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10 interesting eco friendly submarine designs

U-Boat Worx green submarines to go deep water

Submarines are tough machines, which have always aroused our curiosity. These underwater explorers have, time to time, either featured in spy movies or made news because of some naval based achievements. A fighting mechanism and a mystifying appeal sketch a submarine’s portraiture. Supposed to be a tough guy, very few will think of giving it a green credential. However, there exists a few of them, which have been made to be eco-friendly. Their designing and working make them friendly to the nature. Let’s explore some of them.

1. Super Falcon submarine dives airplane style

Super Falcon submarine dives airplane style

Super falcon submarine has been designed and manufactured by Hawkes Ocean Technologies. Like most of their other designs, this one too demonstrates the structure of an underwater plane. Instead of rising and sinking, it soars through water. The fact that it is an electric vehicle highlights its green statement. The power is supplied by two 48v lithium-ion batteries and it can cruise around for six hours.

2. World’s first solar powered submarine

World's first solar powered submarine

For the first time in the world, solar power has been used to maneuver a water submarine. BKW, a Swiss energy company has launched ‘Goldfish Project,’ which is the world’s first solar powered submarine. A floating solar array will provide it energy. A central hub with five solar panel fitted satellites will produce 30 kilowatts of electricity for this submarine.

3. U-Boat Worx green submarines to go deep water

U-Boat Worx green submarines to go deep water

Another electric powered submarine on the line. Powered by lithium-ion batteries, the U-Boat Worx can dive up to an astonishing 1,000m, which is a great achievement considering the earlier record of a mere 100m. Worx has also been armed with some state of the art accessories like an integrated remotely operated vehicle (which can be controlled from inside the submarine), high definition video cameras, underwater navigation systems, and robotic manipulator arms.

4. Submarine out of old Metal Barrels!

Submarine out of old Metal Barrels!

Ever heard of a home-made submarine? If never, then you’ll be in for a surprise because a man in China has done that. He crafted a submarine out of metal junk and old metal barrels. Weighing at 1.6 tones, the submarine is 20ft long. However, this recycled structure does not lack any basic amenity that a submarine should have. This one seater has oxygen supply, a TV set, monitoring cameras, and pressure meters too!

5. Scuba-Doo Underwater Motorcycle

Scuba-Doo Underwater Motorcycle

This one is a submarine with a twist. Scuba-Doo Motorised Scuba Bike has opened new dimensions to explore the underwater wonders. Unique in its structure, it has a fixed breathing dome that covers head and shoulders. The enclosed head area does away the need of a breathing mouthpiece or mask. The constant circulation of clean air inside the dome helps in breathing. This air comes from the tank, which has the capability of carrying air that can help breathe for an hour.

6. Pedal-powered submarine

Pedal-powered submarine

You heard it right. Ted Ciamillo, a machinist and inventor has made a submarine, which can be pedal powered for its voyage. This mini sub is 5 meters long and PVC foam provides it the needed buoyancy. Camillo is all set to cross the Atlantic in an estimated 50 days of pedaling. The body of the submarine is carved from tough, lightweight material and a scuba gear will provide the breathing mechanism. The submarine will rise up and below the water by filling or emptying the air bladder.

7. Personal Submarine

Personal Submarine will set you back $2 million

This submarine breathes in electricity and gives out zero emission. Hammacher Schlemmer is selling a submarine, which is propelled by two 3hp thrusters. The weight of the submarine is 3000kg and electricity keeps it moving. It is befitted with a GPS receiver, pressure gauges, magnetic clinometers, magnetic compass, fluxgate, depth gauges, a barometer, a hydrometer, a thermometer, and a VHF radio.

8. Scubster Pedal-Powered Submarine

Scubster Pedal-Powered Submarine

Up on the list is another pedal powered submarine. Designer Minh-Lôc Truong and high flyer Stéphane Rousson have been working on a pedal powered sub, which is being built in France. Pedals are attached with blades (on either side). Pedaling will make them move with the help of a customized gear mechanism. Special controls inside the pilot room will move the submarine up, down, right, and left. It will also take care of the forward, reverse motions as well as angles of incidence.

9. EGO: Electric-Powered Submarine

EGO: Electric-Powered Submarine

In the family of electricity powered subs, a new member called ‘EGO’ has joined in. It is a submarine cum motor boat. You can have the fun of sun bathing while sitting in the upper structure and you can also explore the depths of the ocean while cruising in a submarine. A Trojan T-890 battery pack is what being used for power, and the sub is quieter than other compact marines or boats.

10. Bio-Mimicry Submarine

Bio-Mimicry Submarine

This is probably the cutest submarine around. Shaped like some UFO from a different galaxy, it too works on electric power. This ‘biomimicry submarine’ has flexible skin. The skin is moved and controlled by transparent battons. A crankshaft at the wings further controls these battons.