmas.

Wallpaper art

Some creative souls at Mrs. Mac’s Kitchen have used old license plates to create wallpaper art. The old and discarded license plates are used to cover the walls of the restaurant giving a new and cool look to the whole place. This artistic use of the old license plates shows that we can use our creative skills to design and create structures that are beautiful and attractive.

Vintage license plate bowl

This unique plate bowl weighing around 1lb has been designed using a recycled North Dakota plate and one California plate. This fruit bowl has been created by cutting and bending the two plates and then bolting them together. This whole process is waste free process. Carriage bolts of 5/8″ are used to make the legs of this plate bowl, which is not watertight. The dimensions of this bowl are 11″x9″x3.”

Plate flag of the USA

Californian artist Aaron Foster deserves credit for creating unique and cool art items using old license plates. Foster is renowned across the US for creating US maps and flags using the old license plates. Foster is a perfectionist and has used matching license plate for each state in the maps of the US. Besides creating maps and flags, he has also created the portraits of Rolling Stones, Mickey Mouse and some other American icons using recycled license plates

Recycling eagle by Bill Thomson

The credit for creating ‘Recycling Eagle’ sculpture using old license plates goes to Canadian artist Bill Thomson. Bill placed his unique piece of art at the new Vancouver Convention Centre building in 2009. The shining wings of this eagle are made using recycled license plates. The edges of the wings feature LED light system.

Lowa Hawkeye license plate art

Priced at around $25, the Hawkeye emblem is made using the recycled license plates belonging to Iowa. This emblem is mounted on plywood. The back side of this emblem contains cable which can be used to hang it on the wall. The design of this emblem is attractive.

Michael Kalish license plate art

Michael Kalish is one of the best license plate artists and his works sells between $5,000 and $150,000. Kalish uses his creative brilliance and old license plates to create items that are highly attractive and unique. His work has been put on display in several exhibitions including the US Embassy in Moscow.

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