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10 eco products made using recycled rubber

Recycled rubber eco products


Natural rubber is obtained from the latex of plants and artificial rubber is obtained from synthetic sources like unsaturated hydrocarbons. Rubber has been used for producing water resistant products since ancient times. By 18th century, some European manufacturers and scientists started to use rubber commercially. Some of the products made were coats, rain coats, shoes, etc. It was only in the 19th century that the process of vulcanization was discovered. This process provided better strength, resistance, and elasticity to the rubber in varying temperatures. With the changing times, new and innovative uses of rubber have been discovered. There are several eco friendly products available in the market today.

1. Sink made from Recycled Rubber

Recycled Rubber Sink

This sink, which is made from rubber is termed as ‘The RUBBiSH’ sink. It has been designed by Minarc studio. The sink got an award in the Architect magazine’s Research and Development category. This sink looks elegant and is made by using a flexible waterproof sheet of light weight recycled rubber. The construction of this sink requires less than 1 pound of rubber.

2. Sleek Recycled Rubber Waste Basket

Recycled Rubber Waste Basket

This sleek recycled waste basket has been made by Bean Natural Products. It is indestructible and has been made from recycled plastic trim and automobile tires. Thus it reduces the landfill increase caused by waste rubber tires.

3. Co-op sandal

Co-op sandal

Apolis, a social enterprise, aims at empowering and inspiring people to make innovative products, which are authentic, artesian, aesthetic, and accessible. The name Apolis has been taken from Greek and it means ‘global citizen’. Recently they have come up with the Co-op sandal. These sandals are made of flexible leather, which is vegetable-tanned, rubber soles made from recycled rubber, and natural varnishes and dyes.

4. Recycled Rubber Bands

Recycled Rubber Bands

Using rubber bands made from recycled rubber is a small gesture, which can be done by any person in order to sustain the environment. The best part is that these recycled rubber bands need not be bought. They come free with other things.

5. Earth Day Recycled Rubber Bottle Opener

Recycled Rubber Bottle Opener

An effective way to celebrate Earth Day can be to buy Earth Day rubber bottle openers. Made from rubber, this bottle opener is completely eco friendly. The best part is that the design on the bottle opener can be customized according to your desire.

6. Recycled Rubber Roofs

Recycled Rubber Roofs

These recycled rubber roof shingles are manufactured from recycled tires. They are dependable, durable, and very eco friendly in comparison to shingles made from ordinary slate or wood. Along with this, the rubber roofs are less expensive than the traditional roofs and so you will be saving money also by installing rubber roofs. These cost less as these are made from recycled materials. Since these roof shingles are made from recycled rubber they also helps in reducing the landfill. These rubber roofs last long and they also come with a minimum of 30 years warranty.

7. Recycled Rubber Strap Pen Holder for Sketchbooks

Recycled Rubber Strap Pen Holder

Recycled rubber strap pen holders are used for sketchbooks; so they are apt choice for people who love sketching. Markers and multiple pens can be strapped to this recycled rubber strap and thus can be carried along easily. Apart from this, the rubber strap pen holder also keeps the scrap book together.

8. Rubber Chair

Rubber Chair

Chairs are generally made of wood. Japanese Studio H220430 has invented a chair made from rubber. This rubber chair is a creative idea, which can enable you in protecting the environment, saving space, and also feeling comfortable. This chair has been made from recycled rubber. Thus it reduces the landfill increase caused by waste rubber tires. The rubber chair can be folded when not in use. This saves the space in the room. As the chair can be folded, you can also carry it outside conveniently.

9. Recycled Rubber Flower Pots

Flower Pots

Recycled rubber flower pots are made from recycled tires. These rubber flower pots have been made in Egypt by using leather-crafting techniques. These rubber flower pots enable you to contribute your share in saving the environment. Apart from these, pots look aesthetic when planted with beautiful flowers. These rubber flower pots should be kept outdoors.

10. Natural Recycled Rubber Eco Yoga Mat

Eco Yoga Mat

These recycled rubber eco yoga mats are eco friendly and therefore apt choice for eco conscious yogis. The rubber mat is made of 100 % natural rubber and 50 % recycled content. The rubber mat has been extensively tested for sturdiness, stability, and stickiness.

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