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10 Interesting ways to recycle juice and milk cartons

With the growing importance to keep the planet clean and green, the environmentalists have incorporated much needed activities like recycling, abandoning plastic usage, etc., to salvage mother earth from the dirty pond of everyday waste. When it comes to juice and milk cartons, the material which has been used in making them contains 80 to 90% of liquid paper added with a thin layer of polyethylene plastic and certainly some extent of aluminum in case of non-refrigeration goods. Instead of dumping them and causing major changes to environment, let us discuss some crazy ideas to reuse them.

1. Flower vase

Instead of looking for some expensive flower decorative pieces why can’t we just create a flower vase out of reused milk or juice carton. Of course, sanitize it thoroughly and then fill up with water as water cannot be spilled out due to liquid paper used to make particularly juice and milk cartons. If it is necessary, tap the creative part of your child by assigning him to draw/paint some artistic image on it. No waste, less space, reducing cost and indeed would be memorabilia of your child’s creativity.

2. Pen/pencil stand

Usually, if it is our office, pen/pencil stand may have the requirement to be costly or of some branded one. Otherwise, take out the used milk or juice carton and just cut it off in the middle depending on the requirement to make it stuffed with table requirements.

3. Piggy bank

Well, not a bad idea indeed. The used milk or juice cartons can be used to store a little sum of money by making them piggy banks. It is useful to make your child habituated to savings especially through the message ‘save in all the ways’; one to save the environment by recycling them and two to save each and every pie they get. Instead of cutting the cartons, just make one inch vertical or horizontal whole equal enough to dump a coin thus, to make a used milk or juice carton piggy bank.

4. Floor protectors

The most obvious concern every house owner has is his floor shouldn’t be filled up with scratches and it should be polished. Thus, if you have a chance take out that bit of used milk or juice carton to protect the floor, which won’t affect the surface even while moving furniture.

5. Paper weight

Are you looking for some crystal paper weights to keep your documents firm on the table? Well, if you are, just halt it as crystal paper weights are passe. The trend started to keep everything on your table creative and yet simple. Fill up the cut off piece of used milk or juice carton with various kinds of colored pebbles or stones to hold your documents against even a slight wind.

6. Kitchen scrap

Used milk or juice carton would be advantageous to collect kitchen scrap especially to keep insects and odors in control. As the cartons have clothespin or metal binder in some, it keeps the insects restricted to get into the scrap.

7. Plant protector

Wrapping up the plant with either side open milk or juice carton helps to protect growth of the plant as it hinders earthworms or any such kind of small insects which prevent the upbringing of plants like tomato or pepper. Take top and bottom opened used carton and push it slightly inward around the plant. Do the same for all, hence, no insect can affect your nursery.

8. Planter

Half-sized milk or juice carton filled up with potting soil comes in handy to avoid space occupying pots. After a while, when the seeding has grown to 2-3 inches tall, you can even be able to transplant it so that to plant again and again.

9. Ice cream storage

Usually, Ice Cream’s come with a container. But if it is made at home, the container could be used milk or juice carton as it has the capability to be stored under refrigeration too.

10. Eco friendly lantern

Imagine the dim light spilling out through unryu paper of used milk or juice carton. It will be sober and attractive, too. Make an eco friendly lantern with used milk or juice carton added by some of the household craft tools.

Don’t be restricted, just open up your mind to get more creative thoughts on recycling used milk or juice cartons or just consult a carton recycling unit nearby your place.

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