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10 useful green products for the travel freak

Green Travel products While traveling around the world, you pack all the things that you require. But do you actually think before packing all the stuff? Do you think about the Earth and the environment around us while on a trip? If you do, then you will agree that organic products and those made from recycled materials are ideal for a green traveler. So, while packing your stuff, make sure to check out all the labels to ensure that they are not made of chemicals or materials that could be harmful to our nature. There are many eco friendly products that will help you in doing so. Some of them have been mentioned below. With the help of these products you sure can make this planet a greener world to live in.

  1. Wheel Powered Charger: Wheel Powered Charger This charger is suitable for charging mobile phones, iPods etc and is based on the principle of conversion of motion into electricity. It has user-friendly features like a back-up wall outlet cord in order to charge devices after some time, a USB port in order to charge devices that can be charged using USB thus helping you to charge two devices at a time and a battery life indicator. The energy generated by the movement of the wheels moves along an internal cable into a DC converter and finally into a lithium battery.
  2. Iqua 603 Sun: Iqua 603 Sun This Bluetooth device works on solar power. It is light enough to be worn all day and fits perfectly on to your ear. It sports a solar panel that helps charge the device using the light available indoors and outdoors. It can be paired easily with any mobile and the conversation on the device can be heard clearly without any echo sounds.
  3. Uniross eco travel charger: Uniross eco travel charger If you are a person who cannot do without his mobile phone or mp3 player, this is an eco friendly device that is perfect for you. There are different kinds of these eco travel chargers available like USB solar charger, a 15 minute charger that can charge any device within 15 minutes, a wind-powered charger that can be mounted on bikes, a travel clock charger that can even charge your device battery while you are asleep, etc. With so many eco friendly varieties to choose from, you will never be without your mp3 player or your mobile.
  4. DynaSolar LED Solar Powered Torch: DynaSolar LED Solar Powered Torch This torch uses dual eco friendly energy to provide a strong beam of light. The torch has a solar panel which gets charged throughout the day whenever it is placed in a place which has enough light. The other way is by winding the handle attached to an internal dynamo that helps in powering the torch. The LED bulbs used in the torch provide light by using very little amount of energy. At night, you can get light by using the energy stored in solar panels. These two eco friendly methods ensure that you have torch light whenever you need it.
  5. EM-SOL2GIG eMotion: EM-SOL2GIG eMotion This device is a digital media player that can play music, videos and pictures. The formats that it plays are MP1, MP2, MP3, MP4, WMA, WAV etc. It is solar powered and will never have the battery running low while you are traveling. It is a solution for all your multimedia devices along with charger, all-in-one.
  6. Solio Classic Hybrid Solar Charger: Solio Classic Hybrid Solar Charger Wherever you are, you can always use this solar charger to charge your devices. You have to only unfold the blades and they will absorb the sun rays to help you charge any electronic device like mp3 player, mobile phone etc. It is estimated that once charged fully, this eco-friendly charger provides up to approximately 56 hours of music or 10 hours of talk time. It also comes with a USB port for devices using USB. This is a charger ideal for travelers.
  7. Samsung’s Solar Powered Laptop:Samsung’s Solar Powered Laptop This is a laptop that can be powered by the sunrays. It has a battery that can be used for an hour for every two hours of charging that is done. Using this laptop, you can work for hours together, anywhere where enough light is available. It even has a strong LED backlight display that will help you to work outdoors.
  8. BPA-free re-usable water bottles: BPA-free re-usable water bottles The best thing that you can do to save the earth is to stop using plastic. Avoid plastic bottles and use re-usable bottles instead. These are BPA-free, can be recycled, can be used in dishwashers and are easy to clean. Many of them also come with carbon filters that help remove contaminants from water. They are available in many colors and look stylish too.
  9. G2 portable fuel cell:G2 portable fuel cell This device uses hydrogen along with fuel cells as a source of power. It is an eco-friendly option as it helps in reducing solid wastes created by used alkaline batteries. The hydrogen present in the charger can be used for a few charges and then it has to be refilled through Angstrom, P2 portable refilling cartridge or R1 refilling station.
  10. Solar Gorilla:Solar Gorilla This device is compatible with all mp3 players, game consoles, laptops etc. It has a tough rubber casing and can be folded in order to prevent it from water and scratches. The strength of the charge can be found with the LED light and it varies depending upon the availability of light.