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10 Eco-friendly umbrellas to keep you dry

Nowadays, there are many costly umbrellas which a poor man cant afford, so these Eco- friendly umbrellas will be a help to those people because these are reasonably priced. Also another main reason for suggesting these Eco-friendly umbrellas is they take a little time to decompose without causing any harm to the nature, therefore, it is an advantage to the environmentally-minded people.

1. Recyclable PET umbrella

This is an Eco-friendly umbrella made from waterproof recyclable PET. This umbrella saves us from getting wet from the rain and is designed in a different way reducing the storage space and transportation costs attracting the customers. Water resistant PET helps for easy recycling and eliminates the need for toxic waterproof canopy treatments.

2. The Brelli (worlds first biodegradable umbrella)

This consists of a handle and a frame that are made from bamboo and the canopy is made from an innovative bio-plastic made from renewable resources which will be decomposed in two or three years. Interesting thing is that most of the energy used for brelli could be harvested to generate electricity, if the gases are released from during the degrading process, so it is a best option to go with this Eco-friendly umbrella.

3. Terracycle umbrella

These are taking the packaging waste and creating umbrellas. They are preparing these umbrellas from the chocolate wrappers for children who are fond of chocolates. Also these umbrellas serve a useful purpose saving the environment, also this is of low cost and even a poor man can afford and save themselves from the pouring rain.

4. X-ray umbrella

It is made from the old X-ray films. It is a appreciable one because preparing an useful product which is easily decomposed from the discarded X-ray films is really a great idea. Using trash to make a new product is really a superb idea,this umbrella looks trendy and would be helpful in saving the nature.This is also a low cost product.

5. Totes Eco-umbrella

These are making stylish portable umbrellas from the recycled materials. Canopy is made of PET from plastic bottles, frame of the umbrella is made from recycled aluminum, steel and plastic and the handle is made from bamboo with a waxed hemp strap.This umbrella has a lifetime warranty and can be easily fitted into the bag. Buying this umbrella would be fashionable and saving the nature.

6. Imago umbrella

These are the beautiful Eco-friendly umbrellas whose canopy is made from the recycled plastic bottles and the handle is made from the shredded wood not plastic. These umbrellas have an automatic open function, a frame which even survives from the heavy wind and a quick drying canopy. It can withstand from pouring rain, heavy wind and the storms.

7. Coby Eco-umbrella

The coby Eco-umbrella can be used in any weather. The canopy is made of polyester from the recycled plastic bottles and the frame is made of recycled material. It also has a renewable bamboo handle and hemp strap which can be sustainable and looks stylish. This Eco-umbrella can be used in any weather and it will be good looking and looks stylish.

8. Umboo umbrella

Umboo umbrella is made of bamboo, the handle is made from recycled polyethylene slides down the shaft and locks into location at the base of the umbrella and can withstand to any weather. In order to close this umbrella, it has a handle which is located at the base, is simply slide up the shaft of the umbrella closing the arms and capturing the fabric in place. It is an ecologically sustainable bamboo umbrella focused on simplicity and reliability. This umbrella plays a major role in existing umbrella industry, and it is made of intuitive design. Buying this umbrella would be an efficient one.

9. Eco-brolly umbrella

Eco-brolly umbrella can be more aptly named as UNbrella designed to protect when people need it the most from rain, storm and the wind. This uses the discarded newspapers as the canopy for umbrella skeleton and therefore making this design a green one. This umbrella can also be prepared from the adapt objects such as newspaper, card, plastic bag and can be turned into an umbrella. This umbrella can be designed by the customers in any way what they want to use. The user has to unscrew the top lid, poke the top lid on to the middle of the newspaper, quick screw to secure it and open it out like an umbrella. This umbrella helps us a lot in many ways.

10. The natural 2pk umbrella

All parts of this umbrella is made from the recycled materials, the fabric which is composed of recycled plastic which is produced by crushing and heating the plastic to make the fabric fibers. Its handle is made of shredded wood, recycled plastic not only decreases air pollution but creates a safer, non-poisonous and high quality product. So buying this umbrella would be better as it is an Eco-friendly one.