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10 most unusual eco friendly wedding gowns

Bridal wear sculpture

A wedding gown is synonymous with the bride and the wedding. For those brides-to-be who want to go green for planet Earth, choosing to wear ‘green gown’ on this special day is vital. A woman honors her commitment to her man and her planet by doing so. Rest assured that doing so will not require you to sacrifice the finery and grandeur of the bridal dress.

1. The bubble-wrap bride

Walking the aisle nervously before the ceremony where she said, “I do”, bride Rachael Robinson was draped wonderfully in a bubble wrap! No eyes popped at the scene and the only occasional popping was of the dress which relieved both – her tension and her concern for the environment. This is a recyclable and economical option that is by no means cheap!

2. The Bridal wear sculpture

Susie Mac Murray and her team of 51 artisans and designers have transformed rubber hand gloves into a grand bridal trousseau! Not convinced of the idea of wearing one for your wedding? Whether it is an entry into your shopping list or not, it has acquired a prestigious position in next show of the New York City Museum of Art & Designs.

3. Dissolvable dress

Any romantic wedding has an exciting first night! So how about a wedding gown that simply dissolves away after its purpose is served? Fashion students of the Sheffield Hallam University have designed this gown using bio-degradable polyvinyl alcohol and the gown can be transformed into five separate fashion pieces after its use! Just be careful that no water splashes over you during the wedding!

4. Recycled plastic bottle gown

A gorgeous wedding gown with a 16-foot long train has been made painstakingly by washing, polishing, filing and compiling 2,220 plastic bottle bases, 13,880 tags and 6,512 plastic bottle tops! Named ‘Green with Envy’, it was showcased in Britain’s largest inner-city shopping center during the William-Kate wedding nuptials.

5. Shepherdess marries in her own sheep’s wool

Fleecing her flock for a lovely wedding frock, a sheep breeder seemed to turn Olivia, her favorite Lincoln Longwool sheep into the best man at her betrothal! The couple were tightly knit by wool and the bride looked heavenly to say the least. 67 hours of effort went into the dress. Not baaaaad at all!

6. Wedding Dress made of toilet paper

Arriving as a grand entry into Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest is a ball gown with a plunging sweetheart neckline and ultra-light weight. With its shapely and chic designing, it is bound to gather tremendously more attention that its similarly priced competition.

7. Eco-friendly wedding gowns by Sanyukta Strestha

These ‘Himalayan’ gowns give you more than one reason to take them if you are a conscientious and thrifty person. Woven from organic silk, banana, soy, hemp silk and bamboo by artisans from the foothills in Nepal, these gowns are unique and carry a humanitarian angle by supporting the poor artisans in need of patrons. Besides, each piece is multi-functional wear.

8. Conscious Clothing

This hemp silk wedding attire brand has been in existence ever since 1995 and is growing in popularity. Many of these gowns surpass traditional gowns in looks and comfort. The brand offers regular sales and heavy discounts to encourage green weddings!

9. Natural bridal collection by Morgan Boszilkov

A range of high-priced gowns ( more than $5000) are made a worthwhile buy by the fact that they can be detached at different places to transform into different outfits for various occasions. So it is actually a ‘buy one, get many free’ offer! That apart, the linen and designs on the attire are catchy and elegant.

10. Recycled LED lit wedding gown

And finally, here is a gown that will truly light you up on your special day. It features a full lace skirt, a simple bodice along with an optional oversizecollar and shawl. Stitched with white reclaimed cotton here is a gown that every bride would wish to wear on her wedding day.

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