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10 Ways to Thank Environment this Thanksgiving

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Thank Environment this Thanksgiving

It is a great quality to be thankful and that is exactly what thanksgiving is all about. It is that occasion of the year when you enjoy with your loved ones through a sumptuous meal and be thankful for all you received. Speaking of all you received you can never count out the role of the environment in shaping the way you are. But this environment is currently facing a great threat and the damages to it are slowly reaching the stage where we will term it irreparable. So maybe this thanksgiving could be about being thankful to the environment by adopting some environmentally friendly means. In this article you will find all about how to thank environment and we hope that the knowledge will be helpful.

Some things you can follow to thank environment

  1. Skip the turkey if you can:
    Skip the turkeyWe understand that the turkey is an integral part of a thanksgiving dinner but you can skip it too. There are vegetarian and vegan options which you can consider. Also in case you are getting turkey buy the right amount so that none of it is wasted and have some vegetarian sides to go with it so that the consumption is kept to its minimum. We all know that for you to thank environment, skipping meat is something you have to eventually consider because of its environmental impact.
  2. Use public transport: You may have travel plans to mark the occasion of thanksgiving. Try to avoid the use of personal vehicle and use the public transportation system instead. This ensures a lot of fuel saving which is definitely an environmentally friendly move. Besides you can also consider options such as the carpool for your travels. Your small step can make a big difference.
  3. Shop from local markets:
    Shop-from-local-marketsTo thank environment what you can do easily is consume locally grown food. This means that you are consuming all the fresh fruits and vegetables which are possibly grown through organic methods. Moreover, apart from eating your food fresh and doing the local economy good, you are also doing your bit for the environment. Make this a habit and see the changes both in your health and in the environment.
  4. Pack and store the leftovers: Thanksgiving is an occasion when there is a plenty of food available. This also means that there is a chance of significant leftovers. Make sure that it is not thrown away. Instead try to store them according to the products. Keep them in air tight containers or you may freeze them. Use these later as per your convenience. This way you will prevent a lot of unwanted food usage which is really good for the environment.
  5. Compost food scraps:Compost food scrapsThe leftovers do not necessarily have to be disposed off. You may also find other things to do with them. One of the most constructive things that you can do is make compost out of them. You can thus easily have your own homemade compost which will prove to be extremely handy in the hours of need.
  6. The no bake desserts: We assure you that there are plenty of options to consider apart from the conventional baked desserts. These baked desserts require a lot of oven time which you can spend wasting away the precious resources. Instead you can easily thank environment but going for the non baked desserts. It would still be equally good if not better and you would be doing your ailing environment some significant damage.
  7. Turn down the thermostats:Turn down the thermostatsKeeping the thermostats around 50 degrees keeps one nice and warm. It is also an eco friendly process as it saves a lot of energy. So on this thanksgiving 2018, if you are planning to go out for some travel make sure that you set the thermostat as per the instructions. Also keep it in mind that no other electrical appliance should be left on. If it is then the entire purpose of saving energy is defeated.
  8. Skip the shopping on the Black Friday: This is an occasion people used to cherish for their shopping spree. However with changing times the equations have been changed. Apart from this if you want an eco friendly thanksgiving we will advice that you do not skip out on the very day. Go beforehand and get your things. There is a lot of extra traffic around this time of the year and your vehicle will be stuck thus wasting valuable fuel.
  9. Have some eco friendly recipes at your disposal:Have some eco friendly recipes This means that meat is going to be ignored and your focus could be something locally grown. Vegan and vegetarian meal options are some of the perfectly executed eco friendly choices that you can make. Look for the right cookbook and amaze us with your skills on how to thank environment. Stay away from all such products that you know have a harmful effect on the environment. There are always alternatives that can be used.
  10. Use LED lights: When it comes to this light it is becoming more and more common by the day. Due to its high efficiency these bulbs are not fragile and can go on providing light for quite a period of time now. LED lights are also economically viable even with a higher cost of living. So make sure that once the occasion of Thanksgiving has passed, you are using these lights to set up your place. Spend a good amount of time and think how exactly you can setup a full LED lighting to light up the entire space. Once completed it will be one of the best things you are using with sure shot profits.

Final words

You can easily make thanksgiving 2018 an eco friendly occasion by thanking the environment in this unique way. Being good to the environment is ultimately going to be good for us and so eco friendly thanksgiving is a commendable effort on your part. These little contributions will in the long run make a difference so do not hesitate to do your bit for the environment.

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