10 most eco friendly toys for your lovable pet

Ecofriendly toys

Pets simply enjoy playing with toys. Their sharp teeth and claws are enough to turn any cheap toy into shreds in just a matter of a few minutes. If you are a pet owner, then you must surely have observed your pet tearing apart a toy in no time. You frequently need to replace these low-quality toys, which mean wastage of money and at the same time, causing harm to the environment.

This is another reason for a rising demand for eco-friendly toys. There are now varied choices available for eco-friendly and durable pet toys. You can easily find green cat toys in all main pet supply stores, as well as, special online boutiques. If you are looking for some eco-friendly toys for your pet, here is a list.

1. Lucky:

Lucky is a bright yellow colored ducky made of soft fabric. It is made out of recycled plastic bottles. Also, the toy is filled by with organic catnip. If your pet loves to chase, bat as well as pounce, then ‘Lucky from West Paw Designs’ is the best option for an Eco-friendly toy.

2. Fuzzy Hedgehog:

This toy is an eco-friendly option to the standard catnip mouse. It is made of hand knit wool and is stuffed with natural catnip. Your pet will just enjoy hooking its nails into the fuzzy back of the hedgehog. You can easily get this eco-friendly toy from ‘Etsy Shop’ in Cattitude Creations.

3. Kitten Mitten

This is a mini mitten that is stuffed by using organic catnip. Kitten Mitten is a handmade toy manufactured in the USA, by making use of dye-free natural cotton. It has a fresher smell than any other synthetic dyed toys. Your pet will love to flip the mitten into air.

4. Atomic Flyers

Atomic Flyers is a colorful flat shaped object, that is cut from broad Merino wool, a natural as well as sustainable material. The toy is designed in such a way that it can be easily whizzed across solid floors, thereby making it a perfect toy to be chased. You can easily get these Atomic Flyers at Moderncat Studio.

5. Billy Bob the Cork Ball

This is prepared with crude and natural cork. It is a biodegradable ball, that can be of great fun. The toy is perfect for chasing and batting and has a soft cork surface, ideal for pets to dig their claws. It is packed in a re-sealable bag made of natural catnip. Billy Bob is offered at most of the specialty pet stores, as well as, by online retailers.

6. Taco Organic Catnip Cat Toy

Puffed with organic catnip, this taco is handmade with eco-Felt, which is an environment friendly fabric, prepared from plastic water bottles that are recycled. You can find this pet toy at ‘Oh Boy Cat Toy’.

7. Great Green Cat Toy:

This is a long tube that holds three wooden balls and has a wide slot, big enough for your pet’s paw. As your pets rolls around while playing with it, it will enjoy wrestling with this tube. The Great Green Cat Toy is made of recycled materials, 90 percent biodegradable and 100 percent recyclable. You can find it in ‘Brooke and Tim’.

8. Kitty Hooch Catnip Mouse:

It is a toy made out of durable wool, that is creased to maintain its shape and is stitched in a way to absorb any kind of abuse from pets. It is just a perfect size for pets to kick and has a hand-processed natural catnip filling, that makes the toy intoxicating. You can find Kitty Hooch on its website.

9. Kitty Bug:

Used t-shirts are cleaned and recycled to make colorful winding Kitty Bugs. This toy has dangling legs, that are strongly tied into knots and has a specific catnip scent. Kitty Bugs are entertaining for cats, since these can caught, chased and tossed into the air.

10. Catit Eco Terra Raffia Mouse Teaser Wand:

It is an Eco-friendly toy, that is prepared from raffia, a natural fiber made from palm trees’ extracts. This toy is intended to trigger your pet’s usual impulses of pouncing and chasing. This Teaser Wand Cat Toy is easily available at all toy retailers.

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