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Nine green products for environmental photographers

Green Products for Eco-Photographer

Every landscape on this beautiful blue planet is facing some or the other environmental problem. The environmental photographers document these issues with their cameras, and may be this is the reason why these people are more close to Mother Nature. For these eco conscious photographers, there are many green products available in the market helping them in their professional lives. Listed below are nine of such green products that will facilitate them and let them capture nature with ease.

1. Solar Camera Strap

Solar Camera Strap

In this digital lifestyle the cameras used by photographers are also digital and most of them are powered by lithium ion batteries. These batteries require electricity to be charged, once dead. The Solar Camera Strap is a concept work of designer Weng Jie, who has created the strap of the camera equipped with flexible thin-film solar cells. The sunlight is captured by the solar cells during the daylight and recharges the camera batteries. Though the watt storage of the solar cell is not yet clear, but the strap would presumably require producing enough energy to at least juice up the camera battery.

2. Folding solar charger

Folding solar charger

In this era of green orientation where all the manufacturers are creating eco-friendly products the Folding Solar Power Charger is a definite buy. As the name suggests, the product harnesses solar energy to juice up your camera batteries or other electrical gadgets. Two solar panels measuring 3.5 inches each are installed inside the foldable charger that soaks up the sunlight to power your electronics. From four different adapters you can choose the appropriate adapter to power your particular device. The Folding Solar Power Charger is available at a retail price of $21.79.

3. Recycled Camera Cuffs

Recycled Camera Cuffs

If you want to present your photographer friend with something unique and specific a recycled camera cuff would be the most appropriate gift. Australian designer Craig Arnold has created these trendy bracelets from once functional camera lens cuffs. He started to design this unique line of jewellery called re:vision, when he broke his camera lens but didn’t want to give it up. So he turned the lens cuff into fashionable bracelet. Each bracelet is made by reforming and polishing discarded cameras portions that exhibit the wear and tear of their past lives.

4. SolarRoll

Waterproof solar charger

The waterproof SolarRoll is the best alternative, convenient and portable way to recharge your digital cameras, laptops or other electric gadgets. It is a 58-inch long solar panel that is suited to your comfort as the flexible thin solar sheet can be rolled and easily carried to any place you want. You just need a little solar light to juice your electronic gadgets. The price of this utile gadget ranges from $199 to $499.

5. Solar Powered Camera Bag

Solar Powered Camera Bag

This spacious bag is especially made for storing a digital SLR camera along with 3 lenses and other related accessories. The Nova Solar Camera Bag is a creation of Eclipse Solar Gear. This bag constitutes of a light-weight, flexible solar charging module on the top cover that can charge the camera batteries or AA batteries by soaking up the sunlight. A12V auto adapter can be used to connect the solar panel to the camera. The cost of the solar panel is $150 and is best suited for environmental photographers.

6. Sony’s ODO

Sony's ODO

Sony’s ODO require kinetic energy to charge the batteries of this still camera. You just need to roll the big wheel of the device a few times for around 15 seconds. Thereby you’ll get enough power to take a picture. But, you need to connect the device to the computer to view the picture since this camera has no display screen.

7. Pin-hole camera

Pin-hole camera

Here is yet another interesting product for the environmental photographers. England based set designer, Kelly Angood has created a fully functional pin-hole camera that requires a 120 mm film. She used recycled corrugated cardboard to design this interesting camera. She took help from books and surfed on the web to create this camera, which permits to click long exposure pictures.

8. Recyclable Photo Printer

Recyclable Photo Printer

The recyclable Photo Printer is designed by Yuexun Chen & Chia-Chen Hsiao. This disposable printer resembles a disposable camera and is small enough to fit inside your pocket. This compact and portable printer will develop a print your photos on the go. This printer is actually a disposable ink cartridge that has all the ink required to materialize your pictures. The printer size varies with the size of the recyclable paper that is used. After being utilised, the paper casing can be recycled while the inkjet can be disposed of.

9. Eco Camera Bag

Eco Camera Bag

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Lowepro is the company that has designed these eco-friendly camera bags called the Terraclime 30. The stuff that is used to make the bag is cyclepet, which is a material made from recycled bottles. The fabrication of a single unit of the camera bag requires 3.5 plastic bottles. The bag is abrasion and water resistant, is rugged and trendy and has enough room to carry small cameras and other tiny electronic components.