11 Bedroom plants that might help you sleep better


Nothing could be worse than turning and tossing the whole night, before you get awake by the alarm sound just a few minutes after you had finally managed a good nap! Such sleepless nights may take up your entire mood, productivity, energy and the entire life quality. The best way to fill sleep in home is to incorporate bedroom plants. They are not just good looking, but also improve air quality in living area. Along with that such plants are known to have fabulous purifying and relaxing benefits which in turn could improve your sleep pattern.

Here is a list of 11 great bedroom plants that help you sleep better and provide cleansing and calming effects:

Best bedroom plants that help you sleep better

  1. Jasmine:
    This is an exotic plant having soothing and gentle effect on mind and body. Studies have proved that jasmine reduces the level of anxiety and gives a good sleep quality. Along with this, researches have stated the amazing benefits of deep sleep like increase in productivity and alertness throughout the day. With such ivory and pink blossom, there is definitely a reason to add jasmine in your living area.
  2. Bamboo plant: Also called Reed Palm, this plant is a great air purifier. Ditch all your chemical room fresheners and add a few of these palms for saying goodbye to the most toxic chemicals and smells in the room. Along with the fresh and pure air in the room throughout the day, you will have a peaceful sleep in the night too. Also it gives a warm, tropical feel to the room. The plant is very easy to maintain as it just needs moist soil and indirect sunlight.
  3. Lavender:
    It is probably among the most known bedroom plants among all when it comes to its scent. Along with the amazing fragrance, lavender reduces anxiety levels giving a calming sleep. Researchers have proved that the scent of lavender can slow down the heart rate, reduces stress and blood pressure. One of the studies has revealed that lavender could reduce crying of babies and send them in a deep sleep. Along with that it reduces the levels of stress in both child as well as mother. Lavender helps women to increase light sleep and reduce rapid movement of eye.
  4. Peace lily: The plant is really pleasing to the eye and also known as a superstar to remove toxins like formaldehyde, trichloroethane and benzene. Flowers may give off moisture which could boost up the humidity of the room by 5%. Due to this the airborne microbes get suppressed which may lead up to allergies and relieve the irritating dry throats and noses which awake you all the night. Weekly watering and a shady position is enough to meet up the needs of this plant.
  5. Snake plant:
    This plant is highly recommended to improve air quality inside the house. Also this plant is hardy as well as easily cared which a plus point is again! The greatest thing about it is that it releases more oxygen during night and takes in carbon dioxide- which is naturally produced by us during breathing. This gives a pure air quality and a better sleep. Snake plant could filter the nastiest and the most common toxins present in household like benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde from the air present inside.
  6. Gerbera daisies: These are the cheerful and bright coloured flowers which release oxygen during day time. This will help you easily during your nap. If anyone suffering from allergies of apnea, these daisies are highly recommended for them.
  7. Aloe vera:
    NASA has listed aloe vera among the most essential bedroom plants in improving the air quality. Just like the snake plant, it emits more oxygen during night time, making the entire slumber more restful. This plant is easy to grow and maintain. Aloe vera gel can be used as a tropical treatment for dry skin, insect bites, burns and minor cuts. This plant is a must to have in every household.
  8. English IVY: Again one of the top plants as referred by NASA for purifying air! English IVY is absolutely easy to grow and needs a moderate sun exposure. This leaf is believed to relieve the symptoms of asthma and allergies which can give a serious impact on both quality and quantity of sleep. It could remove up to 78% of airborne molds in less than 12 hours! This is definitely a plant to bring home for having a good night sleep!
  9. Gardenia:
    Gardenia has a beautifully scented blossom and glossy green leaves making it an ideal option for bedroom plants. Studies show that keeping gardenia in room can let you achieve better sleep quality which could be effective like valium to relieve anxiety and promote sleep. But gardenias are tricky to bring up as they have delicate flowers and luscious leaves which require greater attention. Gardenias must be placed in a brightly lit room but not under direct sunlight. Anyone suffering from anxiety or insomnia should invest a little time in these blossoms which is much better than taking pills!
  10. Valerian: Valerian is a flowering plant of perennial nature having sweet scented white or pink flowers blooming up in summers. Researchers have stated that inhaling the scent of valerian could make you fall asleep and ensure a better slumber quality.
  11. Spider plant:
    Spider-plantSpider plant is also known to be a champion in cleansing air. NASA has revealed that it reduces the potentiality of cancer up to 90% as formaldehyde- the cancer causing chemical is removed by it from the air. As formaldehyde is released through many household things like fillers, grout and adhesives, it is better to keep one of the spider plants around you. Other than this it is known as an absorbent for fumes and odours, sustaining the oxygen levels in room. This promotes a good sleep.

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