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15 things to do with old corks

Old corks

Most people love trying different kinds of wines. However, not many of them pay attention to the corks. You always have the option of dumping it into the trash can. However, if you knew that it could be used for a variety of purposes, would you not reconsider your decision? Do you know that used corks can be recycled and used for the production of a variety of substances like gaskets, sports goods, insulating materials and floor tiles?

There are so many people to help you recycle corks, in case you’re not able to do it on your own.

1. Controlling bottle leaks

Probably, one issue that troubles most housewives is that of leaking bottles. However, if you slice the piece of cork vertically and insert the same near the neck of the bottle, you will be able to arrest the leakage in quick time.

2. Holding your knives

Most people like to keep their knives really sharp. However, when you leave the knives as such in the open, you will not be doing much good. Try slitting the top of the cork and using it as a cover for the top portion of your knife. You’ll be surprised to note that they stay sharper for much longer periods of time using such a technique.

3. Save your floor

Whenever you have old pieces of equipment, particularly the ones that are really bulky like drawers and cupboards, using old corks at the base would ensure that your floors remain as clean as ever. Scratches on the floor don’t look that great, do they?

4. Pin holders

How many times have you visited banks and retail institutions and have observed the pin holders carefully? If you haven’t done this before, do so, on your next visit and you will be surprised to find that used corks are what serve the purpose best.

5. Wine tags

Instead of using tags or ribbons, how nice it would be to use old corks as wine tags? Not only will they be much different from the rest of the pack, but can also be colored the way you want.

6. Preserving memories – when you write things on a sheet of paper, chances are pretty high that they would get lost. Try using an old cork and you will end up making charms that are eternal. Whether you want to write down the names or numbers, these would be great storage pieces.

7. Place card holders

Not many people know that old and used corks can be used to make excellent place card holders. They are sure to become the talk of the town!

8. Decorative items

Whether you want to decorate your house for Christmas or the upcoming New Year, want to think of an innovative gift bag or just want to try your hand in creating some unique shapes and patterns, there are fewer items than used corks to fit the bill. Many people have tried this before and have reported that it was great fun all the way through. As a matter of fact, even children would find it really interesting to create shapes like stars and animals using old corks.

9. What is your wall made up of?

If there are many kids in your house or if you happen to be someone who doesn’t like stains and scratches on your walls, try plastering the walls with used corks. Not only will it look extremely decorative, but will also ensure that your wall stay clean all the way through.

10. Making a cork vase

You don’t need to necessarily think of flower vases made of glass, ceramic or porcelain materials. Try using corks and you will know how beautiful a flower vase can get.

11. Cork trivets

If you are working in a place that deals with many hot items, you can think of trivets made out of used corks. This is an extremely practical solution and is also something which is cost-effective.

12. Make a nice little birdhouse

Rather than using paper or plastic materials, why not consider cork birdhouses and make a nice little shelter for your sparrows and parrots? This doesn’t consume much of your time either.

13. Upholstery

You can think of a range of upholstery items to be made using used corks.

14. In the kitchen

Since corks are substances that are heat resistant, attach them to the handles of your saucepans and dishwashers. You will never suffer heat injuries anymore.

15. Cleaning your blades

Just add a bit of abrasive cleaner to your blades and rub them using a piece of cork. You will know how extremely useful this trick is once you try it out.