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10 best papercraft artists in the world

The best in Paper Craft

A delicate thing like paper that is fragile enough to dance away at the command of the feeblest wind is being used for carving ancient creatures, toys, masks, insects and even human characters. The art of paper crafting known as origami is rooted in the ancient Japanese culture. Intrigued by the mechanics that produce long lasting paper sculptures, many artists have tried their hand at it and many have become established origami professionals, whose art is exhibited across the world. Take a look at the following 10 best paper art creations.

1. Eric Joisel – Detailed Classic Monster Figures

Eric Joisel

The intricacies involved in origami, like use of a single sheet of paper to create sculptures without using adhesives or cutters, render it less pursuable. French artist Eric Joisel challenged himself to use this ancient Japanese art and has created almost 50,000 models using the wet-folding technique. Most of his work consists of sculptures are inspired by mythical and legendary characters from the past like dwarfs, hobbits, fairies, warriors, etc.

2. Brian Chan – Elegantly Crafted Insect Sculptures

Brian Chan

Brian Chan is an artist from MIT and has experience in craftsmanship for almost 10 years now. He is famous for his origami skills and specializes in sculpting insects like beetles and centipedes and also animated characters. His origami insects are created using bright colors and for his original designs that have taken him to the title of Best Original Design in the MIT origami competition.

3. Sher Christopher – Emotive Paper Figurines


Making the simplest things with paper like a paper boat can sometimes become a big task, but Sher Christopher carves spectacular human characters with paper. They give special effects to their emotions and feelings and hence his sculptures always express a very defined feeling and for this he collects different qualities of paper from all around the world.

4. Peter Callesen – Playful Seasonal Paper Sculptures

Peter Callesen

Peter Callesen uses plain A4 sheets and makes characters come alive using his cutter. Sometimes it gives you the feeling that the character has just woken and emerged from his grave after a long time in the dark solitude. He never changes the color of the sheet as he believes that the white symbolizes the fragile work and also explains the paradox of the sensitivity of paper creations.

5. Elsa Mora – Variegated Detailed Paper Trinkets

Elsa Mora

Childhood memories are the inspiration of Elsa Mora’s paper innovation. Flowers, doll dresses, bicycles and other waving objects form the main themes of the work. Elsa mostly makes use of scissors and xacto knifes for carving. Generally she likes to use her work as silhouettes which are displayed against a stark background.

6. Su Blackwell – Storybook Paper Works of Art

Su Blackwell

When reading a book, many a times we start living the world, watching characters come alive and many times we witness that we are unable to vividly demark their physical features. This is the explanation for describing the paper art of Su Blackwell. Her paper craft takes you through a dream where generally people have been relieved from some kind of exile or hoards of people undertaking to journey of discovery.

7. Shin Tanaka – Adult Skills with Childlike Joy

Shin Tanaka

Shin Tanaka captivates childhood fantasies of owning the entire street funk that you can store in your room with hardly any money in your pockets. Using paper he crafts out toys , dandy sneakers, little robotic toys that almost exuberate richness in form and design.

8. Mark Sky – Magically Transformed Paper Money

Mark Sky

Famous as the Dollar Artist, Mark Sky is an origami artist who uses only the green buck for crafting out ancient creatures from fire breathing dragons to apes and he. Their facial features are derived from the already embedded patterns on the notes. He calls his origami as “moneygami”.

9. Annie Vought – Abstract and Concrete Paper Art

Annie Vought

Using written scripts and other form of paper art that pops out of walls, is the art form for which Annie Vought is famous. The most appreciated piece of work by Annie is lines that she wrote using words cut out in different hand writing forms, starting from scribbles to beautifully written lines addressing a Christmas letter. Delicate pins are used for sticking to the wall and that are not visible the front alone is examined.

10. Haruki Nakamura – Moving Parts Paper Sculptures

Haruki Nakamura

Stationary paper art form is what most artists have attempted, but Haruki wanted paper to come into motion and carves paper like gears that would fit into one another. The fixing will not be done manually , but will be fitted with a rotating gear box at the bottom with a handle , which when circled , will make the sculpture open and close alternately.