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10 green business cards made using recycled paper

Green business cards

Are you a working person or a businessman? Then you must have a business card. The latest and safest trend is eco friendly business cards. They are of great help in preserving the nature as they are made from recycled paper, unlike the regular ones that are made of plastic that harm the environment. Next time when you hand your eco friendly card to someone, it will surely create a good image of you. It shows that you care for the nature. There are endless options to choose from these recycled business cards. You just need to choose the one that suits you. Scroll down for some of the best ones.

1. Recycled business cards by Vintage Script Press

Recycled business cards

Vintage Script Press is able to produce recycled business cards/calling cards using recycled card.

2. Recycled letterpress mini calling business cards

Letterpress mini calling business card

These mini recycled business cards look great and they are made of recycled paper. They are custom order type business cards from the Vintage Press.

3. Pomegranit business card

Pomegranit business card

This is a business card that are made form a lot of recycled papers. They have the best of quality and unique designs. You can change the wording, font, size and color of the text by clicking on ‘Customize it’ button on their website. The coarse texture and the stiffness of this card creates a good feel to whomever you hand your card to.

4. Jason/Free Association

Jason/Free Association

This eco friendly business card consists of metal foil and it is printed on the recycled paper. They are low cost but high in quality and surely create an impression.

5. Fiverr


This is one of the best eco friendly business card. It was made by the Co Founder of Fiverr, Micha Kaufman. These are made by using corrugated rubber. As for printing the address on the card a rubber stamp is made of use.

6. Green business card

Green business card

This is surely the world’s greatest and best eco friendly business card. It is most ethically produced. It is also the most socially responsible card made. It is made on 100 percent recycled Canadian paper with a certificate from Forest Stewardship Council. This is printed without water with vegetable inks of low impact.

7. Cocotte


A unique idea of business card, not a card actually. Cocotte is a French restaurant located in the Indian neighborhood of Singapore. They use corks instead of cards to promote their business. A wonderful eco friendly idea.

8. Handmade paper business cards

Handmade paper business card

A business card of handmade paper is a class apart. These are an environmentally focused idea and come for a low cost. Small pieces of hand made paper can be turned into anything like a business card or a note and so on and so forth. The options are endless. All that is necessary is a rubber stamp that is required to stamp the text on the hand made paper.

9. Recycled business cards by Vintage Script Press

Recycled business card

Unique and elegant business cards, one of a kind because they are printed on 100 percent cotton paper. Printing is done using soy ink. On the back of the card is a logo of recycled. The backside of the card is printed in such a way that it does not push through to the opposite side of the card.

10. Recycled business card for an environment consultant

Recycled business card for an environment consultant

This environmental friendly recycled business card consists of cards made by waste paper with the details ink stamped on them. This was created by Andrea Romani. It is a good option as it does not need any brand new cards.

These are a few eco friendly business cards used to save the nature from the useless and hazardous plastic used for making these business cards which harm the environment. These recycled business cards not only save money and environment but they also create a good impression. It shows people that you care for the nature.