10 Simple ways to minimize your E- waste

minimize your E- waste

You may see huge mountains of e- waste in many of the world. The electronics termed as e- waste can either be in good working condition or may be unusable. Think of such people who ditched their mobile phones and buy new ones or they discard their old TV sets and buy a newer version. Due to the rapid change of technology and rise in disposable income, a lot of e- waste is generated all round the year. Find out some tips to manage the environment and to minimize your e- waste. Believe that it is fairly easy to do.

The most unfortunate fact about e- waste is that most of such electronics are in perfect condition to work or are reusable. Take tips to manage the waste caused by devices like batteries, tablets, TVs, memory sticks, laptops and cell phones as they end up in making landfills and are a major cause of water and air pollution.

10 ways to reduce or minimize your E- waste

  1. Sell or donate the working electronics:

    The simplest and efficient way to minimize your e- waste is to simply either sell them or donate to the needy if it is in a perfect condition to work. Go on any online trading site like eBay to sell them to those who really are in need of it. Or the comparison websites and recycling websites can give you the best price for your gadgets that have grown old. They will allow you to send them for effective repurposing or recycling which will control electronic waste.
  2. Using the old mobile phones as GPS devices: People usually swap their old phones and buy the new one once in a year. Letting the old one sit in a drawer or desk or throwing it out in trash, use it for other purposes. To control electronic waste you may fix it in your car to use it like a GPS device or a music player. Old phones can also be used a universal remote controls or to monitor the security cameras.
  3. Recycle through a retailer:
    Recycle through a retailer
    Major brands and retailers have drop- off site, online site or in- store recycling options. They will recycle your TVs, mobile phones and computers. Some of them will even allow you to trade the obsolete equipments for the purpose of gift cards. Before you purchase any electronic device, ask the store holder if he has a buyback program or not. Most of the retails have such programs for their customers.
  4. Check out the e- cycling centres in your area: Another way to minimize your e- waste in the household is to try finding such centres in your state where you can resell or donate your electronic equipments. They have a group of volunteers for such purpose. The membership is free of cost.
  5. Organize the electronics:
    Find out the number of electronics that you have stashed in your cupboards or drawers. You would have definitely underestimated how much electronics you possess. So, rather than buying new devices organise the existing ones to see if you really need them or not. Like if you need a memory stick, but after you have organised all your electronics, you find that already there is one with you. Also try sharing your connectors, cords or gadgets with your family members rather than buying them twice.
  6. Know the battery disposal laws of your state: Rechargeable batteries are very hazardous if put in waste and that is why many states have made laws considering it illegal to throw them away in trash. But the best thing is that such batteries have metal, plastics or lead which can easily be recycled.
  7. Find ways to reduce the consumption:Find ways to reduce the consumption
    It is now very easy to buy a new laptop, the latest mobile phone or a sleek TV. Many of the people don’t need them but still buy them. But before you buy anything, analyse if you really want it or not. So if you buy a new phone even if the old one is in good working condition, it is better to upgrade the software instead of getting the new one. Likewise you can repair your old laptops rather than buying the new one. Be a sensible customer and go along to minimize your e- waste in the household.
  8. Store the data online: Why do you go for memory stick or other similar devices when you can store much of your data on internet? There are many cloud storages on internet like IDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox. Some of such storages even provide you a 30- day trial option so that you may know which one is best for you.
  9. Buy the appliances with energy start rating:
    appliances with energy start rating
    All the energy protection agencies are now promoting energy star rating programs which will give rebates while you recycle your old appliances or buy any new energy star rated model. Appliances with energy stars are not only suitable to the environment but also make less use of energy, thus saving money on your electricity bill. So whenever you opt for purchasing any air- conditioner, microwave, refrigerator or washing machine go for energy star models.
  10. Be aware of the materials used in your electronic equipments: Do make a research regarding the materials used in manufacturing of your electronic gadgets such as laptop, dishwasher or mobile phones. Some of the raw materials are easily recyclable while others do not. Gadgets do contain a variety of toxic materials. You just need to educate yourself and better purchase the items that will not harm the environment in future.

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