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10 most striking spiraling tower designs from around the world

A spiral tower

With the ever increasing population figures giving rise to shrinking landmass, skyscrapers are the ideal option. According to the architects, thousands of people can be accommodated in these extremely tall buildings which can be constructed in limited space. Now, with growing environmental awareness, these skyscrapers are also going green and are being built in many places of the world. Features like integrated renewable energy generators, lighting systems, and use of eco-friendly materials can convert any ordinary structure to a sustainable one. Here is a list of some striking sustainable spiraling tower designs from around the world.

1. Evolving Skyscraper by Vahan Misakyan:

Evolving Skyscraper

This Evolving skyscraper is a sustainable structure designed by the noted architect Vahan Misakyan for Yerevan, a city in Armenia. It has got three towers linked with bridges both in the top and bottom levels. This state-of-the-art building is equipped with some ultra green technologies and can accommodate residences, offices and hotels.

2. Sustainable vertical city:

Sustainable vertuical city

This 180 storied building which is actually a vertical city has been specially designed for the slum dwellers of 23 De Enero Caracas, Venezuela by the British architect firm Desitecture. It resembles the leaning tower of Pisa.

This tower is made up of three cups which are supported by some diagonal and vertical frames. Composite precast units made of very light weight materials and with some implanted micro turbines have been used to build this tower. These turbines generate energy along with photovoltaic panels. This tower can house residences, hotels, offices etc.

3. Boscolo hotel nice Big Architects:

Boscolo hotel

The Boscolo hotel is a proposed 22,000-square-meter complex designed by Big Architects in Nice, France. This green complex can accommodate public plazas, shops, restaurants, hotel rooms, conference halls, spas and exhibition areas. It is made up of four spiral towers with extending floor plates that join together to form this structure.

4. Mangal city spiraling skysrapers:

Mangal city

This spiral tower which has been planned for the city of London has taken its inspiration from a mangrove tree. The Mangal city spiraling skyscrapers are made of modular pod capsules with bio mimetic principles in their core. This is going to be an urban eco-system with houses and cultural programs.

5. Spiral tower:

A spiral tower

The spiral tower is a proposed sustainable tower for Berlin. This eco-tower can accommodate apartments placed in opposite directions in a crisscross manner. Each apartment will also have an independent terrace garden. The main aim of this tower is to give a green community fueled by renewable energy.

6. Spiral Tower by Zaha Hadid:

Spiral Tower

This proposed sustainable spiral tower is to be located in Barcelona and has been designed by Zaha Hadid. This structure will be a university complex to be situated in one of the main avenues of Barcelona – the Avenida Diagonal.

7. Shanghai tower:

Shanghai tower

The Shanghai Tower is a sustainable structure of 632 meters to be built in China. This tower is going to be the tallest tower in China and has been designed by Gensler architects. The exact location of this tower is Shanghai Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone.

This tower will be made up of nine cylindrical buildings stacked on top of each other. It features a rainwater harvesting system, wind turbines and will have house shops, restaurants, business organizations, cafes etc. It is hoped to be completed in the year 2014.

8. Detox skyscraper:

Detox skyscraper

The Detox tower is a very eco-friendly concept which will use a micro scale transformation process for creating a green environment. This project aims in the deployment of bio-synthetic building integration in the tower thereby providing both external and internal comfort for the inmates.

9. Solar Powered Skyscraper:

Solar Powered Skyscraper

This Project which is supposed to run on solar energy has been designed by Kenneth Loh and Michelle Lim. Sheaths of solar cells and a water collector envelopes this facade. The core of the building is a hollow cylinder. It will house cultural and educational areas. It also has a rainwater harvesting system. This tower will also help in cooling the surrounding environment.

10. Space-Scraper:


The Space-Scraper is a proposed tower to be located in South Cairo, Egypt. It is composed of three beautifully designed twisted towers connected by a geo-sphere in the top floors and has been designed by Mohamed Abdel-Aziz.

This sustainable tower features wind turbines, solar panels and water recollection systems. One can also witness the beauty of the Pyramids, the city of Cairo and the river Nile from this stunning skyscraper.

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