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15 eco friendly water bottles

Water bottles

Water bottle is an important container in which you can carry water anywhere. But, most of the times it is not possible to carry some of these containers due to odd shape and heavy weight. Here are some innovative water bottles that are eco friendly as well. Such water bottles are not only used for water, you can also use these containers as a mini container for your favorite beverage too. You must take special attention towards the material which are used for making the bottles. The water bottle should be hygienic and non toxic. In this article you will find some unique eco friendly water bottles which are also a part of the movement of going green.

1. French press filtration systems water bottles

French press filtration systems water bottles

It is one of the most portable water bottles which have a unique portable filtration system. It acts like a French press coffee maker. You just have to pour in water inside the filter, which is already fixed to the bottle. Then press it down and it is ready to use. You can carry it conveniently due to its compact size. It is also suitable for home use. You will get germ free water without boiling.

2. Aluminum water bottles

Aluminum water bottles

This water bottle is made from aluminum. You will never find any plastic odor or chemical leakage even if you leave the bottle in sunlight for long. You can find this bottle in large and small shapes. Flask sized bottle is suitable for big kids and sippy cup size for little kids. Stylish Swiss design and eco friendly activity makes this bottle one of the best selling water bottles in US.

3. Spring water + alcohol = Smirnoff source looks like a bottle of water

Spring water + alcohol

If you see this bottle at a glance, then you might get confused as it looks like an ordinary water bottle. But if you test the water of this bottle, you can find a mild cocktail taste, like vodka with a hint of citrus. That is why it is marketed as a substitute of light beer which is lighter in taste, calories, carbonation and alcohol. You can find only 3.5 percent alcohol content, which is lighter than any other malt beverages too. The cost of this four bottle pack is about $10.

4. Crowd-funded eco friendly water bottle

Crowd-funded eco friendly water bottle

Melbourne based Dutch designer and entrepreneur, Gretha Oost has invented this award winning eco friendly water bottle. It is also a combination of compact, bottled water and portable filtration system.

5. Intelligent water bottle

Intelligent water bottle

It is one of the most hi tech water bottles, which can help people drink the right amount of water on a daily basis. This bottle has a hydra coach system which can calculate the individual hydration rate and ascertain need for every separate user. It can also count every sip which you might have taken from the bottle and observe daily progress of your proper hydration as well as motivate you to increase your level of proper hydration if it is insufficient.

6. Collapsible water bottles

Collapsible water bottles

This is a hi tech water bottle made from plastic material. Designer Vapur has invent this collapsible, reusable plastic water bottle. The best feature of the bottle is that you can easily fold this bottle and it is ready to fit in your pocket. Attractive and fashionable look and the utility of this bottle makes is one of the fashion accessories in the modern times

7. Garden water bottle

Garden water bottle

Designer Yun Hwan Sung has turned his dream into reality. He believes that it is possible to grow a garden every time you drink water. Therefore, the concept of this bottle is that some little seeds are stored inside a pocket in the bottle. After you drink the water completely, you need to transfer the seeds inside the bottle and fill the container with potting mixture and water and watch how a plant grows.

8. Reef dram sandals double as water bottle

Reef dram sandals double as water bottle

Flasks is one of the most popular containers in the beverage market. But, in the modern times it is facing reduced popularity due to size and shape. People are more interested to carry stylish containers. Keeping this in the mind some designer has made this reef dram sandals water bottle, which acts as a stylish flask. You can find an inner tube inside the reef dram sandals bottle, which you can fill up with water or any favorite beverage of yours and carry it easily anywhere you want. The shape of the bottle looks like a sandal, that is way it is called reef dram sandals container.

9. Illustrated water bottle

Illustrated water bottle

UK based company, Oneighty Creative has made this gorgeous, illustrated package for the water bottle that will now be discussed. Most of the people are, nowadays, health and beauty conscious. For them carrying a gorgeous, illustrated stylish water bottle is the best choice. You can find different types of illustrated water bottle in the UK market.

10. Bottomless water bottle

Bottomless water bottle

Blue bottle is the only example of bottomless water bottle so far. You can find an electronic device which can refill the water automatically. As a result, you can get refreshing sip every time. Blue bottle converts your kinetic energy through a manual pump which is able to produce strength. This strength builds up until you have consumed the contents of the full bottle.

11. Glass water bottle

Glass water bottle

The Tkaro water bottle is made from glass. The elegant design and eco friendly activity have made this bottle world famous. It is not a typical reusable glass beverage container, you can find a strong but comfortable feeling when you hold this glass water bottle in your hands.

12. Plastic free water bottle

Plastic free water bottle

One of the most world famous popular bands, RKS design has made this water bottle. It is commonly known as KOR ONE Hydration vessel. The look of the water bottle is very modern and eye catching. You can find a nice light blue color around the bottle which make the look of the same refreshing. Moreover, you will never find any taste like plastic.

13. Test tube water bottle

Test tube water bottle

The shape of this water bottle looks like a test tube. Canada based company O Water has made this unique water bottle. The best feature of this water bottle is that you will never find any neck or curves in the bottle. Generally, the size of the water bottle is very small and used for retain the purity of the water. Unfortunately, this water bottle is not available in the market.

14. Designer water bottle

Designer water bottle

This water bottle is the best example of sophistication and class. You can find this prestigious water bottle in high end bars and restaurants only. This bottle features a stainless steel coaster accompanied by a specially designed pouring top. The overall look of the bottle will definitely capture you eyes.

15. 2 in 1 water bottle and toy

2 in 1 water bottle

Most of the water bottles are light weight and disposable. But, you can use this water bottle as a container of water initially. When it gets empty, you can further use this bottle as toy of your children. The shape of the bottle is in a Y shape. Your kids can create all kinds of creatures like robots, animals, spaceships, etc., with it. The material used in the bottle is totally health friendly and 100 percent recyclable.