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10 eco friendly ways to generate electricity for your cellphone

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According to the recent statistics, there are more than five billion mobile users in the world. With the increasing number of users, it is becoming a huge challenge for a reliable and eco-friendly way of charging our mobile phones. Over the recent years, there have been many innovations in this area. All the mobile companies like Nokia, Sony Ericson, and Samsung have laid particular focus on manufacturing eco-friendly phones. On the same lines, we give a description of the eco-friendly ways to generate electricity for the phones.

Solar charger

This device stores up energy harvested from the sun’s rays. It is compatible with cell phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, portable media players and almost everything. On particularly overcast days where there is no enough sunlight to harvest energy, then the device is provided with a direct power outlet so that it can be charged through direct usage of electricity. It is a perfect gadget for traveling.

AERO E wind powered phone charger

AERO E wind powered phone charger is a portable device which uses one of the nature’s best gift, the wind, as a source of energy. The process of conversion is a two-step process: 1) conversion of wind energy, and 2) transfer of converted energy. AERO E uses the concept of induction for charging phones. A device is present that converts wind energy to electricity and then the stored energy is transferred directly to the cell phone through induction.

Nokia bicycle charger kit

All those who own a bicycle, here is good news. Now you can charge your mobile phones when you are riding your bicycles. This charging kit is an effective way to generate power. When you ride the bicycle at walking speed (6 kmph), the charging starts and at 12 kmph, the charging is equivalent to Nokia’s main charger. The bottle dynamo is placed in front of the bike using a mounting bracket. On the handle, the charger and phone holder are attached securely. The charger, phone holder, and phone can be removed easily whenever you park your bike. The new charger is very durable and reliable. It is provided with a nice coating to sustain heat, dirt, humidity, and other weather disturbances.

Npower personal power generator

Now you can be a power station. Surprised, yes according to Npower, there new innovation called PEG (power energy generator) helps us generate your own energy. The kinetic energy that is generated while we walk run or bike is converted to electric energy using wave energy convertor. This electricity powers over 3000 various electronic devices such as phones, iPods, etc.

Dance charger

Dance can be more cool and productive now. A new device innovated by orange telecom helps you charge your mobile phones while you are dancing. An electricity-generating armband is placed on your bicep and as you groove to the music, the kinetic energy produced by the system of weights and magnets produces electricity. This electricity can be fed into our cell phone batteries when we need them.

T-shirt mobile charger

Visiting a nightclub, a concert, or a musical night, then you might want to wear this. A piece of piezo electric sheet present in the t-shirt absorbs the pressure from sound waves and converts it into electric energy and stores it, then the mobile phones can be charged using a lead present in it. It is a product from Orange telecom.

iYo Yo-Yo charger

Invented by a Swedish designer, Peter Thuvander, the device consists of the yo-yo and a Lithium ion battery. The energy produced by swinging the iYo Yo-yo is stored in a lithium ion battery, which can be used to charge iPod and iPhones.

O-range generator trolley

Are you worried about mobile phone charging while you are on a weekend trip? Here is a new trolley, which harvests energy from the movement of its wheels. The wheel acts as dynamo and whenever it is rolled, the electricity is generated which is stored in the battery which can be later used to charge mobile phones, GPS trackers, etc. Charging upto 1 hr of talk time can be done through such kind of charging. The trolley is provided with shockproof casing and enough space to fit a weekend’s luggage.

Mechanical mobile

Mechanical mobile is a new kind of mobile, which was put forth by Russian designer Mikhail Stawsky. This mobile charge when you rotate it. Whenever such rotations take place, it harvests kinetic energy and charges the battery of your mobile phone. The two ways to charge up this mobile are spin and crank. Spin is very much like rolling the mobile about its finger or use a crank to rotate the device.

Golf charging kit

An innovative design by Mac Funamizu, this device harnesses energy when a person swings the golf bat. The kinetic energy generated by rotating the grip of golf bat can be used to charge the mobile phones and other gadgets afterwards. The device is present in the grip of golf bat. The electricity is generated when the swing of the bat occurs. When the bat is swung during the golf game, the kinetic energy thus harnessed is stored and then used to charge gadgets later.