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10 green vehicles made from recycled materials

Recycled three-wheeler by Max Scott

When everyone was crying about how man has intoxicated the environment. A few from among us, sat there, working with their tools and imagination combined, to bring out something which could speak on itself without words. They gathered junk, put in their creativity and crafted some of the perfect eco-friendly cars for us. In a bid to know more about these beauties, let’s strap our seat belts and set off on the ride to know a few among them better:

1. Z59Z59

This beauty is inspired by Ariel’s Atom sports car. Going all bonkers with the design, it took more than 800 hours to craft this vehicle. The builder constructed it from a scratch. Using stainless steel panels from old appliances and body panels from a kayak and a doghouse, this car was chiseled to form a perfect replica of the Atom. What is more interesting, is that its engine (Acura k20a3) was lifted from a crashed RSX! It races from 0-60mph in just 4.5 seconds.

2. Peapod Electric Car made from recycled materialsPeapod electric car

For those who like curves, Peapod is a sure thing to look out for. Designed in a way that suggests the designer’s inclination towards futuristic compact designs, this car is a Chrysler subsidiary. It is made from 90 percent recycled materials. One interesting aspect is that an iPhone can be used as the ignition key for this vehicle. It can go up to 25 miles per hour for just 2 cents a mile and will cost you $12,500.

3. Vintage race car made from recycled scrapVintage race car

Recyclable material can give the best vintage look, if used cleverly. Inspired by a 1924 race car, Stephen Crawford of Driffield put together his knowledge of recycling and automobiles to come up with this astounding work of art. The car is made from scrap materials, cake tins and window frames. To build this machine, he used his farm and worked out on himself. Measuring at 21 feet, the assembling and structuring of the car is so beautifully done that anyone can mistake it for a regular vintage car.

4. Recycled three-wheeler by Max ScottRecycled three-wheeler by Max Scott

Love can inspire anything. So don’t be surprised if we tell you that Max Scott of Bremerton, built a three wheeler out of recyclable materials for his physically challenged wife. Named as Sam O’ Max, this trike was built using second half of a dune buggy. It has picked up its hydraulic controls from an Audi and its 1641 high speed engine from Volkswagen Beetle. It took Max a total of almost eight months to complete it with the help of family and friends. Interestingly, it can accommodate three people at the back seat. What is more interesting is that the driver’s seat is made up of a boat seat. While it has earned many prizes for its make, the emotions behind the wheels can never be honored enough.

5. T25 car made of recycled plasticT25 car made from recycled plastic

Mc Laren F1 Super Car’s designer, Gordon Murray has tried his hand at designing a micro car and has fared pretty well. Named as ‘T25 Supermini Car’, the futuristic design is just 4 feet wide. Made totally out of recycled plastic bottles, the make of this vehicle defies this fact. To many, it won’t look like a car made out of plastic picked up from landfills. Owing to the fact that it is completely made out of plastic, its weight stands at 600 kg. The reduced weight also gives it an amazing fuel mileage and the facility to be parked in single car-parking bay.

6. Womble truckWomble truck

The most eco friendly car in Britain is the most wobbly of all too. But unfazed by the fact Buz Knapp-Fisher is a proud owner and maker of the `womble Truck’ which runs on chip fat and vegetable oil. For the name, he drew inspiration from TV characters ‘The Wombles’. Surprisingly, the womble truck has inherited its part from 21 different cars. They include a Ford, a Reliant Robin, Morris 1000, an MG Midget, a Vauxhall Viva, Seventies Mini, and a Volvo 740. It took Buzz over six years to sculpt this truck into a carbon free transport vehicle. The truck can touch 110 mph mark. At high temperature, it starts and runs entirely on chip fat while at low temperature it starts on biodiesel and then switches to chip fat.

7. Electric Bike by Tony ParkerElectric bike by Tony Parker

Yamaha parts, Honda parts and washing machine parts. Assemble them together and you will end up with an electric bike made completely out of junk. Tony Parker, a laid-off worker had nothing to do while at home. Instead of killing time, he chose to get his tools together and started working on a bike. His efforts bore fruits when he came up with an incredibly built ‘green’ bike which he named as ‘Electra Green’. Not only this, he even built a charging station for his bike that comprises solar cells as well as small windmill. The windmill can charge the vehicle at 250 watts per hour. The bike can go up to 50 mph and is powered by a 2.5 KW 48V motor.

8. Ramon’s recycled FerrariRamon's recycled ferrari

Ferrari imitation but with green credentials. Ramon Ashourian, a Birelli Street resident spent the last two years to gather priceless items to realize his dream of making a car which was inspired by F1 Ferrari racing car. It took him 24 months, 1300-hour of labor to finally give shape to this product. Everything perfect, except for the fact that it does not have an engine. Bt Ramon has plans for that too. He is planning to use high powered battery to make it a fully sustainable car. If all goes well, the car will touch a mark of 320 kilometers an hour.

9. 100 MPG Lotus Seven replica100 MPG Lotus Seven replica

This MAX (abbreviation for Mother’s Automotive X Prize) which is a lotus seven replica, was crafted for X prize challenge. The car gets its suspension components and drivelines from a 1980s Toyota Corolla. The car accelerates faster than it stops. The torque is low-end and the horsepower is not very less too. However, it still is in the developing process.

10. DIY roadster by Jack McCornackDIY roadster by Jack McCornack10.

When Mr Cornack conquered the roads with a two foot tall, green and yellow roadster, it took all the onlookers by surprise. This eco-friendly car designed by him, managed to run over 800 miles in almost three days, without using a drop of petrol. This feat was achieved in ‘escape from Berkeley race’. The car runs on the power given off by vegetable oils. Although, not much of a mechanical wonder, this car can touch 70 mph which is good enough for something of its kind.