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10 Recycled products made from old dolls

Recycled doll products

Recycling is what has given a new definition to this green world and this ultimate green change is highly appreciated in terms of what it delivers and how it goes for delivering it. The toys are one of the most widely recycled items and among the toys the dolls are what people prefer the most these days. The kids out there love playing with their dolls and are a rage among the girls. They just love freaking around with their Barbie dolls. It is estimated that millions of such dolls are discarded every year on a large scale. Thus, the recycling of these dolls is pretty necessary in order to save our Mother Nature. Many people have made stunning products out of these dolls and some of them are so gorgeous and exotic that you can hardly ignore them for what they deliver. Here we are with a cool list of 10 most recycled products made out of old dolls. Have a look!

1. Scary circus characters

There is no level of creativity and this exotic character proves it perfectly. The old used dolls are usually considered to be waste stuff and most of the time they are thrown into garbage. But, now you can make cool characters like this particular stuff by making the best use of your old doll. This scary circus character looks pretty cool and is adorable.

2. Creepy tourist attractions

The dolls can be easily recycled into various attractive stuffs like the tourist garments and accessories. The material used in making dolls can be effectively used to make adorable accessories like hand bands and other cool stuffs. In Mexico, this doll recycling process is followed on a large scale and there is an art gallery which shows only the doll recycled products.

3. Barbie doll parts made into jewelry

The Barbies are a rage all over and are also found plenty in the garbage item list. These can be easily recycled and can be transformed into cool items. One such item is the jewelry where the parts of Barbie can be easily used along with the cool and exotic jewelries. This not only makes the overall jewelry cool but also adds to the beauty of the person wearing it and ultimately to the beauty of nature.

4. Decaying death toys

The toys can now be recycled into various design and styled toys. These toys made out of recycled toys are really adorable and are pretty stylish too. These toys are not only gorgeous but also leave a message of using the recycling stuffs effectively. This decaying toy is a perfect example of creativity with a touch of recycling world. This toy looks completely deadly and is a must buy for all the geeks out there.

5. Humanimal Barbie dolls

The Humanimal Barbie dolls collection is pretty gorgeous and are worth of going for their exotic designs and cool looks. These Barbie dolls are actually a hybrid mixture of human looks with a touch of animal properties. The overall hybrid design will drive you crazy over its design.

6. Insect dolls

The awesome is the word for this recycled design. This insect doll looks really horrible and it sometimes resembles the Scorpion king of the Mummy period. The idea and the concept is stunning and is highly appreciated for its design.

7. More Barbie hand-made pop culture

The Barbie fever is really hard to go and the products made out of recycling them are also really hard to ignore in terms of style and cool design they offer. This Barbie pop culture is just awesome by its design and looks and is worth of a strong deal. The best part is that it is completely hand-made which completely adds to the beauty of the product.

8. 3-Faced dolls

The new designs are always appreciated when it comes to the doll industry and this particular recycled structure is highly appreciated for its ultimate and cool design. This is actually a 3-Faced doll which comes along with a single exotic body. The 3-Faces are arranged on a particular angle which makes it pretty cool and adorable.

9. Recycled toy lighting

The toys can be effectively used to make home-decor stuff and there is nothing better than this lightning art which is completely made out of recycled small scaled toys. This piece of art is really adorable and the design given to it is just awesome. The various small-scaled toys are arranged in an order that it forms a cool lightning art.

10. Terrifying toys

Now this is something that can be your next nightmare for sure. This terrifying doll is so freaking deadly that by its look alone you might go crazy. This deadly design is so terrifying that you might someday end-up seeing it in your dreams. This scary doll is worth of a deal for all the people out there who love collecting such different and unique artworks.