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10 stunning pieces of art created from recycled plastic

Plastic today is known to be one of the most dangerous environment hazards ever created by mankind. Being a non biodegradable element, the use of plastic has been restricted by many countries all over the world. It has been substituted with man’s ever friendly paper bags. But what if the same plastic is used to churn out man’s creativity and transform the toxic substance into an amazing piece of art? Plastic gives creativity a new dimension and can be used as a decorative item or a piece of mind blowing talent.

Here are a few pieces of breath taking models of man’s creative vision using recycled plastic.

1. Soaring horse

Soaring horse

A soaring horse ready for a ride around the world. The piece does not at all seem like recycled plastic has been used for the same and has the power to turn the eyes of the watcher toward it. The beautiful mane swaying in the wind gives the viewer the feeling as though the horse is soaring with speed!

2. Bottled rainbow

Rainbow Bottle

This beautiful bottle will look outright like a rainbow peering from the dark skies. The vibrant colors bring out the enthusiasm of the artist. It would find a perfect place in your living or bedroom adding a bit of color to your dull life.

3. Lighted delight


The eye catching chandelier blended by plastic, cloth and bright light looks magnificent in a dark room. The abstract strew of iridescent colors gives the chandelier an amazing effect and catches the eye of every passerby.

4. Boot loots


Boots have always been a feminine fantasy. No women would resist dripping her feet into these lovely, colorful shoes made from plastic. The vibrant colors give your feet a soothing touch and selecting from a wide range of these shoes makes an amazing shopping experience. Shop till you drop for these lovely shoes for your feet.

5. Charm in your arms

Hand bag

The flawless handbags around your shoulders will be the object of everyone’s jealous look. These handbags woven with great care by using different textures of plastic is a pride to own. The dollar adds a unique touch to the bags they will surely be a woman’s fantasy and will make a great gift for the woman of your life.

6. Magical music


Polythene recycled to make a musical instrument seems like an interesting tale to listen to. Now, a reality these instruments not only seem a delight to the ears, but also to the eyes. They have been put up on public display for music masters to have a look at them. The bass may look like it has been shattered but a closer look will reveal its true nature of being made from plastic.

7. Chicken chatter


The figurines are really made from recycled polythene ,hard to believe right?

The blend of different colors given to this figurines makes the chickens seem more fascinating than the cocks in your farm. Available in combination of different colors they make a room not only in your artificial farms but also in your bed rooms. Keep them beside your alarm clock in your room to wake up to the real alarm call of nature. You may even arrange all of them and create a piece of farm land yourselves and show it off to your friends and family.

8. Plastic pleasure


We have heard of clothes being made from cotton, wool and silk. But plastic? Seems weird? This wonderful gown, a creation of French designer, Frank Sorbier attracted people from all over the world in the year 2008-2009. The imprints on the material looks like news paper cuttings and give a social message of the hazards deforestation.

9. Lamp love


The dazzling lamp shades made from plastic bags look terrific. The elegant shades are an example of man going beyond his creative horizons. The black and brown shades seem perfect in the dossier of a royal bedroom. Let light from these light up your life.

10. Bizarre back packs


You would have seen people carrying plain plastic back packs. You might have also seen carry bags made of plastic in shopping malls. But these back packs look delightful behind your backs. Be it the loud or soft colors, they surely will be the talk of town. Use them to carry your books, bottles or even on a trek up the mountains, these back packs are surely a bizarre.