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10 Pleasing examples of recycled furniture art

Recycled furniture

Recycling can be big business. Aside from contributing hugely to the environment, if you’re creative enough, you can come up with very interesting concepts using recycled products. Handmade paper, decorative pieces and artwork are just some of them. But how about taking things a step further? As if the above were not creative enough, designers have come up with more novel ideas to turn recycled goods into quirky and interesting pieces of furniture. Such concepts help contain the garbage problem as well create items that can be used further. Check out some of the 10 best designs:

1. Recycled paper furniture

Recycled paper furniture

Who would have thought paper could look so cool? Using post-consumer recycled paper, the designers have constructed trendy and artsy pieces of furniture that would look great in studio apartments. Keep in mind that recycled paper is more durable than in its original form so you won’t have to tiptoe around these beautiful pieces. These colorful pieces trump conventional chairs and stools for their contemporary designs.

2. Rubber furniture

Rubber furniture

Old tires are major contributors to landfills. They aren’t biodegradable meaning that they can stick around for decades or even centuries. To counter this, designers have decided to give a new lease of life to old tires by turning them into comfy chairs and seatings. The one on the right is made using the inner tubes of tires attached on metal frames. The item on the left has been made by stacking together old tires to create a comfy and edgy-looking seat.

3. Furniture from reclaimed furniture

Reclaimed furniture

Most of us tend to throw away old and rickety wooden furniture. But what if you could recycle them to create whole new pieces? Check out the furniture created using reclaimed furniture pieces that have been disassembled, sanded and polished for a newer, trendier look. You don’t have to spend hundreds on new pieces and you get to flaunt your contemporary design. And as the wood has been polished to a sheen, no one would ever guess they’ve been made out of your old furniture.

4. Sports furniture

Sports furniture

Old sports equipment can take up some serious space in your garage. Transform them the way these designers did by turning them into cool-looking furniture pieces. Using the handlebars and wheels of a bike, they’ve created chairs that you won’t likely see anywhere else. Old skateboards can also be given a makeover by using them as tabletops attached to stands. You can also make chairs out of them by using the same technique and attaching the planks to metal stands.

5. Metal furniture

Metal furniture

Using a collection of nickels, the designers have created an uber cool sofa with a contemporary look. Granted, the whole piece is likely to be worth hundreds of dollars but this is a look you won’t find in any store. Old soda cans have also been used in other furniture pieces to create a multi-colored and trendy look. And as metal is highly durable, you won’t have to worry about buying new pieces anytime soon.

6. CD furniture

CD furniture

This is a unique and interesting piece whose hints of color add that certain zing. Made out of used CDs, the chair may not be the most comfortable but you have to admit, it looks good. Plus, it takes care of the problem of how to get rid of your old CDs without adding to the garbage worry.

7. Waste wood furniture

Waste wood furniture

Wood usually has to be sawed, sanded and designed to produce pieces of furniture. But the designers here have let nature have the say on style. Using waste wood, furniture pieces have been carved just a bit to create stunning results.

8. Aviation furniture

Aviation furniture

MotoArt is the brains behind this unique concept that makes use of plane parts. Recycling them to produce interesting furniture pieces, the designers have a range of products you can choose from. Check out the cool Spinner table pictured above, noted for its polished and sleek design. Visit the company website for more creations.

9. Cardboard furniture

Cardboard furniturePaper gets another makeover with this cool piece of furniture. The woodsy hue will lend an earthy feel to any room. Use this cardboard furniture to store books, magazines or any other items.

10. Window blind furniture

Window blind furniture

Get rid of old window blinds by turning them into another functional piece of work. This table has been made using wooden window blinds trimmed to size. The striped design makes it hard to miss and will add style to any room.

Such recycled product ideas can motivate anyone with a little creativity to design their own pieces of furniture. Not only do you get a chance to contribute to the environment, but you can also bask in the knowledge of having created something with your own hands.