10 Green homes made using bamboo

Bamboo has been in use extensively in building structures for centuries. They are used in designing structures because of their flexibility. They can be found in many spheres of life, be it furniture or architecture. However, their use in building sustainable buildings is ideal, as bamboo structures are quite strong and bamboo being a fast growing plant, structures created out of it are environmentally friendly as well.

Folding Bamboo House Origami Style

Origami-Inspired Folding Bamboo House

Origami Inspired folding bamboo houses were designed by Ming Tang. The design was put forth to provide temporary shelters for earthquake victims. Tang came up with this idea when the Chinese administration had proposed to construct 1.5 million shelters for people hit by the earthquake. The design uses renewable materials that are easily available, less expensive and eco friendly. The materials are transformed into wonderful geometrical structures. The houses are extra strong and can be modified to satisfy different requirements. These structures are easy to assemble and are transported to places where they are required. Finally, the recycled paper is used to enclose the shelters.

Woven House

Woven house

Bamboos have been in popular usage to replace wood as a step against deforestation. Considering the material’s durability and its impact on the atmosphere, customers are incorporating eco friendly architecture. The houses are woven like a peculiar weaver’s nest. The integrated floors, ceilings and walls appear as a single uninterrupted surface making the house innovative. This typical design has a small opening to allow the light to pass through.

Bamboo house by Benjamin Garcica Saxe

Bamboo house by Benjamin Garcia Saxe

Von Trong Nghia, a native of Japan, is a prophet of architectural designs made from bamboo. The houses are built on Japanese design which is a potpourri of classical African hovels, French luxurious residence and the modern Japanese design. The motivated bamboo structure which is also known as wind and water café has been constructed without a single nail. Flexibility of bamboos makes this structure more amazing.

Bamboo house by Lumbo Studio

Bamboo house by Lamboo Studio

A new project proposed by Mason Lane operations, spread over 2,000 acres of land supports amusement, farming, wild life habitation and preservation functions. Different functional elements are merged into two shed edifices and grain storage. The landscape displays a porous gravel surface that is inclined to direct the extra rain water into gardens planted with regional vegetation that needs no irrigation. The shed includes storage space and work area. The shed is well designed with wooden framework and grooved metal panes. The architecture shows that all elements are unprocessed and natural. Elements like screws and alignments are kept out of sight. Sealants of the inner surface are water based and fragrant free. The drive-in mechanism of the farm house supports easy movement and progress of materials. The interior areas are supplied with natural light. The wood waste is used for heating coils of the slabs.

Soe ker tie house

Soe Ker Tie House

This project was conceived by Tegnestue as a step to uplift the living conditions of people. The first project was designed based on Edna’s requirement of additional dormitories for an orphanage. The theme of this project was to restore a personal room, a house to stay and a locality where children can play. The shapes of these structures resemble a butterfly and thus the name, Soe Ker Tie house. Locally available bamboos are utilized in building these houses. The roof doubles up as a reservoir for storing rain water and at the same time lets in natural light. This iron wood architecture is safe and strong and also helps prevent moisture.

The Bamboo Forest House

The bamboo forest house

Roewu is a young organization based in London. The company has won many awards for their 3D effects in architecture. Taiwan is one of the countries that accounts for global warming. Use of air conditioners in buildings is the root cause of energy utilization. By increasing the height of vacant spaces and an open roof, fresh air with natural light is flown inside. Unique bamboo screens act as a barrier between the lane and personal space.

Bamboo Living Homes

Bamboo Living Homes.

Bamboos are being extensively used in construction. It helps in conservation of forests and decreases the rate at which the top soil erodes. Emission of carbon is also reduced. Use of bamboos as a construction material lessens the impact of global warming.

Zen Style Bamboo Home

Zen Style Bamboo Home

Bamboo living houses is an organization which has been in this field for over fifteen years. There are several companies involved in designing bamboo houses, but this organization was the first to be certified by ICS-ES. The bamboo living homes offer you a prefabricated bamboo kit that carry designs of Zen Style homes. They have already sold 150 structures that have been accepted all over the world.

Bamboo house by Tongji University

Bamboo house by tongji university

Cocoons are green cottages that host a number of tourists visiting Bali. They are situated in an inclined area with forest foliage. The cocoons are merged with rain forests without any harm. Cocoons are connected with pathways and bridges. As bamboos are more flexible, a variety of structures can be designed. Bamboos are used in split form for curved structures. Cocoons are intended to demonstrate the significance of bamboo designs in a modern outlook.

Bamboo houses by Karawitz Architecture

Bamboo house by Karawitz Architecture

The Karawitz architecture was designed as an initiative to shelter guests from the hot sun and strong winds in an outdoor café. This design was motivated by an umbrella. Large bamboo umbrellas of various sizes were designed in such a way so that they connected to form the ceiling. Each structure is individually supported by bamboo poles. Slight variations can transform the humble bamboo into awe inspiring structures.

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