10 of the tallest trees in the world

tallest trees in the world

By deforestation, we are doing irreparable damage to the environment. While cutting trees we only realize our immediate needs. We never think about how many centuries it took for that tree to grow. It is a wonder of nature that would never return. However, nowadays, thanks to modern-day millennials becoming more eco-conscious, most of us oppose ventures that ultimately lead to the destruction of the environment. It is because of people like these, we are still able to see some of the tallest trees in the world. We should thank their efforts and we should try our best in making the same environment available to our future generations.


10 Tallest trees in the world

Trees come in different heights and shapes. Even today, speculations are still being made as to which trees fall under the top 10 list. With the help of latest measurement tools such as tape drop measures and laser rangefinders, we can at least determine the height of a particular tree.  This helps to determine what the possible height of the tree is without causing any harm or damage. We have compiled a list of the 10 of the tallest trees in the world.

1. Coast Redwood

Coast Redwood

The first name in the list of the tallest trees in the world is the Coast Redwood. This tree belongs to the sequoia species. The cost redwood thrives in the natural environment alongside the long and thin Pacific Ocean coastal region of the Western and Northwestern side of the United States. It has a slender built and can touch heights that range from 20 – 60 m.

This is more than the tallest giant sequoias tree alive known as Hyperion, which stands at 379.1 feet in height. The areas where the coast redwood trees are found are prone to a lot of rainfall. This is one of the main reasons why; most of the time, the area is foggy. This benefits the tree in absorbing water so that it does not suffer due to over evaporation.

2. Australian Mountain-ash

Australian Mountain-ash

The Australian Mountain Ash AKA Eucalyptus regnans is a species of trees that is found in the South Eastern Region of Australia. It is one of the world’s tallest trees, which can touch a height of close to 90m above the normal height. The Australian Mountain Ash is also called as the tallest flowering plant. So far, this tree ranks as the third tallest tree in the world. You can also find this tree alongside the Northwestern coast of North America.

This tree has huge straight trunks, which are of a pale grey/green or creamy white hue. It is covered with a thick coat of fibrous brown bark. It is estimated that more than 85 percent of the forests of mountain ash trees are fast disappearing and particularly in the Styx Valley. The reason why this is happening is due to the bus fires that take place.

3. Coast Douglas-fir

Coast Douglas-fir

AKA Pseudotsuga menziesii (scientifically), The Coastal Douglas – fir is named after David Douglas. The Douglas fir is a tree that also belongs to the evergreen conifer. This native tree belongs to the western region of North America. This is the second tallest conifer in the world.

You can also find this tree in the coastal areas of west-central British Columbia (Canada) right up to south central California (United States). Archibald Menzies first documented this tree during his visit to the Vancouver Islands. He was a Scottish naturalist, botanist and surgeon and the biggest rival of David Douglas.

4. Picea sitchensis, the Sitka Spruce

Sitka Spruce

The Sitka Spruce has the distinction of being one of the largest conifers in the world. Normally, it that stands at a height of 50-70 m tall, however, this tree can even reach 100 m. It has a trunk that has a 5-meter diameter, which can also extent to 6-7 meters as well. The name Sitka Spruce comes from its place of origin Sitka, Alaska.

5. Sequoiadendron giganteum

Sequoiadendron giganteum

Sequoiadendron giganteum is the only living species, which belongs to the Sequoiadendron genus. Moreover, this is one of the three largest conifer redwood species. These trees naturally grow only in the groves located on the western slopes of the mountains of Sierra Nevada, California.

These trees grow to a height of 50 – 85m with diameters that can range from 6-8m. They are not only the tallest trees in the world in terms of volume; but even in age, they are one of the oldest trees. As per records, the oldest giant sequoia on the basis of ring count is 3500 years old.

6. Tasmanian Blue Gum, Southern Blue Gum or Blue Gum

Blue Gum

The Tasmanian Blue Gum, Southern Blue Gum or Blue Gum has the scientific name Eucalyptus globules. This evergreen tree is native to Australia. These trees normally grow to height of 30-55 m in height. You will find the tallest Tasmanian Blue Gum in Tasmania  , which stands at a height of 90.7 meters.

Apart from Tasmania, you can find these trees in areas like Flinders Island, King Island, South Victoria as well as Geelong. Furthermore, there are also neutralized occurrences in non-native areas in various parts of the globe. Some areas include Macronesia and New Zealand, Hawaii and California, Southern Regions of Africa, New Zealand and even South Europe,

7. Manna Gum

Manna Gum

The Manna Gum or the Eucalyptus viminalis, is from the eucalyptus species and is native to Australia. It falls under the tallest trees in the world because a straight Manna Gum tree normally can grows to a height of 40 m. It has a rough bark, which peel away in ribbons.

Certain Manna Gum trees are large in size. Presently, the tree that has the largest diameter is located in New Zealand. The leaves of this tree are a preferred food of the koalas. You can find these trees in the cooler regions of Australia. The sap of this tree has great sugar content and so it provides nourishment to various marsupials.

8. Shorea faguetiana

Shorea faguetiana

AKA Yellow Meranti, the Shorea faguetiana belongs to the Dipterocarpaceae family.  You can find this tree in the natural environment of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. You will find one of the tallest trees in the world of the Shorea Faguetiana in Sabah, Borneo Island. The height of this tree is 88.3 meters.

9. Alpine Ash

Alpine Ash

AKA Eucalyptus delegatensis, you will find the  The Alpine Ash in the Southwestern Region of Australia. This is a sub- alpine or temperate tree, which has a conspicuous grey trunk. Because of the fact that the truck often crosses the height of 90 meters, it is one of the tallest trees in the world. You can find the tallest Alpine Ash located in Tasmania, which has a measurement of 87.9 meters. This tree thrives in deep soil, cool mountainous regions with a good amount of yearly precipitation.

10. Tallest trees in the world- Jomon Sugi

Jomon Sugi

Located in Japan’s Yakushima region, the Jomon Sugi is huge cryptomeria tree. The area where this tree is located falls under the list of one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Jomon is the oldest of cryptomeria trees with an age that rages anywhere between 2170 – 7200 years old. What is even more interesting is that the name of the tree – Jomon refers to a period in Japanese history.

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