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10 Things you should know about plastics

Plastic Bottles

The degradation of the environment is taking place at an alarming rate and it has become crucial for individuals to take some steps for preventing this process. Generally, people are not aware of the harmful effects of pollutants like plastic and thus they could not gauge the exact level of damage caused to the nature. As a result, not enough efforts are put in for preserving and conserving nature and it is making the condition even worsen. Here are presented a few startling facts about plastic which might make you aware of the consequences of using plastic products on this environment:

1. Slow decomposition rate

The decomposition rate of products made from plastic is utterly slow. It might be shocking to know that a single plastic bottle takes around 700 years to start decomposing in the ground. Can you even imagine how many bottles are used across the world and how many years these all bottles would take to decompose? Surely, the results would awaken you to contribute in the process of nature conservation.

2. Plastic forms the maximum of garbage in households

In this world of seven billion population, thousands of households claim of no or minimal use of plastic bags and bottles in their routine life. But, the real fact is plastic constitutes 11 percent of the total garbage in a household. Also, plastic bottles account for 40 percent of the total amount of plastic garbage.

3. Bottle is more expensive in bottled water

A large chunk of population rely on bottled water whenever they are out or even when they are at home. The next time you buy a plastic water bottle, do remember that 90 percent of the total cost is for the bottle and the remaining 10 percent is for purified water.

4. Enough Plastic to Wrap State of Texas

The amount of plastic produced in a year is large enough to wrap the state of Texas in a compact form.

5. Plastic poses danger to sea creatures

Almost everyone is known to the fact that plastic bottles and bags along with other garbage items are dumped into oceans every year. But, the fact you are unaware of is this dumping of garbage kills more than one million aquatic animals every year. So, even if you are an animal lover, start loving the environment as well.

6. Plastic never dies

Another appalling fact that would blow your mind away is every piece of plastic produced in the history of earth exists even today. Plastic is a monster that never dies so make an effort to prevent its propagation.

7. Plastic bags compete with plastic bottles

It is not just plastic bottles which are being consumed by individuals in every nook and corner of the world. Plastic bags are always competing to win the race and it is evident from the simple fact that states consumption of thirteen billion plastic bags in a single year. If it is compared to the world’s population, every adult uses approximately 300 bags in one year. So, don’t just listen SAY NO TO PLASTIC BAGS but also reciprocate by following it.

8. Recycle plastic, reduce carbon

Environmentalists constantly emphasize on recycling plastic products as it saves environment and it is very much true. By recycling one ton of plastic, 1.5 tons of carbon can be saved. Such a practice would definitely save our environment to great extents.

9. One jacket from 25 recycled bottles

By recycling plastic not only we can save the environment but also can be used for producing other products. For instance, a fleece jacket for an adult can be manufactured using twenty-five recycled plastic bottles. Also, by recycling plastic energy can be saved to a great extent. Studies have revealed that if the plastic is burnt in incinerator then it requires twice the energy required for recycling plastic.

10. Recycling plastic business is the latest buzz

With an increased awareness amongst individuals for environment conservation, the business for plastic recycling has increased two to three times. Today, the industry of plastic recycling is booming and large numbers of companies are entering into this business every year. In United States of America alone, the numbers of businesses dedicated dealing in recycling of plastic bags and bottles are more than 1600. This number is soon going to escalate even more.

After reading all these shocking and depressing facts about plastic, it is hopeful that your heart is moved a little. Replace plastic with other environment-friendly products in your routine and it would definitely help in improving the condition of environment.