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10 Ethical and Green Shoe Brands You Should Consider

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Along with the brand and fashion consciousness, it is important that we have conscience, which tells us that these people who make these fashion apparels are getting not just good wages but also a good work environment which is safe. But with the shoe industry, unfortunately this is not the case. However, there are some ethical brands, which vouch to be green brands.

  1. Nisolo

This brand works with the local artisans from Peru. They rely on them for the design and making of the shoes which are of the best quality. This is because these local artisans put all their efforts in every pair that they create. In return Nisolo makes sure that they give proper wages to these artisans and also make sure that they offer them full time employment.

  1. Sseko

This brand, which is famous for its interchangeable sandals, works towards women empowerment. They believe strongly that every woman has the right to education and growth. This company employs women from Uganda, Ethiopia and parts of East Africa to create dainty shoes. That is not all they make use of the proceeds for providing scholarship and employment opportunities for women.

  1. Veja

They follow fair trade practices when it comes to buying materials for their shoes. They make use of only eco friendly materials for making their shoes. One needs to place orders with them 6 months in advance. Even their packaging is made by using recycle stuff. That is not all. This company is known to be involved in lots of charity work as well.

  1. Matt and Nat

This name comes from mat(T)erial and nature. This brand is promoted as a vegan brand which gives elegant and durable footwear which has affordable prices. This brand thrives on the motto “Live Beautifully” and it subjects all their shoes to through testing so that their customers get the best and most durable shoes at affordable rates.

  1. Mamahuhu

This ethical shoe brand gives cool shoes at affordable rates. This company does not believe in the charity policy. Instead, it believes in providing work opportunities for people so that they can earn for themselves. If has employed several artisans and they provide them the best working conditions.

  1. Etiko

This is one brand, which seriously cares for Earth and its people. They are known to provide sustainable products from the past several years. Take for example the upper part of their sneakers, which is made from organic cotton and the rubber that they use in their shoes, is a combination of FSC certified rubber and recycled material.

  1. R. M. Williams

This brand of ethical shoes is from Australia. They believe in making shoes which will be durable and will last for a long time. Most of the parts of their shoes can replace and repaired and hence these last longer.

  1. Native shoes

They make use of the best technology to create light weight and wonderful shoes for men, women and children. They make use of low emission manufacturing process. These shoes do not have any animal by-products and packaging is done is using recyclable material.

  1. Keep Company

This company believes in Consciousness, Community, and Craft. This is a vegan footwear brand which provides good working conditions to its artisans. They are known to create a wide variety of shoes which caters and appeals to a large number of consumers.

  1. Made Fair

This brand intends to overcome problems of degradation of environment and exploitation of workers. It is into ethical business and its partners with only those companies who have similar objective.

These are some of the shoe brands, which believe in giving quality and fashionable shoes at affordable rates but not at the cost of nature and people. These brands have something called inner voice which helps them lead the right path.