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10 ways you can creatively recycling scrabble tiles

Recycling is really important to preserve the environment. Every day we throw away so many things that is resulting in increased landfills. We have been thinking just about the plastics we dispose but forgetting about the other non-biodegradable things we discard everyday and one such thing are the scrabble tiles. Scrabble is a very popular game and is found in almost all the homes. Instead of throwing them away they can be reused in a lot of ways.

Scrabble is not just a popular board game but also the raw material to make many fun filled crafts and projects with it. Some of them are as follows.

1. Collage

Scrabble tile pieces can be used to form a collage of family photos. They will look different with the addition of these tile pieces. If you have teenagers at home, then you can have a collage of their favorite celebs too. After you make the collage of your photographs the scrabble tiles can be used to spell the names of the people in the photos. You shall have an innovative homemade craft.

2. Pendants

Scrabble tiles are ideal to make small pendants. You can turn the tiles the other side and make designs or write your name on them. If you desire, then you can decorate them with glitters, stickers, nail paint, etc. Insert a thin metallic wire at the top by drilling a hole at the top.

3. Wall clasps

Scrabble tiles can be remade into fridge magnets or wall clasps. Just buy a few magnets and fix them on the scrabble tiles and there you have a magnet that you can stick on the fridge. You can paint them or stick some stickers on it to give it a better look. You can have a wonderful wall clasp by attaching some scrabble tiles together on a cork or cardboard base and attach a metal hook on the top and hang it on a wall, and you shall have a new wall clasp.

4. Jewelry

Jewelry always need not be in gold to look stunning. Recycled ones, especially ones made with scrabble tiles, can also be an eye turner. Take some attractive gift wrap or craft paper and glue it on the tiles and drill a small hole on the top and insert a thin metallic wire and there you have a new set of earrings. You can similarly make bracelets, necklaces, etc.

5. Art pieces

Scrabble tiles can be used for making recycled art works. Make colorful paintings on a scrabble tile base with water colors. You can build small buildings or towns with them. Spray paintings on a base made out of scrabble tiles is also a good idea of art work.

6. Party décor

If you are a host with eco friendly nature and is interested in throwing parties then you can show your creativity with reusing the scrabble tiles. You can use the tiles to hang message boards like ‘Happy Birthday’ by threading the pieces together.

7. Kitchenware

Coasters are one of the bare necessities of kitchen, you need them to put your glass on it or the spoon stand and for many other things. Use a cardboard or cork as the base and fix the scrabble tiles on them to form a coaster. Use them every day and save the costly ones for special occasions. To prevent the moisture from sinking in you can use wax paper on the scrabble tile coaster. Make different sizes for different uses.

8. Scrabble clock

You can make a brand new clock with some scrabble tiles and a board. Mark a few tiles with numbers 1 to12 and glue them on the board and set hands in the middle. You will have new clock.

9. Scrabble bookmarks

Now you don’t always have to lose the track of the page you were reading from your favorite book with the bookmarks made from scrabble tiles. They will inspire you to read more.

10. Scrabble tile wine charms

If you are having a wine party, then you can lure the guests to more wine if you attach the wine charms made from scrabble tiles at the stem of the wine glass. The guests will never take their eyes off the wine glass.

So, these are then ten creative ways of using scrabble tiles, try them and you will surely love them not in just the game form but also in the reused way too.