10 Most common things that you can recycle at home

Old mascara brushes

It is no secret that the world is fast running out of its resources. So any attempt to preserve the existing resources on our planet is a commendable effort. Recycling is one of the great services that you can do to the earth and humanity. But not everyone is sure how to go about the task of recycling things. In this article we are going to inform you about the things that you can recycle at home.  There are so many reusable household items that it is a great knowledge to have when you learn their use.

Some very common things that you can recycle at home

  1. Plastic bottles:

    Plastic bottlesCountless number of times you buy water bottles only to never use it again. This adds up to plastic waste which is dangerous for our ecosystem. You can make good use of the plastic bottles by turning them into a pot for your plants by simply cutting the top off. The bottles can also be used as handy DIYs to decorate your house. Next time onwards ensure that the water bottles don’t just end up as garbage and make some good use of it.

  2. Aluminium:

    Aluminium foils end up in large quantities at our houses every time we order food and also through several other sources. This aluminium is a very harmful waste for the environment and can easily be avoided if you manage to reuse them for sharpening your utensils. It can also be used a reflector for the plants and is a fine jewellery cleaner. But this to use and it can easily be one of the most common things you can recycle at home.

  3. The old TV set:

    recycling-electronicsYou may be slightly surprised to see this among things you can recycle at home. The fact however is that random dumping of TVs result in a terrible lead pollution and also other harmful metals. Try to reuse your TV by regular repairing as often as you possibly can. Instead of just opting for a new model try your hand in repairing the one you have. Even if you must get rid of the TV set it is a good idea to exchange with reputed electronics companies so that they might recycle it.

  4. Wine cork:

    We bet that while drinking your wine you never realised that recycling the wine cork is an eco-conscious choice. Instead of simply wasting it you can change it to really fine pieces of art. Not only will it decorate your house but also prevent wastage. If you want to help the drainage process in the garden pots you can always use wine corks.  You may also simply choose to make cork magnets out of them and let them hang by your fridge.  This definitely is one of the surprising products that can be recycled and reused. 

  1. Plastic bags:

    Plastic bag

    If you have much idea about the Pacific garbage dump that is created from the tonnes of plastic waste, you would probably think twice before carelessly disposing plastic. Develop the habit of carrying your personal bags when you are out to buy stuff. This ensures that you do not need a plastic at every stop. Plastic bags can also be exchanged for something at the supermarkets where you are assured that they would reuse them properly.

  2. Old cell phones and devices:

    This is very important among the things you can recycle at home. Gather some knowledge on how bad the effects on e-waste are on us and we can assure you that you yourself will never throw away these things. Instead get to know how you can dispose of e-waste in your area. You can also develop habits of repairing your phone or simply putting a new cover on your phone in case you are bored with your old one.The least you can do is reassemble the phone and dispose the batteries carefully.

  3. Envelopes and junk mails:

    Envelopes and junk mailsAmong reusable household items envelopes can be an easy way to save paper. Thousands of tonnes of such waste accumulate at our doorsteps and they go unnoticed. It is important to understand that this is among the things you can recycle at home. All you need to do is to ensure that you save the received envelopes and reuse them when you are sending something yourself. Apart from this it is important that you opt out of all such junk mails that unnecessarily start showing up at your place.

  4. DVDs CDs and VHs Tapes:

    These are some of the valuable things that you can recycle at home. They end up getting wasted too often for too little reason. A CD can be made into a fine scarecrow and it would reflect enough light to help the plants and scare the birds away. You use plastic ropes for tying things and that can be replaced with these VHs Tapes. They are strong and not making garbage out of these items. A fine wall decoration too can be made by using all of this together.

  5. CFL light bulbs:

    holding CFLThese are among the worst kinds of pollution existing in nature. Such hazardous waste can be positively transformed into things you can recycle at home and in case where it really can’t be, please do make it a point as responsible citizens to find out where and how you can recycle them. While recycling in this case is not the easiest but the hassle free disposal can be.

  6. Old mascara brushes:

    Instead of simply throwing it away once it has passed its prime, keep it handy for cleaning of those places which are really hard to reach otherwise. 

Final words

It is high time that people made an eco-conscious choice and took to recycling of things in their daily lives. The world’s resources have been abused for too long and it is high time to make amends for the wrongs done. Now that you know about the products that can be recycled and reused go ahead and implement this knowledge in your daily life.

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