10 inspiring pieces of art made using old cutlery

Recycled art and craft have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. The importance of saving earth is kicking into everyone’s mind and looking at the stunning designs that recycled products shape out into, the effort is entirely appreciable and the result is incredible. Take a look at these stunning creations from old cutlery. If you have a cabinet full of cutlery that you no longer consider fashionable, try some of these masterpieces and come out with beautiful creations worthy of admiration and display.

1. Table made out of recycled cutlery

A table which is presently in the concept stage is made by cutlery! Oh yes, it is true. Forks and knife, many of them is what it shall be made of. It not only would be an artistic wonder but would also help in a little reduction in the deforestation. The inventors are still working on the sharp edges, but once complete, it’ll surely be one of its kinds.

2. Recycled cutlery iPhone Stand for kitchen

The working women these days need to form a balance between their professional and personal life. So phones ringing at home are not a rare sight these days. While working in the kitchen, many women use the phone stands for assistance, but how about a phone stand made out of real cutlery. Innovative isn’t it? The best way in which recycling can be done and that too in a manner that facilitates you. This iPhone stand shall cost you $30, and in this amazing prize, it surely earns a place in your kitchen.

3. Skeletons made from cutlery

We all have read that plastic takes a million years to decompose completely, and so is one of the most polluting elements present on the earth’s surface. So, recycling plastic is of great importance in the present scenario. Cutlery made of plastic is one of those things we just use and never think of reuse. A group of university students came up with this idea of recycling the plastic cutlery by shaping too many of them into an artistic piece of work. The shape is of a skeleton of the human body, and it is made up of the plastic cutlery. No doubts why it managed to grab the title of the winner of the SSZ Rooted.

4. Chair made from old cutlery

Furniture from old cutlery is taken to new levels by the innovation of Osian Batkya William chair made of pure old cutlery sets being discarded by restaurants. Now that is some smart move towards recycling waste. It no doubts needs some cushion to make it “comfortable”, but surely is an artistic wonder. Not many people think of uniting discarded cutlery into a useful manner such as building furniture out of them. Do they? Not many of us would like to put the cutlery of the house to show as an art piece in the living area.

5. Abandoned cutlery transformed into art

Well, a Canadian artist named Annke Van Bommel would definitely change your opinion by her works of art. Her collections were first seen and appreciated by many at the Radiant Dark in the city of Toronto, Canada. Since then, many people have talked about her out of the box concepts and designs which change the opinions on what to throw and what to present when it comes to cutlery. Her collections include spoons and forks crafted beautifully, and are surely pleasing to look at.

6. Pendant constructed from recycled cutlery

Australians have always had a touch of artistry from ages. And so this well qualified and experienced jeweler named Greg Mann from Melbourne city, Australia, has designed a beautiful pendant in his studio. The main attraction because of which it has fetched attention from all around the globe is that it is made with old used cutlery and disposed off children toys. It is a gorgeous artifact made with great care and is one of its kinds. It is tagged an economical price of AUD 6.00 if has to shipped within Australia and AUD 15.00 for the rest of the earth.

7. Cutlery sculptures by Sayaka Ganz

Many have thought of recycling the plastic cutlery but very few can actually transform it into a beautiful sculpture. Well the exception does include Sayaka Ganz. This 33 year old talented artist is a native of Indiana, United States of America. She collects different plastic disposed off objects such as cutlery and old sunglasses, and then transforms them into beautiful sculptures. Her work includes artifacts ranging in size from 18 inches to nearly 8 feet. And that is the reason her versatility even fetches amounts like $12000 for one artifact.

8. Recycling by the spoonful

The J. J. Evensen Art is known for their beautiful and innovative recycling methods. They have recently come up with some really stunning master art pieces by a handful of old and worn out cutlery sets. The spoons and the forks are used to make a beautiful key holder or even pendants.

9. Galloping horses made from cutlery

Once again the name of Sayaka Ganz, the 33 year old American artist flashes with her phenomenal piece of work called the galloping horses. This masterpiece comprises of two horse sculpture, one black and the other white, made from thousands of unused and disposed off plastic cutlery. This beauty took nearly nine months to be what it looks like today and has easily fetched nearly 7000 Euros to the young artist for all the efforts she had put into it.

10. Wonderland cutlery

Talking of recycling of the unused cutlery into something amazing and not referring the works of the Wonderland cutlery would surely be an offence in itself. These great innovators made a set of nearly 167 pieces of forks into beautifully crafted guns. Moreover these were not all the similar looking ones. The ammunitions were different looking and neatly done. This beautiful piece of art contains nearly 14.5 kilograms of silver and was first seen in an exhibition in 2008. Since then it has been a topic of discussion and admiration.

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