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10 Most eco friendly sustainable guitars

Eco friendly guitars

The music fraternity of the world has always been pretty conscious about the burning problems of our planet like global warming. In response to this, the art of music and instruments have moved to a new dimension due to the introduction of Eco-friendly instruments. The demand of Eco-friendly guitars is slowly gaining pace that it can reach a staggering figure within years especially in USA, where a $29 billion market of guitar sale is on the rise. So, all the Eco-conscious music lovers out there take a deep look below.

1. Dave Maize acoustic guitar

Dave Maize Acoustic  guitar

Dave started his career in designing Eco-friendly guitars back in 1990, when the woods like Mahogany, Redwood, and Spruce were used. With the growing demand, Eco-sustainable aspects came to the forefront. Dave found some wood qualities which could be re-claimed and used sustainably to build guitars. Thus, Maize acoustic guitar was created which is a classic example of Eco-friendly guitars.

2. Flax wood’s hybrid guitars

Hybrid guitar by Flaxwood

The Flax-wood is a reputed brand which gave birth to a aristocrat guitar model by using hybrid fibers, which are totally Eco-friendly. The guitar tone is superb and is produced by a combination of traditional wood and neck structure. It is available both in single & humbucker coil modes and the alder wood body gives the get-up of the guitar a divination. You can even feel the smooth touch of the fret board to your finger tips and so the tonal quality automatically increases.

3. First Act Green guitars

First Act Green Guitar

The first act green guitars are really awesome when it comes to the adjustments of the strap around the neck or the chromatic tonal quality of the single coil guitar. The wood used to built the fret board and the neck are re-cycled products and the sleek appearance has an enticing capability.

4. Torre guitar

Torre Guitar

A sensuous & sweet creation led to the Torre Guitar, which is not only a guitar but can also act as speaker boxes all along. Even when the strings of the guitar are not properly attached, torn, the 3 speaker system in-built in the guitar can be a smooth source of great sound. The wood structure will remind you of the old 60s garage rock genre guitars, which are nowadays seen as antique.

5. Eco-friendly guitar

Zero Impact Guitars

The guitar is totally made by organic substances and so not a single artificial material is used in making this revolutionary instrument. It has to be remembered that everyday there are a lot of guitars which are being disposed, so it is now time to implement these Eco-friendly instruments to show everybody the real innovation of green instrumental music.

6. Glastonbury re-cycled guitar

Glastonbury Recycled guitar

Does the above picture look like an Eco-friendly guitar? Well, the sustainable aspects are merged with the royal contour of traditional guitars here in this model of Glastonbury guitars. The re-cycled plastic materials are the constituents of this guitar with sophisticated knuckle pick-ups, sleek neck and the cool tones of the guitar have revolutionized the Eco-guitar manufacturing.

7. Hemp guitars

Hemp Guitars

This guitar has all the combination of a perfect Eco-friendly guitar along with the superb quality of the adjustable truss rod inside the fret board. The pick-up coils are very sensitive and can weave the exact sound originating from the amplifier. Molded hemp can be shaped with the pulp variations to produce this masterpiece. The Mada hemp guitar can be easily molded because hemp is much more moldable than wood.

8. Sting’s Green guitar

Sting’s GREEN Guitar

This guitar has set a bench-mark of Eco-conscious achievements because it was built from selected wood choosing from the smart wood program of Rain-forest Alliance, to present it to the legendary Sting. This is because Sting has contributed much to the Eco-musical fraternity of the world which is an exemplary instance.

9. Modular guitars by Praxis turn

Modular Guitars by Praxis Turn

The short and amazing styled guitar will definitely make you fall in love once again. It has become a fashion statement for many bands but not to forget the extra-ordinary Eco-characteristics of the guitar. The typical swappable parts are really cool, which are made from the recycled substances. Even the body parts like neck, strings, adjustable truss rod and everything can be modified and used to some other guitars of the same genre.

10. Global warming guitars

Global Warming Guitar

The consecutive notes of a scale can be realized perfectly through this model which costs almost $13,000. The Light Emitting Display Thermometer is a real attraction of this type of guitars. The top of the guitar is made up of Maple and showcases the flames which engulf the world, as a sign of the concerns for global warming.

So guys, go on hitting the notes right on the path of Eco-consciousness.