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10 ways to recycle old Newspaper

A sculpture made with recycled papers.

Global warming has become one of the world’s most discussed issue in current times. While everyone is working towards making this world a better place to live in, planting and saving trees in one simple way of the world to Go Green. Therefore, it is essential that every scrap of paper is used effectively so that no more trees are cut. Here are a few ways in which old newspapers can be recycled into some very cool stuff

1. Newspaper ballet flatsNewspaper ballet flat

Ever thought of using the old newspaper lying around at home to make something that is fashionable and could start a new trend? Old newspaper can be turned into cute ballet flats that look perfect with anything. To make it sturdy and durable in the rain, dipping it in plastic would be a good idea. This prevents the paper from soiling in the rain water. Depending on how creative one can get, these old newspapers can be woven into different patterns to make a ballet flat that is chic, stylish and eco friendly.

2. Rolled up newspaper sculpture

Rolled up newspaper sculpture

Created by Nick Giorgio, an artist from New York, this sculpture has been created from the hundreds of discarded newspapers. It gained a lot of attention. One can use imagination along with creativity and create such innovative and unique sculptures with the useless newspapers lying at home, instead of just throwing them away or using them to wrap fruits or snacks.

3. Recycled Rover

Recycled Rover

Ever imagined having a pet at home that doesn’t need to be taken care of? This cute dog has been created by tightly knotting and cording thousands of old newspapers together. This is just one such design. Put your creative skills to work and design many other sculptures that are nice looking and make full use of old newspapers as well.

4. A schoolhouse built with more than 1,000kg of newspapers

A schoolhouse built with more than 1,000kg of newspapers

The use of newspaper is not over after reading the news from it. It can be used for a million different things. Married couple, John Lamorie and Shelly Wu created this amazing eco friendly house with over 1,000 kg of newspaper that were donated to them by the students of the school. Papercrete, the name Lamorie gave to the building material was made by feeding these papers into a blender.

5. Newspaper Dress

Newspaper Dress

The fashion industry is always thinking of new and innovative ideas to start a trend. This dress is a perfect example of turning trash to something different and useful. Many designers have now come up with their own eco friendly line for fashionable newspaper dresses. However, you don’t need to be a fashion designer to make such dresses. Anyone can create a dress like this from the pile of newspapers lying around the house.

6. Evening Clutch

Evening Clutch

Suitable for any occasion, a recycled newspaper evening clutch is a perfect way to grab all the attention. It’s easy to make and also utilizes all the old newspaper in the house. They can be patched in different colors or a single color. Its just about rolling and fitting the newspaper in the right manner.

7. Coiled Newspaper Clock

Coiled Newspaper Clock

Created by some Filipino artists, this coiled newspaper clock is the perfect example of how an old newspaper can be put to a million different uses. This clock is easy to make. All it requires is patience and creativity. And lots of newspapers!

8. Newspaper BenchNewspaper Bench

A masterpiece, designed by Oscar Lhermitte, this bench is made from tightly fitting 334 newspapers together. It can be used as a suitable furniture in any part of the house.

9. Screaming Newspaper Sculpture

Screaming Newspaper Sculpture

Another amazing sculpture by the New York artist Nick Giorgio, this screaming sculpture has been created by fitting together hundreds of unwanted newspaper. This sculpture is definitely creativity personified.

10 Newspaper Furniture

Newspaper Furniture

Creativity and innovation go hand in hand. This is perfectly showcased in these newspaper furniture. From glass top tables to benches, many such furniture can be created to give a house a cheap, eco friendly and creative make over.